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Unknown Past

A Ranma 1/2 crossover

By Stephen J. Scalaro

{ } represents signs

[ ] Foreign languages

" " Japanese or personal thoughts

Chapter 2- What do you mean I'm an elf

 Once Ranma was in the guide's hut, she put her father down in the corner
and then asked the guide "You said that hot water would turn us back to

 The guide nodded his head and said "Yes, hot water turn you back to normal,
but cold water will turn you back into an elf."

 That surprised Ranma. "What do you mean an elf?"

 The guide just pointed out a mirror hanging on a wall to her and then
replied "Look at ears, face, and body. Only thing I can think of, is elf." I
not know anything that drowned in that spring before. Every time before that
something fell into it nothing happen. That was one of few uncured springs
left, or so I thought."

 Ranma looked at herself in the mirror and could help but agree with the
guide. She did look like an elf. Her ears where very large and pointed, her
hair was a brighter red than any she had seen before and it also reached all
the way down to her thighs.

 The next thing that she noticed was her eyes. They where the exact same
shade of red as her hair. The seemed to be impossibly wide and made her
think that if you stared into them long enough that you could see straight
into her soul.

Then she noticed the way her clothes looked on her and couldn't help the
blush that threatened to make her face the same color as her hair. It seemed
that she was actually taller in her new girl form that when her normal one,
and this caused her newly acquired clothes to have a tighter fit then she
felt comfortable with.

After she was finished looking at her changes she turned her attention back
to the guide and asked "OK, nothing has ever changed in that spring before.
But why did I change?"

 The guide "I not know."

 Guide "I still no understand why your clothes go away. That not supposed to

 The guide moves over to the fire where there was a tea kettle waiting over
it. He picks it up and hands it over to Ranma and says "Water should be hot
enough to change now."

 Ranma takes the kettle and pores it over her head and shivers when the
change starts.

 The first thing that he notices after it was over was all the small aches
and pains that where absent before. It wasn't anything bad, but just the
common everyday feelings that told you that you where still alive and well.

 It did seem strange but now that he thought about it, while in his elf half
there hadn't been any aches or pains. It wasn't that he didn't have any
since of touch or feelings quit the contrary in fact. It seemed that he had
more than he was used to. Just like every other sense that he had.

 The second thing he noticed was that everything seemed out of focus, the
colors weren't as bright, and everything had a lot less detail then before.
It was very strange. He knew that this was how he had seen everything for
his whole life before the change. But now it was like he had put on a pair
of glasses for the first time, then had to take them off.

 It was the same with his hearing too. It sounded like he had earplugs on
right now. Everything sounded muted.

 The only thing that seemed to be muted in his other form was the emotions.
It wasn't that they weren't there, it was just that they didn't seem to be
as strong. He knew that he should have been a hell of a lot more pissed of
towards his father, but he just felt more annoyed than anything else at the

 The last thing he noticed about the change was that he was wearing his gi

 The guide must have noticed the same thing "You wearing gi again, very
strange sir. You the first person to have clothes change along with body.
Your hair now shorter too."

 Ranma reached back and felt his pigtail and did feel that it was now back
to its normal length.

 When he was done checking himself out Ranma took the kettle and poured the
rest of the water onto the unconscious panda, turning it back into his

 Genma woke up sputtering and looked up at his son then back down toward
himself and muttered softly "Thank god, it was just a nightmare."

 Ranma "You wish it was a nightmare you old fool"

 Genma "You should respect your elders boy."

 Ranma "Respect? Respect you old man! This last idea of yours is the
stupidest one since the Neko-ken."

 Genma "Now nothing bad happened did it boy." He then muttered under his
breath "It couldn't have happened. I'm not a panda right?"

 Ranma grabbed the cup of water out of the guide's hands and threw it at his
father. "You are a panda pops! You better look again"

 Genma "Groff grouff gruoff " The panda then points at Ranma and continues
"Grrr groff grrr grouf grorr"

 Ranma shakes his head and speaks to the guide "Do you see what I have to
put up with here? This IDIOT doesn't even know that we can't even understand
a single word he's saying, but he still continues on."

 Genma raises a sign {I am not an idiot. As your father I demand respect
that I deserve boy.}

 Ranma actually had to laugh at this. "I do give you the respect you DESERVE
pops. That is. None at all"

 The panda's only reply to that was to throw the sign that it was holding
right to Ranma's head. Using the distraction that this caused the panda
moved behind Ranma and hit him on the head again rendering him unconscious.

 The guide looks at the panda and son and comments "I have to say it again.
You two very strange ones, sir."

 Genma produced another sign {I'll have you know that when I was his age, I
lived in constant fear of my masters wrath. He has no idea of how easy I am
on him}

 Another sign {Why am I a panda?}

 Guide "You sir fall in Shonmaoniichuan. Spring of drowned panda. Very
tragic story of panda who drowned 2000 year ago. The legend say whoever fall
in spring take body of panda."

