Subject: [PMFFML] [New Site] Site web for Old Soul 1/2, Wild Silver, ... by Francis Bourque
From: Francis Bourque
Date: 3/3/2001, 1:51 PM

  I have created a site web for my fanfictions.  

>From Draft like M.I.I. to Old Soul 1/2 (RxSLAYERSxSM) to Wild Silver,
Wild Trek
and other fanfictions written by me.

The final product of my writings will still go to Ranchan Totally
Crossed Out at:

One of the best place for crossover about Ranma 1/2.

But all the current writing, rough draft and the like will be on:

Don't panic, you don't need to run over anyone else to enter ;)

Just keep in mind I don't have a mastery of English like Ranma had in
Martial Art.

Salut bien!
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