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Date: 3/19/2001, 12:26 AM

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    Kuno swaggers forward, holding his bokken at the ready.
    "The questionably honorable Flaming Amarant hath requested that I do him 
a favor in providing information for you, the reader," he states.  "The foul 
sorcerer Saotome, the beautiful Akane Tendo, my beloved Pig-Tailed Goddess, 
my noble self, and all other characters from Ranma 1/2 belong to the great 
Rumiko Takahashi-sama.  Also, he states that the esteemed Heihachi Mishima 
and the redoubtable Bryan Fury are the property of whoever owns them.  He 
humbly requests that none who read this work of fiction would bring forth a 
lawsuit against him, for he has nowhere near the vast resources of the great 
House Kuno."
    The author steps forward and pats Kuno on the back, saying, "Good job, 
Kuno.  You can go home now."
    "What?!" Kuno exclaims, outraged.  "Foul demon, to deny my right to star 
in your work!  I shall smite thee!!"  He then proceeds to beat the author 
into a bloody pulp, and finally leaves.
    "Owie...," the author mutters.

Flashfyre5 presents,

In association with Digital Wizardry Studios, Minnesota,

A Flaming Amarant production,

Of Gods and Men
Chapter One

A Ranma 1/2 fanfic with characters from the Tekken series.

" " = speech
< > = thought
/ / = panda sign
<" "> = other language where the norm would be Japanese

**In the deepest pits of Mishima Conglomerate, Inc.***

    Heihachi Mishima walked slowly through his domain, the hidden, 
underground laboratories of Mishima Conglomerate.  Built under and around the 
basement of their headquarters deep in the heart of Tokyo, it had been an 
expensive and touchy thing to create, especially because Heihachi had 
demanded that the authorities have absolutely no inkling as to its existence. 
 Guarded at all times by no less than a legion of armed yakuza hit men, it 
was arguably the most secure place in the world.
    Heihachi grimaced.  This was enough to send dozens of scientists 
scurrying away, desperately trying to find something to do, preferably far 
away from the displeased CEO.  As the creator of the Tekken tournament, he 
was known as one of the best fighters in the world.  The tournament, now held 
only once every five years, had a bounty of one billion U.S. dollars for the 
victor, a prize that Mishima himself had won more then once.
    His mood, though, brightened considerably upon looking upon what his 
scientists were working on.  It was a machine that could draw the life force 
right out of a person, and infuse it into another.  It was complete, and 
tested.  Now, all they needed was a powerful subject to be drained, and 
Heihachi would be invincible.  A subject named Ranma Saotome.

*   *   *   *   *   *

***Same time, Furinkan High***

    Let it not be said that Ranma Saotome was inept at all things academic.  
Far from it, he is very bright, despite his grades and his acute case of 
"Athlete's Mouth."  He merely learns in a different way then most of us.  He 
learns by association.  After all, it is how he learned almost all of his 
martial arts techniques.  Let's face it- the only thing that made it possible 
for Ranma to learn the Amagaruken was for him to, instead of practicing with 
the fire, snatch phirana from a tank.  He learned the Mouko Takabashia by, 
instead of focusing depression, as Ryoga does, focusing his immense ego.  
And, finally, he learned the Hiru Shoten Ha, a desperation move, as a 
mainstay attack when he was too weak to fight.
    Thus, in certain classes, he truly excels.  Classes, such as gym, where 
he can see the subject applied.  One such class was, surprisingly, physics.  
At first, he didn't understand how physics was at all important, and slept 
through much of class.  Then, one day, the teacher used him as an example, 
showing the class how to figure out how much force he could put into one of 
his punches.  Suddenly, in that moment, physics became important to Ranma.
    From that point on, he ate up the physics lessons like a starving man 
does bread, but with much more subtlety.  Now, in his head, he could 
calculate exactly how much force he needed to put into a punch to knock Kuno 
unconscious.  He was very proud of this fact, and was working on the equation 
for his father.  Subsequently, Physics became his favorite course for the 
day.  He truly hated it when people interrupted his Physics class.  Thus, 
naturally, it had been Physics in which Shampoo had decided do smash through 
the wall and into the classroom, shouting for her "Husband."
    "Ai ren!" she shouts, latching onto Ranma.  "You take Shampoo on date 
now, yes?"
    "Sh-sh-Shampoo, get offa me," he struggled to say, his breathing ability 
restricted.  She either didn't hear him or didn't care.
    "RRRRRAAAAAAANNNNNNNNMMMAAAAA!!" came an ominous shout from a few seats 
back, and Ranma closed his eyes in preparation for extreme amounts of 
physical pain.  "How can you hang off of that Chinese bimbo like that, and in 
front of me especially!"  
    <5......4......3.....2......1....., and action, thought Ranma, now unable 
to speak.
    True to time, Akane shouted, "Ranma no baka!"  Also, true to form, Ranma 
was sent flying through the window, shattering it, propelled by Akane's 
Hammerspace Mallet (tm).
    "Those windows really eat into the school's budget," the teacher 
commented idly, the returned to his lesson.  Shampoo left, and everybody else 
pretty much forgot the whole thing.

