Subject: [PMFFML] [FFML2] The Three Saotomes[Part 25][R.5][Revised]
From: Ryoga P Hibiki
Date: 3/1/2001, 10:37 PM


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        Sigh, made a stupid mistake earlier, but it's fixed now.

    The Three Saotomes

    Part 25

    The final lesson.


    Genryu stood across from Taro with a grin on his face, eyeing the
boy carefully.

    "You ready Fem-boy?" said Taro indignantly.

    "Any time Pantyhose," replied Genryu confidently.

    "Shall we get started then?"

    Hakama was sitting lazily in his chair still, not even bothering
to get up for this fight. He knew they'd start when they felt like it,
whether he signaled for it to begin or not.

    "Come on!" snapped Genryu as he rushed forward with a snap kick
that was easily swatted aside by the older boy.

    "You'll have to do better than that," said Taro with a chuckle as
he forced the boy on the defensive with a few lightning fast punches.

    "Damn," muttered Genryu with a frown.

    "Let's see how long you last now," said Taro as he jumped back and
pulled the flask from his belt.

    "Ha!" said Genryu as he moved into a lower stance. Taro was
looking at him with shock on his face as he grasped at his side. The
flask was gone. "Looking for this?" said Genryu as he threw the flask
on the ground, shattering it.

    "You little..." grumbled Taro angrily as he moved into a combat
stance again.

    "Do you really think I'll let you change? Come on, I'm not that
stupid," said Genryu as he cracked his knuckles and charged forward

    Taro was on the defensive again, staggering back under the
assault. He jumped back and spun around in a kick that missed Genryu
by ten feet.

    "What the heck?" muttered the younger boy as he rubbed at his
forehead in irritation. Another blow struck his chest, and then
another on his leg. Taro was too far away to be hitting him.

    Taro paused and chuckled, stepping back to prepare for another
kick. "What's the matter? Does that hurt?"

    Genryu frowned and looked on the ground for a split second, only
to be struck again. This time he caught a sound that he'd missed
before. It was a small clattering on the ground in front of him.
"That's it!" he thought.

    "Come on Fem-boy! We don't have all day!" snapped Taro angrily as
he launched another kick. This time he lurched forward with a
surprised frown.

    Genryu had punched just after his kick was completed. "Keep it up,
and you'll run out of rocks to throw at me, Pantyhose."

    Taro growled, he was standing in the destroyed section of the ring
from Genryu and Ryu's earlier battle. "Oh yeah? Let's see you catch
this one!" snapped Taro as he kicked a huge section of the destroyed
rink into the air and launched it at Genryu.

    The Saotome boy punched it out of the air, shattering it easily.
He smirked for a moment, but frowned as he was assaulted by four
smaller blows just afterwards. "You jerk! That was dirty!"

    "So do something about it!" replied Taro as he readied another
large rock by hooking it with his foot. He chuckled as Genryu rushed
forward. "Stupid."

    "Eat this!" snapped Genryu as he rolled under the intended strike.
Taro had clearly not expected him to outmaneuver the projectile, but
rather go through it.

    "Damn!" he grumbled as he was forced to jump away from his arsenal
of stones and landed nearby. "You don't think you're out of this yet
do you?" he snarled.

    "Come on then! Quit running away and fight!" snapped Genryu.


    "Jeez, he's almost as bad as Akane is," snorted Ranma on the

    "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" snapped the girl in question
as she whipped her head around and glared at him.

    "Boy very angry, Pantyhose boy cheat very much," commented Shampoo

    "I don't recall there being a set of rules," grumbled Ryoga as he
sat up from his lying position. He had recovered rather quickly from
his last fight.

    "Still, he's fighting dirty," agreed Akane.

    "Ryoga is right, there are no set boundaries in a fight," agreed

    "Fear not, for I have once again returned from my battle with the
lovely flower from China. Sadly, I could not bring myself to harm her,
and was thus forced to lose honorably," said Kuno as he walked up to
them. He was limping more than a little, and was also a little
bowlegged. An ice pack was resting in his hand, pressed gently against
his crotch.

