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Sorry about this being late, I posted it before I went to bed last night,
but it got returned to me for some reason. Well here I try again.

Unknown Past
A Ranma 1/2 crossover
By Stephen J. Scalaro

{ } represents signs
[ ] Foreign languages
" " Japanese or personal thoughts

Chapter 3- Thrown out

Tendo Dojo, 2 months later

The youngest Tendo daughter, Akane, said "Say, would you like to join me out
in the Dojo?"

Ranma looked at the girl as Akane offered her a hand and said "I'm Akane.
Would you like to be friends?"

She couldn't keep the feeling of relief off of relief from washing over her
face as she gave Akane a timid nod of her head, giving Akane no doubt that
she wanted to be friends with her.

Ranma knew that she couldn't repeat the same mistakes that she had made in
the Amazon village. She could see the same since of pride in Akane that she
saw in all of the Amazons that she had spent a brief amount of time with,
before both her and her father were forced to move on.

She knew that she was going to have to take this sparing session with Akane
seriously. That was one of the reasons that she wasn't well liked at
Joketsuzoku village. She had never taken any of the sparing sessions with
the amazons seriously. She would just weave in and out of their attacks and
waited until a time when they tired themselves out and she would show them a
gaping hole in their defenses.

Now that might of done wonders for their endurance, but it was a very big
blow to their pride when they attack someone for hours and never once during
the entire match where they even able to touch Ranma.

Someone had started the rumor that it was only because of her cursed form
that she was able to do this. That she had no real skill in the art. But she
was never able to show anyone that it wasn't true. Male martial artists were
not welcome in the village. The only time she could spar with anyone other
than her father was when she was in her male form.

Because of the fact that she wasn't really a female, and even when she was a
girl, she still wasn't even human, she was an elf. People thought of her as
a freak. Because of her raw speed, reflexes, stamina, and strength in her
cursed form, it made sparing with anyone in her own age group, and most
every other age group ridiculously easy. The only people who gave her a
challenge, where the village elders.

During her one and only fight with an elder, both her and the elders learned
three very important things about her. The first was that any move the
elders used against her more than once, she now knew, and could easily use.
Two was that the normal pressure point attacks that the elders normally
used, where not effective at all on her cursed form. And the third was that
her natural speed rivaled one of their special speed attacks, the kachu
tenshin amaguriken.

After that bout, it caused the village elders to re-think about her position
there. During that council meeting it was decided that having her there at
the village without knowing more about her, was too dangerous.

During that council meeting, many of the people that she had spared with,
had given testimony against her. The rumors about her being a relatively
untrained martial artist, was presented as a fact, and the people that she
had alienated with her seeming contempt for their skill, and her bad habit
of talking before she thought better about it.

The few people that had seen her and her father spar in her male form didn't
want to say anything, because of their pride. After all they thought, how
could a mere male, be better at the art then a maiden of the proud Amazon
tribe. If the few bouts father made it look like he wasn't only skilled, but
a prodigy, it couldn't be right, it had to just be the level of skill of his
father. The Amazons couldn't accept that even if her father didn't look it,
he was in fact on of the best martial artists in the world.

So the council decided that it would not be beneficial to the tribe to have
a relatively inexperienced person, much less a male, learn their special
attacks. It was decided almost unanimously that for the time being that it
would be best if Ranma were to temporally leave the village, and go back to
Japan, to settle any affairs that he still might have in his homeland.
During this time Shampoo, his fiancée, would go with him and send regular
reports about him back to the village.

If at the end of the year, the elders agreed, Ranma would be able to come
back to the village and marry Shampoo. If he was not deemed worthy of being
in the tribe, the council would meet again to further discuss what his fate
would be.


Ranma looked at the Tendo Dojo as she and Akane entered it. The dojo's
spirit looked was very faint, like it was hardly used at all. The only
person's aura that she could sense in it was Akane's.

After walking into the middle of the dojo, Akane asked "Do you know any

Ranma quickly thinking back to her brief stay with the amazons reaffirmed
her earlier decision to actually spar with her, not just dodge.

She gave Akane a small smile and replied "Yes, among other forms."

With that both she and Akane get into a stance, and then Akane asks "Ready?"

She nods her head yes, and with that, does something she had never tried to
do before, she hit a girl.

The match started whit both of them sizing each other up, before Akane
looses her patience and goes on the offensive. She quickly threw a punch,
only to have Ranma block it. She then followed through with a couple of
combinations of kicks and punches that Ranma still blocked with ease.

After about a minute of this, Ranma decided that she had seen enough of her
stile to be able to safely go on the offensive herself, without actually
hurting her.

Using only a little more speed and strength than what Akane was using at the
time Ranma proceeded to lightly hit her whenever she saw an opening.

After this began, Akane went strictly on the defensive. Ranma kept a fine
line in pointing out the holes in her defense, and completely overwhelming

After the first few minutes of this Ranma surprised herself by finding out
that she was actually enjoying this. It stretched her skill further than she
thought to actually hold it at a lower level like this. It took more control
of her movements, strength, and reflexes, at a level then she had ever used

With a growing smile, Ranma realized that this was teaching her an important
lesson, control. Before in everything she did, she had to do her absolute
best. There was no middle ground or half way point. It was all or nothing.

The other reason that she was having fun right now was something else she
found out during the match. She enjoyed teaching. She enjoyed being able to
help improve someone else in the art. And shortly after she had went on the
offensive it was readily apparent to both of them that that was what she was
doing. She was teaching someone else in the art.

Akane was happy for the same reason. She had quickly realized that Ranma was
better in the art then her, but it was also hard for her to be mad at the
redhead when it was also apparent that she was more then willing to help her

That was one thing that she hadn't had in the last few years. A sensei.
Sure, her father occasionally helped her out, but never regularly since her
mother had died.

Akane hoped that Ranma would be willing to be both her friend and her
sensei. She had a felling in the bottom of her stomach, that if she let this
quit and reserved redhead out of her life that it would be one of the
biggest mistakes of her life.


When Ranma started to less improvement in Akane's defense, and it actually
started to get worse, she called a halt to their match.

With a large smile both of their faces, they waited for Akane to catch her

After a few minutes of rest, Akane said "I'm just glad you're a girl. I
would have hated to loose to some boy."

Ranma's smile quickly turned into a frown as she softly asked "What?"


End chapter 3


1. I do think that having Ranma living in the Amazon village would be a
mistake. By his very nature, he doesn't take well to anyone telling him what
he can and can't do. And how would his peers in the village act when he
states his usual spiel about him not hitting women.

2. With Ranma's ability to make half of the people love him, and half of
them want him dead, what would that do to a small isolated village. I think
that they would quickly have to either kill him or banish him, or they would
quickly be having a civil war on their hands.

3. Yes, Shampoo did go with them to Japan. You will find out what happened
to her in the next chapter.

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