Subject: [PMFFML] [FFML-R] (fanfic)(Ranma) Duck and Peaches at the Foot of Flower Mountain
From: "Hans Holm" <>
Date: 3/17/2001, 6:20 AM
To: <>

The FFML Refugee List

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I'm almost sure nobody's used this title before.
I know I haven't C & C'd as much as I should, but how could
I when almost everything posted belongs to at least one of the
following categories (generally category 4 or 5):
1) Based on series I am insufficiently or totally un- familiar with.
2) Not really "my type" of fic.
3) Later chapters of stories I didn't read to begin with.
4) Stories that don't really need to commenting on (or where I
can't think of what to say).
5) Stories that somebody else comments on publicly before I
get around to it.

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