    "Hey Kuno," said Ranma without looking over at the boy.

    "How goes the battle?" said the kendoist with a small frown at the
familiarity the older boy was using.

    "Good so far, we've beaten everyone but Xianghua," said Akane with
a frown.

    "Indeed, I hope that our endeavors are rewarded," said Kuno

    "I agree," said Ranma calmly. His face had grown very serious

    "How is Kodachi?" asked Akane.

    "My sister is still recovering, she is not permanently damaged
though," replied Kuno with a small nod.

    "Really? Too bad," muttered Akane under her breath.

    Ukyo was too wrapped up in the fight to care about the
conversation. "Kick his ass Genchan!" she cheered as her husband

    Ryoga glared at her for a moment and rubbed at his ear. He found
nothing of interest among the group and turned back to the battle.


    "You're too slow," chuckled Taro as he forced Genryu back with a
few snap kicks.

    The younger boy growled, and rushed forward punching and blocking
the strikes. "I'll show you who's slow jerk!"

    "Come on then!" cried Taro as he charged forward again. Genryu
frowned and jumped straight up, forcing Taro to pass under him as he
had already committed himself to a hard punch. The younger boy came
down behind him in a kick aimed at the ground. He landed directly on
the lines between two of the concrete blocks, sending both of them
upwards at an angle, and throwing Taro off balance as he was almost
thrown into the air by the force.

    "Gotya!" said Genryu as he elbowed the boy in his back and sent
him into the air and away from him.

    Taro landed roughly on the ground and sat up, clutching his back
angrily. "Why you little..."

    Genryu was already in motion; the boy jumped into a kick aimed at
Taro's head.

    The Chinese boy growled and whipped out his arm, wrapping a nylon
around the younger boy's leg as he passed. He shifted his weight and
pulled Genryu over his head in a throw that slammed him face first on
the ground.

    "Damn!" said Genryu as he pushed himself up with his hands and
back flipped away from the follow up strike. Another of the concrete
blocks was shattered as a result.

    "Who's running now?" taunted Taro as he took a short hop back
after the blow.

    "Jerk!" snapped Genryu as he kicked his leg out and caught Taro's

    "Ouch! You little...!" snarled the Chinese boy in irritation as he
picked the leg up and rubbed it for a moment.

    Genryu waited and moved into a combat stance again, popping his
knuckles again by flexing his fingers as he waited. "Come on then! We
haven't got all day!"

    Taro smirked and stood back, waiting patiently while Genryu did
the same. "You never had a chance."

    "We haven't finished yet, Pantyhose," snapped Genryu in retort.

    "Come on then!" snarled Taro as he rushed forward with an angry
looking snarl on his face.

    "Any time Underwear boy!" said the younger boy as he stepped back
and blocked a swift kick intended for his ribs. Genryu countered with
a punch that caught Taro's chest, forcing the older boy to stagger

    "I barely felt that little girl!" snarled Taro as he recovered in
an instant and kicked out at the younger boy's legs.

    Genryu smirked as he hopped over the strike, he kicked out and
managed to catch Taro's real attack, which was another kick that was
meant to pick him out of the air. Taro grunted in pain as a resounding
snap sounded from his ankle.

    "Damn it!" snapped the older boy as he lay on the ground and
slammed his palm onto the ground in frustration. "Damn you! I give up
damn it!"

    Genryu stood silently, waiting for Taro to continue to fight. He
dropped his hands as the boy said that. "Huh?"

    "Shut up and help me get up! You broke my ankle!" said Taro with a
small sigh as he pushed his torso up with his forearms.

    Genryu blinked, he had known about the break, even though he
didn't intend for it to happen at all. Taro could take a lot of
punishment, and he expected the boy to get up and keep fighting
despite it. "You sure?"

    "Yes! Help me up! I give up! This isn't worth fighting with a
broken ankle. It's just a stupid tournament," said the older boy with
a disappointed looking frown.

    Genryu shrugged his shoulders and helped Taro stand up. The boy
limped off the field with Genryu supporting him.