 Genma {Is there any cure for me.}

 Before the guide can answer the question the door opens with a bang and a
young man rushes in. The young man was wearing a heavy backpack, yellow
shirt and a yellow bandana with black polka-dots.

 Young man "Have you seen two people in white gi come through here recently?
Someone around my age traveling with his father. The kid has a black hair
tied into a pigtail, and the father is nearly bald, and wears a bandana and

 The panda quickly uses it's immense bulk to block the boys view of Ranma
and shakes it's head and holds up a sign {Nope, Ranma and his father aren't
here. Nope. Just us innocent pandas.}

 The panda then points to the way out of the valley {But I think I might
have seen someone matching your description heading that way.}

 The boy looks at the panda strangely for a second, scratches his head and
thanks him. With that done the boy leaves. In the direction of the cursed
springs though.

 The guide seems to think of something for a moment then remembers what was
they were talking about before the interruption. "There is no cure for the
curse, sir. Hot water will turn you back to normal. Cold water turn you back
to panda again."

 Genma nods his head and thinks to himself "A martial artists life is
fraught with peril. But I never thought changing into a panda would be one
of the perils. Well at least my son doesn't have a curse. God knows what
would happen if he actually turned into a girl, like in my dream."

  He then takes the kettle that had been cooling off on the table next to
him and poured it on Ranma to wake him up. What he saw next shocked him.

 He watched what looked like a brief haze flow over his son's form, and when
it was gone it left a completely different person in his place. In fact, it
looked a lot like the girl that he had turned into in his dream.

 He looked at the guide and held up a sign {It wasn't a dream, was it.}
while thinking "Nodoka will kill me, Nodoka will kill me. Nodoka will kill

 Ranma just sat there looking at her father and trying, and succeeding
surprisingly, to suppress her rage. Once she had gotten it under control she
stood up and told the panda "I don't think you know how close to the edge
you're pushing me old man. I mean look at what this crazy training scheme
has done to us this time." She gestured at both her new body and the panda
in front of her.

 "I mean look at me. I'm an elf now. Not only an elf, but a FEMALE elf.
Every time I get hit with water now I'm going to look like some girl going
to an anime convention."

 The panda sniggers at this while holding up a sign {Oh the horror, the
humiliation. My son turns into a fairy.}

 Ranma doesn't know whether to laugh, or get mad at the panda's antics. So
she just ignores him picks up the kettle off of the floor where Genma
dropped it and filled it back up and put it back over the fire.


 Ranma was lost in thought while they walked towards the Joketsuzoku
village. According to the guide the village was full of amazon warriors, and
they knew the most about the cursed springs than anyone else. They didn't
know a cure, but they might know why her curse was so different than all the
other ones.

 The curse was another thing that she was thinking about a lot. She could
tell just form the last few days with it that the curse not only changed her
shape, but it also made her a water magnet.

 Every time she had changed back into her original form, within an hour she
was splashed with water. Most of the time she was splashed in some very
unlikely way.

 Just like when she had last changed back to her real form last night. Soon
after she had, it had started to rain. There wasn't a single cloud in the
sky five minutes before, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky five minutes

 That wasn't the part of the curse that scared her the most though. It was
the fact that every time she changed back into her original form, was the
sense of loss that was almost painful.

 It seemed that each time she changed back, like she was blind and deaf for
the first few minutes. Then there was also the feeling of all her daily
aches and pains coming back. What was so strange about that was that she
knew in her cursed body that her sense of touch was also much stronger.

 At first she thought that the enhanced sense of touch would be a liability
in a fight, but she had found out otherwise while sparing with her father.
If anything it was the reverse. The few hits that he had managed to get in,
hardly hurt at all. She knew she was hit there, she even knew the exact
amount of force behind each hit.

 The first night in her cursed form was a bit of an eye opener for her. Not
only could she see in the dark now, she could also see the heat signatures
of all the animals around her.

 At first she didn't know what she was seeing. It was almost like something
out of her peripheral vision. It had been there the entire time, but she
hadn't noticed it until night because of all the other distractions.

 It was kind of strange to look at because she could see her father and the
guide through their tents. She could see the outline of their bodies bathed
in a whitish light, and brighter spots in various places in the body. That
wasn't the only thing she had found out that night either.

 The first thing she had found out was during dinner. It seemed that she
wasn't hungry. At first she didn't know what that feeling was either, she
had only felt it a few times before in her life.

 When she had finished preparing the meal over the campfire, and had sat
down to have her daily battle with her father over their food.

 For the first half of the meal she had eaten and defended her food out of
habit, but as the meal went on at its normal furious pace, she had realized
that she wasn't really hungry.

 The slight pause of surprise on her part allowed her father to take a fair
amount of her food, for which he berated her for slacking off on her
training. With her mind back on the meal, she continued to eat and defend
her food, but she did so more out of habit, than actual need for the food.

 The second thing she had discovered was her improved night vision, and the
ability to see heat sources.

