Subject: [FFML] The Exile's Crime _Version _2
From: "Cute Neko Hibiki" <>
Date: 12/23/2006, 10:15 PM
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Disclaimer : I do own Ranma 1/2, Oh My Goddess, or the Godswar paperbacks.

Summary : It is a time or turmoil in the world as Kami-sama has died and the 
Gods and Goddesses are competing to see who will be the new ruler of heaven. 
Most of Japan has thrown their belief behind Amaertasu. But some have not, 
who do they follow now? The Gods and Goddesses live by a simple rule. There 
can be only one. At the end, the surviving God, or Goddess, will become the 
new Kami-sama. The dead Gods and Goddesses will be revived, and obey that 
one. The more mortals who believe in the God, or Goddess, will strengthen 
that one. If a God, or Goddess, has enough followers, they can grow very 
powerful then.

AN : This is a fusion of Ranma 1/2, Oh My Goddess, and the Godswar 
paperbacks. The universe is AU. And Happosai is the Immortal Emperor here.

    Ranma stood before a jury. He appeared somewhat nervous.

    The jury consisted of his family, friends, and the Immortal Emperor 

    That last had sure been a surprise for Ranma. Before Godswar had begun, 
he believed there was no -Immortal- Emperor. But after Kami-sama had died, 
and Godswar had begun then, Happosai has revealed himself for being what he 

    "Ranma." said Happosai. Ranma turned his attention back to the room. 
"You have been accused of going against my edict that all Japanese shall 
throw their belief behind Amaertasu. You have chosen to support the foreign 
Goddess, Belldandy Aesir. I will ask you one last time. Do you repent of 
this crime? Do you renounce Belldandy, beg for forgiveness, and support 
Amaertasu with all of your faith."

    Ranma looked at Happosai, and said "I plead guilty. And 'no' to all of 
your questions. I will not betray her." Ranma had a determined look on his 
face. He was serious about this, more serious than when he fought Saffron of 
the Phoenix.

    "Then you leave me no choice." said Happosai. "By my authority I cast 
you out of the Saotome family, the Tendo family, and Japan. You have three 
weeks to leave Japan, if you are still here you will be killed."

    Ranma nodded, gathered his things, and left.


    "I've been exiled." Ranma told her.

    "I see. There is nothing I can do. I'm sorry Ranma." she said.

    "Don't be sorry. It was my decision to do this. I will never repent of 
my loyalty." said Ranma.

    "Yet your loyalty to me has cost you so much." she said.

    "You're worth it my Goddess." said Ranma.

    "But they have exiled you because you chose to support me." she said.

    "I will never stop worshipping you my Goddess." said Ranma.

    "I feel responsible." she said.

    "I knew what would happen when I told them I have decided to worship 
only forever you." said Ranma.

    "I will reward you well for your loyalty Ranma." she said.

    "I need no reward, only your love." said Ranma.

    "You will always have that my priest. Go and spread my name among the 
other nations. I will always be with you, watching over you and protecting 
you, forever loving you." she said.

    "I will go at once dear Belldandy-sama." said Ranma.

To Be Continued...

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