    "You all right Taro?" asked Ranma as the boy sat down.

    "I'll be fine in a few weeks," grumbled the boy in embarrassment.

    Ukyo watched in horrified fascination as Taro reset his own ankle
with an audible pop. The boy grit his teeth in pain and pulled a pair
of pantyhose from his waist, he then tied a stick he had picked up
from the ground to the side to splint it.

    "Man, I hate when that happens," commented Genryu in sympathy.

    "We've all dealt with it before," snorted Ranma lazily.

    Akane and Ukyo glanced at him in surprise, neither of them saying
a word.

    "It'll be fine, don't worry about it," snorted Taro lazily as he
sat back. The swelling had started to go down slightly now that the
bone was back in place.

    "Let me take a look at it," said a new voice. The group turned to
see Tofu standing behind them with his arms crossed as he knelt down
beside Taro.

    "Whatever," snorted Taro as he extended his leg some to allow it.

    "Hmmm, you've done this before," commented Tofu as he touched the
leg gently.

    "Comes with the territory," commented Ranma lazily. Tofu noted
that most of the group was ignoring him, Akane included.

    "Here." Tofu handed Taro a small bag of ice that he had gotten
from one of the spectator's coolers on the way over. "That stick is
fine for now, but I suggest you get this in a cast, or at least make a
decent splint from some better wood."

    "I'd planned on it," commented Taro as he glanced down at the man.

    Tofu took out a pen and pad and scribbled a few things down.
"Here, this is for some Motrin. Stop by a drugstore and pick some up,
it'll only help a little with the pain, but it will reduce the
swelling quite a bit."

    "Sure thing doc, you should probably go back to your girlfriend
now," said Taro with a rough snort as he took the prescription from
the man.

    Tofu frowned at that and looked over at Ranma for a moment. He
narrowed his eyes as he noticed the boy idly playing with the cross
that hung from his neck. He didn't appear to notice what he was doing,
so he said nothing as he walked back to his own side of the field.

    "Who's next?" asked Akane.

    "I dunno," said Ranma.


    Hakama stood up calmly and lifted the microphone to his lips as
the cheering of the crowd died down again.

    "An abrupt ending to a great fight indeed," he said with a hint of
sadness in his voice. "But now, on to better things! Akane Tendo
versus Ranma Saotome!"


    Ranma and Akane glanced at one another for a moment and stood up.
Akane said nothing as she walked out beside him and took her position
opposite him.

    "I'm ready," she said as she put up her fists. Her face was
completely serious, and she had a dead calm about her.

    "I'll decide that," said Ranma with a small nod. "Let's see what
you've learned, Akane."

    The girl charged forward and spun into a flurry of kicks without a
word. She screamed in a controlled battle cry as he backed away and
blocked, weaving in and out of her blows, but striking with none of
her own.

    "Good!" he said calmly. "Get ready!"

    Akane stopped her attack cold and put up her fists. Ranma was on
her in an instant, his hands and feet a blur as he forced her back,
closer and closer to the edge of the ring.

    "Damn!" said Akane as she felt a blow strike her shoulder. She
launched another attack at Ranma, ignoring a few blows that he managed
to tag her with because of her drop in defense.

    The boy said nothing as he began to strike and counter strike her
moves. The pair jumped up and away from each other for a moment, Akane
breathed heavily, while Ranma stood calmly, eyeing her carefully.

    Akane tightened her stance for a moment, glaring at him with

    "Come on," said Ranma as he beckoned her with his hand.

    "Kiyah!" cried Akane as she jumped into the air, Ranma followed
and met her mid leap. They pair clashed, seeming to hover there for an
impossible amount of time. Finally, they came down opposite one

    Akane stood with her back turned to Ranma and her arms spread. He
landed in a similar position, and turned to face her. His hand went to
his side and he frowned as he clutched the spot for a moment. "Better
than I thought," he muttered to himself.

    Akane remained silent, and slumped to the ground.

    Ranma walked over to her side and lifted her over his shoulder. He
walked over to the sidelines again and lay her across the grass.
Within moments she was awake again.