 The third thing she had found out was that she couldn't sleep. This was
also a very strange thing for her, She normally could sleep anywhere,
anytime, but it wasn't so that night. For the entire night she had rolled
around in her tent and tried to get to sleep to no avail.

 The next morning she had expected to be tired, but she wasn't. When she got
up she felt like she had gotten a full nights worth of rest. Not spent the
entire night trying to sleep.

 This was how the next two days went to. She had little need to eat, and no
need for sleep. When she did eat, she filled up easily. This had also
worried her too, she expected this to degrade her energy levels and tire out
quicker, but as she had found out by sparing with her father in her new
form, that was anything but the truth.

 During that same sparing session she had also found out the she was also
much stronger and faster now. Not only faster in reflexes and movement, but
in thought too.

 When the match started she was amazed at how slowly her father was moving.
Before the change his blows where things that were more sensed than seen,
but now she could see every move he made like it was in slow motion.

 She also realized that with each time she tagged him with a hand or foot,
that she put a lot more force into it. The first time she had hit him she
had almost dislocated his shoulder without really even trying too.

 That sparing match was also the first time she had ever held back. During
that match she realized that if she went all-out like she normally does,
that she would very likely, seriously hurt, if not cripple, her father.

 That match was also the first time that she was able to concentrate solely
on improving her technique, instead of just reacting to his attacks during
her sparing sessions with him. And she knew that, that was what she was
going to have to do from now on, if she wanted to get anything useful out of
her sparring sessions with him.

 So overall she was fairly happy with her new body (except for being a
female elf and all), but she was also getting concerned about it too. Her
main concern was what if she started to like this body too much.

 With a shake of her head she brought her attention back to the village as
the guard waved them through the main gates and into the village.


 Cologne felt worried. She sensed that something important was about to
happen. She sensed that a nexus had just entered the village.

 She followed the feeling until she reached the village's center where the
annual maiden's tournament was taking place. Scanning the crowd she notices
the Jusenkyou guide with a girl and a giant panda. Most likely a victim of
the Shonmaoniichuan, she thought.

 The girl was the nexus though. Looking at her she could see the tangled
knots that destiny had woven around the girl. As a nexus she held more
freedom then most people ever dreamed of.

 A nexus was a person with many different destinies tied to them. They where
the people who's lives proved to be monumental pivot points on witch destiny
turned. A nexus was a person who's very existence caused change where ever
they went. A nexus's life was never dull, most of the time it was the

 Chaos followed them around and they affect the lives of everyone they
interact with, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

 Before she could get over to the guide and his companions, the panda made
it's way towards the table with the winner's feast on it and started to eat
the food at an incredible rate.

 Needless to say her great granddaughter Shampoo, who had just finished the
last match and been declared this years champion, was not happy about this
at all. By the time she got to the guide the girl had already accepted the
Shampoo's challenge, and they were both on the challenge log.


 Ranma looked at the girl in front of him. She had been reluctant to fight
her, but when the guide had translated that she wanted to skin the panda for
eating her victory feast, she couldn't just let the old man die.

 So here she was facing off against a girl for the first time. About to do
something that she had been told her entire life that was wrong. She was
about to hit a girl.

 Not really knowing any way to stop it she got into a stance and signaled to
the girl that she was ready for the fight to begin.


 After talking to the Jusenkyou guide Cologne realized that the power she
had felt earlier was emanating from the girl, and that the girl, or elf, was
really a boy. Smiling to herself she perched comfortably on the top of her
walking stick and got ready to enjoy the mach.

 What she saw the elf girl do on the log amazed even her. On a log no more
that three feet wide and 10 feet long she was able to dodge and block every
blow that her granddaughter threw at her.

 Somehow the girl managed to keep this up, constantly dodging, jumping,
blocking every move Shampoo threw at her for over half an hour. When the
match ended it wasn't by her throwing a single kick or punch, it was by
Shampoo tiring herself out and overextending herself during one of her
attacks and loosing her balance.

 Not in her 300 plus years of life had she ever seen the Maidens Tournament
be won without the victor ever launching one attack.

 Cologne smiled to herself when she realized that not only had she found the
heir she had been looking for, but she was also going to be her grandson

 Just before Shampoo could give the girl the kiss of death Cologne stopped
her by saying [Shampoo no. That girl does not get the kiss of death. She
gets the kiss of marriage.]

 When Shampoo looks at her and asks what she means by the kiss of marriage,
Cologne replies [She has just received a curse at the cursed springs of
Jusenkyou, this is not her true form. You know what you have to do if a male
outsider defeats you, or do I have to remind you.]


 Ranma jumped off the log after the girl had slipped, and fallen of, to help
her up and make sure she was all right.

 When she got there to help her the girl roughly grabbed her jaw when a dry
old voice called out to her in Mandarin dialect. When the old woman finished
speaking to her, Ranma could see the tension flow out of the girl when she
gently put her other hand on Ranma's cheek and said [wuo ai ni wuoda airen]
then repeating what she just said in Japanese "I love you dear husband" and
then kisses Ranma on the mouth.


End chapter 2

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