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    A Saiyan Tail

    Part 25

    Heart of the Dragon.


    Ranma blasted forward at full speed. Tearing through the skies of
Nerima for only a few seconds before reaching his destination.

    Cologne looked up in surprise, as Ranma appeared inside the
restaurant, Shampoo and Mousse were almost knocked off of their feet
by the resulting winds as the pigtailed boy burst through the front
door and landed in the middle of the room.

    "Where is Akane?" he said firmly as he glared at the trio of
Chinese carefully.

    "Pardon? Whom do you mean?" said Cologne as she feigned ignorance.

    "Old woman, I know she was in here, and I know something
happened," said the boy calmly as he narrowed his eyes at her for a

    "How would you know that?" said Cologne, with her tone changing
again. She almost seemed to be mocking him now.

    "I felt her ki inside here, and it dropped off suddenly. I also
know it wasn't you that did this, but someone who was here," said
Ranma. "Are you going to tell me what happened or not?"

    Shampoo decided to speak up. "Peoples from Musk take girl away."

    Cologne whirled around and stared at her Great Granddaughter for a
moment, she remained silent though.

    "Musk?" asked Ranma.

    "Very strong warrior from China," explained Shampoo. "Ranma not
have easy time beating. They take Akane as wife for leader."

    "What? Where did they go?" said Ranma as his eyes went wide.

    "Shampoo not know, they no say," said the Amazon with a shrug.

    Ranma narrowed his eyes and turned to look out the door. "Never
mind, I've found them." With that, he blasted away.

    Cologne glared at Shampoo for a moment, her brow furrowing.

    "Great Grandmother only make Ranma angry. She no beat him like
plan, let Musk do work for us. Shampoo not think he strong enough to
beat Ranma," explained the girl.

    "You're a fool child," said Cologne angrily. "You may have just
cost us that boy. I would have been able to hold him here, and after
the Prince of the Musk had forced the girl to China with him, it would
have been too late."

    "Great Grandmother have much pride. She think she hold Ranma, even
after she defeated by him? Maybe Great Grandmother give kiss of

    "Wh-What?" stuttered Cologne in shock. Shampoo had never spoken to
any elder like that before. "You had better learn your place child..."
Her voice had gone into a, very dangerous sounding, warning tone.

    "Musk not hold Akane Tendo long, he not know how strong is. Plan
is foolish," insisted the girl as she sat down. "Maybe he get lucky
and kill girl before Ranma find?"

    Cologne narrowed her eyes at the girl for a moment and turned
away. She hopped towards the kitchen and turned back to face her Great
Granddaughter. "We'll see child."


    Akane Tendo slowly opened her eyes; she groaned for a moment and
looked around. A large scowl formed on her face as she found herself
hanging over the shoulder of some strange man, her hands and ankles
were tied at the wrist with a rather flimsy looking rope.

    "So, she is awake," said Herb as he glanced over his shoulder and
smirked. "I do hope you enjoyed our date, now that we've done that, we
can get married. Don't bother pretending that you're still out by the

    "Date?" muttered Akane. "What are you talking about? Let me go,
right now!"

    "I'm afraid not, you are Ranma Saotome's fiancee, yes?" said Herb

    "What? Who are you? How do you know Ranma?" said the girl in

    "Ah, then it is true. This is very simple then; he destroyed our
sacred springs, so we're taking you as compensation. Isn't that nice?"
said the man with a small chuckle.

    A few feet back, Lime and Mint watched Akane closely. "So, this is
a girl? Lord Herb must be doing very well, he's already talking about
marriage!" said Lime cheerfully.

    "Right, it'll be nice to have a girl around. Do you think she'll
let us touch her titties?" asked Mint.

    "I don't see why not," replied Lime with a shrug.

    "Hey, what's she doing?" muttered Mint as he looked at the girl on
Herb's back easily snap the ropes they had used to bind her hands.

    "You let me go right now!" screamed Akane as she pushed herself
off of the man's back and flipped in the air, landing nearby.

    "I've explained this to you already. You don't have a choice,"
said Herb with a frown as he watched her. She had taken up a combat
stance and was glaring at him angrily. "You can come with us now, or
I'll just beat you up again and take you."