*   *   *   *   *   *

    In the middle of an impact crater, Ranma groaned and sat up, his head 
throbbing.  Moving slowly, so that he didn't make his head (or any other part 
of him) hurt any more, he brushed the rock shards out of his hair and off his 
    "Jeez, even after Saffron...," he mused aloud, rising.  He winced as one 
of his legs twinged with pain.  "Damn, a strained hamstring is all I need 
right now."  Slowly, he limped back to the Tendo house, making sure not to 
hurt his leg any more.  "I'm back!" he called when he made it, out of 
courtesy for Kasumi.
    "Ranma?  Did Akane hit you again?" she called back from the kitchen.
    "Yeah, and I think I pulled a ham.  Anyone in the furo?" he asked.
    "No, I don't think so," she replied, sticking her head out of the kitchen 
    "Good.  I'm gonna go take a bath," Ranma declared, removing his shoes.
    "All right.  Akane and Nabiki will be home in about 45 minutes, so you 
can enjoy yourself."
    "Perfect.  I need a break," he sighed, walking to the furo.  Stripping 
was done quickly and efficiently, his dirty, torn clothing being tossed into 
the hamper.  Not even bothering to scrub up, Ranma limped over to the tub and 
slipped in, hissing in pleasure at its heat.  "Now this is nice," he said, 
sighing.  Suddenly, he yawned, then did it again.  "Weird, I'm pretty tired.  
Guess I'll have to take.... a.... nap....... later.........," Ranma drifted 
off, falling asleep in the furo.  Once asleep, he had no chance of noticing 
what was happening below the steaming waters of the bath, nor that his head 
was slipping slowly, steadily, underwater.

*   *   *   *   *   *

    "I'm home!" Akane called out somewhat glumly, slipping her shoes from her 
    "What's the matter, Akane?" Kasumi asked, exiting the kitchen with a tray 
of cookies.  Akane took one and began to eat it.
    "Oh, Mrs. Takabayana nailed me when she was washing her sidewalk.  I 
swear, she's out to get everybody that passes her doorstop," Akane said with 
a sigh.  "I think I'll just take my bath now instead of later.  At least I'll 
only have to change once."
    "All right.  Ranma was in there earlier, but I didn't see anybody when I 
checked the bath a few minutes ago, so you should be alone," Kasumi told her, 
turning to bring the rest of the cookies to their fathers.
    "Thanks, Kasumi.  I owe you one," Akane said, removing her shoes and 
dropping her bookbag.  Afterwards, she walked to the furo, stripping out of 
her soaked dress and tossing it into the hamper.  She noticed Ranma's torn 
clothing in there as well, and grimaced.  "Even after Saffron," she muttered, 
"You think he'd stop hanging off that bimbo.  Oh well, that's Ranma for you."
    Remembering Kasumi's mention of Ranma's presence earlier, Akane slid the 
door open a crack and checked the bath for him, just to be sure.  Finding it 
empty, she smiled and entered the room, taking time to scrub herself well.  
"I wish he'd just chose. I really thought he loved me, too...," she mused, 
rinsing.  Sighing, she walked over to the tub.  Carefully, she touched her 
toe to the water, to test its heat.  Finding it perfectly to her liking, she 
sank her leg the rest of the way into the tub, and would have followed it 
with the rest of her body had her foot not come in contact with something.  
Whatever it was, it was hard, somewhat flat, faceted, and most definitely NOT 
the tub floor.  Looking down, Akane saw Ranma, lying at the bottom of the tub.
    "Pervert!" she shouted, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him bodily 
from the furo.  It was at this point that she realized two things.  First of 
all, Ranma was not making so much as a peep, and secondly, that his neck felt 
rock hard.  Finally, her rage dissipating, Akane took her first real look at 
Ranma's form (Down, hentai, down!!).  Somehow, his body was covered in a 
hard, white, crystalline substance.  Something she remembered quite vividly, 
despite the fact that she was immobile at the time.
    In shock, she dropped him to the floor of the furo, his crystal-covered 
body clinking loudly on the tiles.  Dropping to her knees beside him, her jaw 
trembling, she laid her hands on his crystalline chest, remembering.  Yes, 
she was sure now.  His chest felt just like his hands had felt when they had 
been sheathed in dried Saffron thread.  Ranma was covered head to toe with 
solidified the substance.
    "Ranma...," she breathed her chest aching.  Slowly, she took a long 
shuddering breath, taking in air until her lungs could contain no more.  
Then, at the top of her lungs, she shrieked, "RANMA!!"

