Subject: [PMFFML] [FFML2] [Crossover: R1/2 and TM]Comfort in the Eye of Chaos: Prologue
From: Troy Thomas
Date: 3/27/2001, 12:01 AM


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I'm looking for comments and critisms, and a few good people to proofread this story.


Comfort in the Eye of Chaos
By Troy Thomas <>

Ranma 1/2 and its characters are the creations and properties of Rumiko Takahashi. Tenchi Muyo and its characters are the creations and properties of Masaki Kajishima. No intent for financial gain is intended.



Morning in the valley, elderly Katsuhito Masaki sipped his tea as he watched it. A large bird flew low over the lake, which Katsuhito's home faced, stirring the many swimming ducks into a frenzy, who took the sky, their scraping shrieks scratching the morning's silent peace.

He didn't want to cry. He had been crying for weeks, his eyes red, and his face shallow. He only wanted the silence, and the loneliness to continue. Let the ducks shriek. Let the peace fly away, so long as it returned.

And then a hand lay upon his shoulder. Katsuhito smiled at its lightness, its un-strength, and its innocence. He looked upon the hand's master, and his eyes broke like a dam.

He pulled his grandson, Tenchi, close, who cried too.

The peace continued, but the loneliness flew away unexpectedly.


Katsuhito sipped his tea, three years away from the day he once confessed his heartbreak to his motherless grandson Tenchi. He sat on the porch to his home, which faced the lake, which no duck swam in.

And coming towards his home, on the road his son-in-law broke in the earth long ago, walked two in hand. A mother and a son.

Katsuhito's heart flew, and it reached the heavens, seeing the whole earth in a glance.

He stood, and then ran towards the two.

Reaching the two, his heart quickly returned at a terrible pace, he slowly took the mother, his niece Nodoka Saotome, in his arms, hearing not her words she forced out between her forced cries of sorrow, but her sobs instead.

She had no husband, her son no father, and it was a pain Katsuhito too knew, so he brought the mother close, and spoke without words, his love and sorrow.

His great-nephew, Ranma, unknowing of Katsuhito, simply stood holding his mother's hand, as the three stood on a road, which lay beside a lake, in a valley underneath the warm sun and the great, blue sky.

And the peace continued.

End Prologue


If anyone is wondering of the TM version I am using, then please allow your heart to take in the following information without shock: I use all and non. This is a story with only creative license in mind. What cannot remain canon shall not, else the story shall suffer.

I want to write _this_ story, because no one else has. People have tried, but I am unhappy with the works, which they stop suddenly without concern for my appetite. Also, I sometimes believe they miss great oppurtunities and moments dealing with the characters, which I hope I can capture. Other times, I just feel disagreement seep out of every pore of my body when I read a TM/R1/2 story (not that I like their story any less, mind you), so I must argue with verse my opinion.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy whatever I can write, and hope you can join me for the next chapter, which will also be the first, and is coming...sometime soon!

Troy <>

P.S. I sometimes feel I could write Kuno well...I wonder why?


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