    "You caught me by surprise before! It won't happen again," snarled
Akane as she glared at him.

    "You actually think you can beat me?" said the man in surprise as
he chuckled to himself for a moment.

    Akane growled at this and stepped back a bit. "Come on."

    "How amusing," said Herb as his smile changed into a frown in an
instant. "I'll even give you the first strike." Herb's smile returned
again, it was obvious that he didn't feel threatened at all.

    "Um...Lord Herb..." muttered Lime as he stepped forward and
watched the girl nervously for a moment.

    "Stay out of this," replied the man firmly.

    Lime stepped back with a nervous look about him, but did not say
anything more.

    "Fine!" screamed Akane as she spread her arms and began to build
up power.

    Herb's face fell slightly and his posture became slightly
uncertain. "What the..." He careened across the street, slamming into
a wall as the girl blasted forward, slamming her fist into his face.
The brick surface shattered under the impact, burying Herb under a
pile of debris.

    "So, who's next?" snorted Akane as she turned towards the other

    "Lord Herb!" cried Mint in alarm.

    Akane's victorious smile vanished in an instant, as she seemed to
feel something. She whirled around and stared at the pile of rubble in
disbelief. "No way!"

    "You're stronger than you look," said Herb as he stood up and
began to dust himself off absently. "I wasn't expecting a punch like
that from a normal human. Quite impressive."

    Akane growled and took up a closed looking stance, her hands were
tucked away at her side, and she simply glared at Herb.

    "Well girl, are you going to fire that blast or not?" said Herb
with a chuckle.

    "Laugh this off! Kamehameha!" cried Akane as she thrust her hands

    Herb sidestepped the attack rather easily, and rushed forward
again. Before she could react, he had his fist in her gut. "You'll
soon learn your place."

    "Bastard," muttered Akane weakly as she staggered for a moment. "I
won't lose."

    Herb's eyes went wide in surprise as she grabbed him while he
stood with his fist still pushing against her gut. "What?"

    "You don't think, a punch like that is enough to finish me do
you?" snarled Akane as she lifted him into the air and suplexed him on
the ground.

    Herb groaned for a moment and staggered to his feet. He glared at
Akane for a moment, as she stood opposite him in an offensive stance.
"How? She's still gaining power? How can this be? No human should be
this strong!"

    "Surprised?" said the girl in response to his words.

    "Very, I wasn't expecting to find someone like you here," said
Herb with a small chuckle. "You surprised me, but you're still not
enough to beat me."

    "There's no way I'll let you kidnap me," said Akane firmly.

    "The sacred springs must be avenged. If I can't have you, I'll
destroy you," said Herb coldly.

    "Just try it!" snarled Akane as she rushed forward.

    "Pathetic!" snapped Herb as he jumped up into the air over her
strikes. He came down behind her and she spun into a kick.

    Herb smiled and put up his hand, a blast of energy slammed into
her, sending her flying away and into a wall. The effect was the same
as when she had done the same to him, and she stood up from the

    "You'll pay for that! Kamehameha!" snarled the girl as she blasted
him with another wave of energy.

    Herb put up his hand again and returned the blast almost casually.
"Heh, I am descended from the dragons, there is no chi attack you can
use against me that I do not already know." The two beams of energy
slammed into one another and locked.

    Akane grit her teeth and kept up her beam. "Damn you!" She pushed
harder, forcing Herb's beam back a little.

    "How annoying. Why don't you just give up?" he snapped as he
returned with twice as much power. Akane's beam failed, and she took
the brunt of his blast. She was thrown back into the wall again,
crushing what was left in a small explosion. Herb smiled and looked
into the dust for a moment, his grin failed as she began to move
again, and stood up with a pained look on her face.

    Akane was glaring at him angrily, her school uniform hung in
tatters off of her body, still covering her for the most part.
"Bastard. That hurt."

    "Most impressive," commented Herb as he walked towards her again.
"You're infinitely stronger than I had imagined, but your power is not
enough to defeat me." He jumped into the air, and flew towards her,
leaving a trail of chi energy behind him. Akane sucked in a quick
breath as his attack rushed forward at an amazing rate of speed.

