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This is... later than I expected.  I was hoping to be posting the final
chapter in this story by now.  Ah, well.

Whee! I knew it was near time for a chapter of this!

        Knowing that he really had no other choice, he made his way
through the dim corridors until he stood before the massive gate.  He
wasn't able to stop himself from swallowing nervously as he saw the rust
creeping up the metal bars and the charred edges of the paper with the
character for seal written on it.  Twin, massive eyes shown in the


        "There are times when your insolence is amusing," Orochimaru
said mildly.  Sasuke staggered suddenly, clutching at his shoulder.
"This is not one of those times," the Sannin finished, not a hint of his
earlier gentleness remaining in his voice.  "Remember your place,


        Yuuhi Kurenai's Team Eight had been given a day to rest after
they finally reached the Leaf encampments.  Hyuuga Hinata had spent most
of that day asleep, recovering from her near-constant use of the
Byakugan since their escape from the Mist-occupied Wave Country.
Inuzuka Kiba had found his elder sister and enlisted her help in giving
Akamaru a thorough check-up.  Aburame Shino had, so far as Kurenai could
tell, spent the day doing absolutely nothing.

Drones don't march without orders from their queen.

        "Kurenai-sensei."  Hinata's quiet voice shook the young jounin
from her musings.
        "What is it?" Kurenai asked, just as softly.  The four Leaf
ninja stopped their motion, resting almost invisibly in a large tree.
        "There's a Mist ninja coming," Hinata said.  "He's heading
straight for the camp."

o/~What's this? What's this?
A ninja's running 'round!
What's this?
He's allied with the Sound! o/~

        He raised his arms, very deliberately not tensing.  "I am
Kurosuki Junzo, jounin of the Hidden Mist," he said calmly, "and I
request an audience with the Hokage."
        Hinata's Byakugan activated.  "He's not armed," she said
shortly.  The man favored her with a hostile glance, but wisely said

"And he wears boxers. And his penis is 22 millimeters smaller than--"
"TMI, Hinata."

        "I bear a message from Mizukage-sama," the Mist ninja said.
Kurenai only raised an eyebrow, and after a moment he continued.  "I
suppose it won't hurt to tell you.  Mizukage-sama wishes me to request
an immediate cessation of hostilities and to arrange for a peace

Figured out he'd tried to bite the head off a snake and got the tail twisted
'round his throat, did he now?

Unless, of's a trap.

        The Hidden Village of Grass was perhaps the least hidden village
Temari had ever seen.  Situated in the center of the open grasslands
that gave it and its country its name, the village walls - broken in
several places - were visible from miles away.  The Sand and Leaf
Villages weren't precisely hard to see either, but at least the terrain
provided some protection to them.  The Grass Village seemed stupidly

"We used to be REALLY hidden in the grass--it was a mile high. But then some
asshole came through with a Bush Hog, and well..."

        Then again, considering that she was currently part of a force
planning to attack that village, Temari figured that she should probably
be thankful for the stupidity of the Grass's founders.

And for the Grass they were smoking at the time.

 There were only
eighty ninja in the attack force, and though they expected the defenders
to be of similar size - the bulk of the Rain and Sound forces being in
the Rain Country defending against the Sand's main attack force -
attacking a more defensible position would have been... troublesome.


        The Fire Country's border with the much smaller Swamp Country
was not a terribly hospitable place.  Though an Aburame might have been
comfortable with the swarms of insects that occasionally flew over from
the marshy lowlands on the other side of the border, Sakura was not.
Apparently, this particular breed of stinging insect seemed to think
that pink-haired kunoichi were remarkably tasty.

Mmmm, tasty pink-haired kunoichi.... n.h

        Sakura wasn't able to stop herself from stopping slightly, but

She wasn't able to stop herself from stopping?

        Focusing on Shino was out of the question.  Hinata was much more
used to him than she'd ever thought she would have become when the quiet
boy had first revealed the nature of his clan's techniques.  The sight
of bugs crawling out from under Shino's concealing jacket disturbed her
no more than seeing Akamaru resting on Kiba's head.  It was quite
another matter, though, to see with perfect clarity each and every
insect crawling around beneath his skin, to count the holes and
passageways they had made, to watch most of her teammate's chakra be
continuously consumed, to be able to see the damage that did to his
chakra circulatory system.

Not to mention the huge bulging eggsac festering in his wang...

        "I said yes," Jiraiya replied mildly.  "Let's go take care of
that now.  I'll stand in the corner and glower at them if they give you
any trouble."  He grinned.  "If worse comes to worse, remind them that
you're acting as Hokage and they're just a couple of old has-beens that
Tsunade just hasn't gotten around to replacing yet."
        "What an... interesting sentiment," Mitokado Homura said from
behind Jiraiya.
        Jiraiya glanced at Shizune, who shrugged.  "You could have
warned me,"

And he's supposed to be a master ninja. Pfeh.

        Shimano Ren swallowed nervously as she stared at the dark
entrance what her teacher's sister claimed was the Hidden Village of

'to what', perhaps? Or maybe:

'...entrance her teacher's sister claimed led to the...'

        The blow sent Kimi skidding back, and as she recovered she
realized that Hyuuga Neji was standing directly behind her.  She froze
for just a moment.  "Eight Divination Signs," Neji intoned softly.
"Sixty-four Palms of the Hand.

*wince* You really shouldn't "translate" move names, especially
when the English interpretations are this unwieldy. When you go back and
re-edit this entire story from stem to stern, I seriously hope to see things
such as this replaced with the proper equivalents (Hakke Rokujuuyonshou,
etc.) It's a LOT easier to take special move names when they're rendered in

Granted, that's entirely my opinion, and as it's your story, you're welcome
to disagree, least consider it.

Looking forward to the grand finale!

I used to have a gay sofa.
Now I have a hetero sectional.
The Eternal Lost Lurker

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