*   *   *   *   *   *

    At Tokyo International Airport, flight 457 from Sydney, Australia was 
just touching down.  Aboard flight 457, Brian Fury sat in first class, 
relaxing and finishing a glass of brandy, his third in the six-hour flight 
from Australia.  A satisfied smile occupied the bottom half of his scarred 
face, the scarring making it look horrific.  Most of the flight attendants 
had deliberately avoided him because of that smile which, in turn, was the 
cause of it.
    Finally, the plane docked with the concourse, and Bryan and his partner, 
Cayenne, rise from their seats.  Each grabs a small pack and they leave the 
plane together.  At this point, we get our first real look at Cayenne.  He is 
a shortish man with ice-blue eyes, pale white skin, and hair that is 
intermingled white and a gray color so intense that it seems almost, but not 
quite, blue.  He is wearing a fine Italian business suit, but it is fairly 
obvious that he is uncomfortably hot in it.  As they step from the boarding 
ramp, Cayenne looks again at Bryan's almost smug grin.
    "What's making you grin like that?" he finally asks.
    "These people," Bryan replies, gesturing.  Cayenne looks around and 
notices that, despite the fact that TIA (Tokyo International Airport) is 
extremely crowded in general, people are moving to avoid his and Bryan's path.
    "I don't get it.  They're afraid of you, but that's making you happy," 
Cayenne muses.
    "That's just it.  They're afraid of me.  I'm a big, white foreigner 
that's hideously scarred and obviously dangerous.  I'm surprised that 
nobody's cried out yet," Bryan answers.
    "Why does that make you happy?" Cayenne asks.
    "Look at my ki," Bryan instructs, forming a small, glowing ball to form 
in his hand.  It is a sickly green, and exudes a black aura around itself.  
Upon seeing it, someone screams, causing it to pulse, almost like a poisonous 
    "It's.... dark.  Almost as if it's made of hatred, or malice...," Cayenne 
says, his brow creasing.  "But you're not angry."
    "Nope.  That's the beauty of it.  My natural ki has been so diminished by 
the way I live my life that it's extremely weak.  In fact, it's so weak that, 
unaided, I would fall ill and die within a year," Bryan explains, 
extinguishing his ball.  At Cayenne's questioning gaze, he continues, "I 
drain almost all of my ki from the fear of others.  Thanks to my appearance, 
fear is a pretty natural reaction to my presence."
    "And Tokyo is one of the most heavily populated cities in the world, and 
the largest one where people don't have other atrocities to compare you to," 
Cayenne finished, understanding.
    "Yep.  Around here, I get so much power that I'm pretty much a God," 
Bryan declares.  "I love Japan."  Cayenne nods and falls silent, and the two 
exit the airport in silence.  Bryan rents a motorcycle, and drives Cayenne to 
his car.  As Cayenne is dismounting, a thought strikes Bryan.
    "What was your brother's name?" he asks.
    "Why?" Cayenne queries.
    "For a hundred million, I think I've got a right to at least know his 
name," Bryan replies.  Cayenne pauses for a moment, thinking.
    Nodding, he replies, "His name was Saffron."  With that, he got into his 
car and closed the door.
    "Cayenne and Saffron.  Should've known," Bryan mutters with a chuckle as 
Cayenne drives away.

*****End Chap. 1*****

    Woo hoo!!!  Well, that's it for chapter one.  I hope you enjoyed it, and 
if you didn't, better is on the way.  (I am known for unexpected plot twists 
anytime after chapter one or two.)  If you liked it, E-mail me.  If you 
didn't like it and have suggestions, E-mail me.  If you hated it, E-mail me.  
If you want me dead because my writing is so horrible, E-mail me, but please 
keep all death threats to fifteen words.  My E-mail address is
    Where am I gonna go with this?  Places that you probably don't expect, 
that's for sure.  At this point, I'm not planning on killing off any of the 
Ranma characters, but that might change.  (Grr.... Akane was the only one who 
was AT ALL affected emotionally by the Saffron battle at the end of the 
manga!!!  (after they return to Japan)  ARGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!)  In case you 
haven't guessed, my favorite Tekken 3 characters are Bryan and Heihachi, and 
they will both play major roles as the story unfolds.  "What will they do?" 
Seriously, though, they're gonna be fun because, as good as Ranma is, he is 
nowhere near powerful enough to seriously compete in the Tekken tournament 
and everyone knows it.

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