    Lime and Mint looked on in awe as the attack created an even
larger dust cloud than the destruction of the wall had. Neither one of
them said a word as they watched the fight. Suddenly, Herb's voice cut
through the silence after the blast.

    "What? I missed?"

    "Ha!" screamed Akane as she descended from above and slammed her
fist into the back of his head. Herb was thrown forward, sprawling
across the grass on the opposite side of the rubble.

    The Musk Prince stood up and turned to face her. "Well, most

    Akane was floating above the ground, still extended from her
attack. She slowly pulled her arm back and smirked at him. "I'm just
getting warmed up."

    "I grow tired of this game, it ends now," said Herb as he floated
up to meet her. "You're life is over little girl. I will have my

    Akane glared at him as he began to pull energy from the air.

    "You should feel honored, you're the first to ever taste my final
attack! Spirit of the Dragon's horn!" cried Herb as he thrust his
hands forward. A spike of yellow energy shot forward, it was about
five feet long and tore the ground up as it passed over it. Akane
could not dodge the blast and crossed her arms in the hope of
lessening the blow somewhat. It was clear she would probably not

    "No! Ranma, I'm sorry!" she managed right before the light
engulfed her. Her eyes squeezed shut, and she braced herself.

    "No!" cried a familiar voice. Akane felt something slam into her
side, and blinked in surprise for a moment. She was still alive.
Someone had shoved her out of the way at the last moment.

    "Ranma?" she said as she looked at the figure who was lying on the
ground beside her, his body was smoking, and his eyes were closed
tightly as he grit his teeth in pain. "Ryoga?" she sputtered in

    "Damn, that hurt," grumbled the lost boy as he slowly rose to his
feet. His hand was clutched against his side and he was clearly
bleeding from a wound present there. He fell down to one knee,
breathing heavily. "Damn it."

    "Ryoga! Are you...all right?" gasped Akane as she moved down to
his side.

    "Do I look all right to you tomboy?" snapped the boy as he glared
at Herb. "Who the hell is this guy? What's going on?"

    "Shut up! You're hurt!" snapped Akane.

    "I noticed," commented Ryoga as he flashed her a quick glance.

    "You shouldn't have interfered," said Herb coldly.

    "Sorry, I owe her a favor," said Ryoga with a small chuckle.

    "I don't care about you, stay out of this and you might survive,"
said Herb as he flashed a quick glance at Akane.

    "Can't do that pal," said Ryoga as he slowly rose to his feet

    "I don't need your help!" snapped Akane, as she seemed to remember
something suddenly. She punched Ryoga in the back of his head, sending
him down to the ground again.

    "Ouch! Uncute little," muttered the boy painfully.

    "You won't escape me this time," said Herb as he began to charge
his power again.

    "Fat chance!" snarled Akane as she rushed forward, putting him on
the defensive.

    Herb backed away, dodging around her punches and kicks fluidly. He
was steadily gaining power as he did so and smiled at her.

    "I won't let you!" cried Akane as she thrust her hands forward. A
Kamehameha wave blasted the man in his chest at point blank range.
Herb grit his teeth and was thrown into the air again. He righted
himself in midair, and spun around to glare at her from above.

    "You'll pay for that," he seethed.

    "Come and get me!" snarled Akane as she blasted up towards him.

    Herb smiled, the energy blast had caught him off guard, but it
hadn't stopped him from charging his own power. "Spirit of the
Dragon's Horn!"

    Akane shifted, attempting to move out of the way. Her face became
a mask of surprise again; she hadn't expected him to be able to pull
the move off with her pressing her attack the way she had been. "No!"
she cried in shock as she put her arms up defensively.

She felt the shock wave slam into her body, and a wave of burning pain
raced up her arm. She plummeted down to the ground and hit hard,
bouncing once before finally coming to a stop next to a large crater.

    She slowly opened her eyes and clutched at her arm. "What? He
missed?" There was a large gash cut into the side of her upper arm,
and a four-foot crater on the ground beside her. She looked up to see
Herb turned away from her with a look of anger on his face.