    "I lost," she said. Strangely enough, she didn't look particularly
upset about it.

    "Hmm," said Ranma with a small nod. "As much as you wanted it, no
amount of determination can make up for skill. You'll grow stronger,
and there will be many other fights."

    "Right," muttered Akane as she sat up. She remained silent after
that and simply waited patiently for the next fight to begin.


    Hakama stood up and spoke to the crowd again. "The final two
matches are about to begin! Are you ready for the ultimate battle to

    A roar of cheers answered him.

    "Our next battle! The beautiful Chinese flower Xianghua, against
the powerful warrior Genryu Saotome!" cried the boy as he worked the
crowd into a frenzied mass.


    Ranma looked at his little brother and nodded at him.

    Genryu stood up and scowled. Xianghua was already making her way
into the center of the ring. She stood patiently, simply waiting for
him. Her face was a cold scowl, almost completely devoid of emotion.
Genryu noted that her eyes were not fixed on him, but his older

    "Good luck," said Ukyo as he started to slowly move towards her.
He stopped and faced her. Both their eyes locked for a moment, he
could read nothing from her.

    "Genryu," muttered Ranma quietly. A slight wavering in his voice
as he watched them stand there.

    "I wouldn't worry too much," commented Taro.

    Akane frowned and looked back at Ukyo and Ryoga. The pair were not
very happy with the situation. Ryoga had seen Xianghua fight; he knew
what she was capable of. Ukyo was just worried about her husband,
although she was desperately trying to hide it, and failing miserably.

    "Shampoo think boy losing very soon," commented the Amazon girl.

    "It appears to be the truth," agreed Kuno as he stood just behind
them, with the ice pack still over his crotch. "The woman is indeed
fierce, no doubt she will make quick work of the young Saotome."

    "In any case, we're about to find out," said Ranma.

    Hakama stood and put his hand over his head, bringing it down to
signal the start of the battle.

    "Are you ready?" said Xianghua coldly.

    "No. I can't," said Genryu as he hung his head and turned away
from her.

    "What are you doing?" said the woman as she relaxed her stance a

    "As much as I want to beat you, as much as I want to help my
brother. I just can't. This isn't my fight," said Genryu as he walked
out of the ring and looked down at Ranma. "This is between you and

    Xianghua frowned, and lowered her fists as she stood in the middle
of the ring. "Fine." She turned and walked away, the crowd booed
angrily at the abrupt end of the round.


    "What the?" said Nabiki as the crowd became unruly around her and

    "What is my son doing?" muttered the woman as she watched him walk

    "I haven't got a clue," said Nabiki in shock. "I think he feels
that he shouldn't get involved. This is between Ranma and that girl."

    "Why is that?" said Nodoka firmly.

    "I'm afraid that information is quite expensive, or you could just
ask him later," said the girl calmly. That was one mess that she
wasn't touching with a pole.

    Nodoka narrowed her eyes at the girl for a moment, and caught the
hint. "I see."

    Nabiki continued to roll the camera and frowned uncomfortably at
the gaze the woman was giving her. "Looks like it's about to start."

    "Indeed, my husband and I are going to have a long talk after
today," commented Nodoka firmly.


    Behind Shampoo, a white glow began to form from within the folds
of the long bundle that rested by her side. She did not notice it, and
had her eyes glued to the field.

    Ranma had not waited for Hakama to start talking again; he simply
stood up and started towards the center of the ring. His face was a
cold scowl of pain and calmness. Everyone's attention was glued, and
no one noticed the dark clouds that were beginning to form overhead.

    "I can feel it," said Ranma to himself as he stared the woman

    "That your death is near?" said Xianghua as she met him in the
middle of the ring, already in a combat stance.

    "Closer than you think, but I can't allow you to beat me just
yet," said Ranma. His tone almost froze the air as he said this and
put up his fists.

    "I'm not giving you any choice!" snarled Xianghua as she jumped
towards him with her fist extended.

    "I only wish that I had one," said Ranma as he closed his eyes.



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