    "Who would dare?" snarled the man angrily as he whirled around;
there was a large red mark on the side of his face.

    Ranma floated in the air beside him, a scowl burned onto his
features. The blue aura of power burned around him and his body was
much more muscular than normal. He popped his knuckles and stared Herb

    "You shouldn't have done that."

    "Who are you?" said Herb as his aura flared up around him as well.
He had suddenly grown very cautious.

    "I'm Ranma Saotome, of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts,
and the Kame Sennin School. You hurt my friends, and now I'm going to
hurt you."

    "Well, you're the man I was looking for in the first place," said
Herb coolly. "For the sin of destroying the Sacred Springs, you will

    "What?" said Ranma in confusion.

    "You and your friends are stronger than you look," commented Herb
casually as he threw his cape down to the ground below. "I am Herb,
lord of the forgotten tribe of the Musk, last surviving member of it's
rulers, and descendant of the dragon."

    Ranma's eyes narrowed as he noticed there was something unusual
about the man. His eyes were a golden yellow, and were slit like those
of a serpent, and his chest, although mostly human, had a few serpent
like scales visible on it. A slight smirk formed on his face as his
fists clenched involuntarily. "You look strong, this should be a good

    "Indeed," agreed Herb as he eyed Ranma with a similar look of
hunger in his eyes.

    Ranma looked down at Ryoga and Akane for a moment and frowned. The
girl was eyeing the dragon-man angrily. "We'll take this someplace
else, away from people who aren't involved. You said you're here for
me, right?"

    "I'll take care of that one later," commented Herb as he glanced
down at Akane for a moment. "But it wouldn't do to destroy this lovely
city. I shall follow."

    Ranma nodded and turned towards Akane. "Take Ryoga to Dr. Tofu's,
and stay out of the way."

    "Why should I?" snarled Akane as she glanced down at the lost boy
for a moment.

    "You don't have too, but this is my fight. So don't follow us,"
said Ranma as he looked back towards Herb.

    "You two will go back to the Amazons and wait, I'll meet with you
later," agreed Herb as he watched Ranma coldly.

    "Lord Herb!" cried Mint in alarm.

    "Come on," said Lime as he put his hand on the younger boy's
shoulder. "Lord Herb knows what he's doing."

    The wolf-boy nodded and reluctantly turned away.

    Akane ignored them and lifted Ryoga over her shoulder. "Come on
you oaf. I might as well help you."

    "Hey! That hurts," said Ryoga weakly as she handled him roughly.

    "Shut up or I'll just leave you here!" she snapped.

    Ranma and Herb watched the group disperse and then shot across the
sky, after one another.


    "So, Herb asked you to remain here and wait?" said Cologne as she
eyed the two youths suspiciously.

    "That's right," said Lime with a small nod.

    "Very well, I shall allow it," said Cologne as she sat down at one
of the tables. "You might as well make yourselves useful though. Take
one of those rags and start cleaning."

    The pair looked at one another and blinked.

    "Um, is your Great Granddaughter here?" asked Mint as he hefted a
mallet over his shoulder. "We'd like to see what it's like to have tea
with a girl."

    Cologne sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm afraid not. She's gone
off to do some training with Mousse. They won't be back for a week."
She narrowed her eyes at them for a moment. "And don't get any ideas
about me either."

    Both of the teens went pale and simply stared at her in shock.

    "You mean..." said Mint with a sickly look on his face.

    "You're a woman?" finished Lime with an equal amount of disgust.

    Within seconds, both boys were on the ground with large lumps on
their heads. Cologne merely sat at the table calmly, sipping her tea.
She had hoped that Herb would take her advice, and eliminated the
Tendo girl, thus removing Shampoo's only obstacle to the son-in-law.
Unfortunately, things had gotten out of hand, and it seemed that the
boy was lost to her now.

    It wasn't something she was particularly upset with. Shampoo had
become increasingly belligerent since he had managed to avoid being
defeated by her so far. That was why she had sent the girl away to
train. Perhaps the Bakusai Tenketsu would teach the girl a little more
respect. She would see how difficult the techniques she was learning
really were.

    "Still, I need to think of a way to get that girl back on track,"
muttered the old woman to herself. "If things go on the way they are,
the breaking point may only be a temporary fix."


    "Shampoo! No! You'll be killed!" cried Mousse as he struggled
against the steel cable that was binding him to the tree.

    "Mousse be quiet now. Shampoo must train," said the girl sternly
as she looked at her handiwork.

    The pair were out in the middle of a field, Cologne had sent her
away immediately after Ranma had left them. Now, she pulled herself up
into the harness that would be used to train her in the technique.

    "Breaking point technique not enough, not with Turtle Shell Girl.
Shampoo must train harder," said the girl out loud as she stared down
the steel wreaking ball that hung in front of her.

    Mousse had had it hidden somewhere inside his robes, she didn't
ask how he had gotten his hands on it. He had attempted to stop her
immediately after realizing what she had wanted it for. She beat him
easily, and tied him to the tree with some of the excess cable. She
had briefly considered using the same cable that the ball was hanging
from, but the weight would probably have cut him in half, so she
decided against it in the end, after much deliberation.

    It had been a chore to get the thing to hang from the tree at all.
It had taken several broken branches to find the right one. Plus, she
had to pull it up without Mousse's help. Now she was ready.

    "Shampoo not lose!"


    Akane frowned, as Tofu looked Ryoga up and down. The man frowned
and applied a bandage to his side.

    "It's a nasty wound," commented the doctor. "I had to cut away a
lot of the burnt tissue so it would heal. It didn't hit anything
important though."

    "Great," muttered Ryoga painfully.

    "The wound was bad, but not life threatening," said Tofu
cheerfully. "You're going to have to take it easy for a while I'm

    Akane turned up her nose at this, but remained silent.

    "Yeah, thanks I guess," muttered Ryoga as he turned his head away
from her as well.

    "The wound seemed aggravated though. Like someone had been jerking
it around or something. It had been handled rather roughly," said the
doctor as he took a few notes on a clipboard.

    Akane turned red suddenly.

    "I wonder who would treat an injured man in such a way," said Tofu
with a small frown.

    "I know," deadpanned Ryoga coolly. "Whoever it was, had to be a
vicious thug to do something like that to such a helpless guy like

    "Well, I wouldn't go that far..." commented Tofu with a smirk.

    "Shut up! I helped you didn't I?" snarled Akane as she whirled
around and glared at Ryoga.

    "Sort of," muttered the boy dejectedly.

    "I could have just left you there you know," grumbled Akane

    "Now, now, don't get upset," said Tofu as he stood up and put his
clipboard under his arm. "Come on Akane, we've got to let him get some

    "Jerk," snorted the girl as she stomped away.

    "Tomboy!" retorted Ryoga weakly as he watched the pair leave.


    Tofu pulled Akane aside outside the office and grabbed her by the
shoulders. "Akane. Who is this boy? Where did you find him?"

    The girl looked at the ground for a moment. "He's...a friend of

    "I'll have to ask him about it then," said Tofu with a thoughtful

    "About what?" said Akane in confusion.

    "Akane, that boy in there. He's not human."

    "What?" said Akane in shock.


    "This should be far enough," said Ranma as he hovered over a large
forest that rested deep in the mountains.

    "Very well," agreed Herb from directly behind him. "Are you

    "What's this about? I don't know you," asked Ranma as he stared
the man down. "Why did you attack my friends?"

    "This is your punishment," said Herb calmly. Thunder crashed in
the distance as a dark sky slowly rolled over them from above.

    "My, punishment?" said Ranma in confusion.

    "You destroyed the sacred springs of Jusenkyo, and the penalty for
this crime is death. I was going to just let you off and take your
woman as my own instead, but she didn't care for the idea. I think
I'll just kill the both of you as retribution for the destruction of
the springs."

    "Jusenkyo?" muttered Ranma in shock. He closed his eyes and
snorted. "I might have taken the punishment if it was just me, but for
hurting my friends, I'm afraid I can't let you win."

    "You have no choice," said Herb with a cold smirk on his face.

    "We'll see," said Ranma as he prepared himself. The thunder boomed
across the valley below once again, and the pair finally faced off.


    You had to know this was coming. TBC...

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