Subject: [FFML] Re: [C&C] Re: [fanfic] [Naruto] Pride of Suna, Chapters 2-3
From: David McMillan
Date: 12/15/2006, 3:04 PM
To: Legendary Legacy

Legendary Legacy wrote:

"And since you're still a ninja-in-training, perhaps we can work things 
with the Kazekage to let you take our genin tests once you recover. 
been running a little low-"

...that's a little surprising, to bring that up so quickly even if their
numbers are low.  They don't really know anything about Naruto at this

There is a bit more explaination for this in the next chapter, but I'll 
think over a few ways of making it more believable.

	Baki being Baki, and The Plan most likely already in progress, slotting
Naruto into Suna's ninja community makes sense for several reasons:
	1.  Puts potential spy/troublemaker where he can be watched w/o looking
	2.  Puts potential spy/troublemaker where he can be dealt with quickly
if necessary.
	3.  Puts potential recruit where he can be evaluated for usefulness.
	4.  Puts potential bargaining chip with Konoha where he can be
retrieved easily.
	5.  Puts potential spy where he can be fed disinformation plausibly.
	6.  Puts potential intel source in Baki's debt.
	7.  Puts a potential double-agent against Konoha in Baki's debt.

	Yeah, some of those are pretty unlikely, but on the off chance of any
of them panning out, putting Naruto into the ninja pool (it's like the
secretarial pool, but with more sharp pointy things) costs Baki next to
nothing and minimizes all the potential downsides.
	Still, a bit of narrational hint that maybe Baki's not just being Mr. 
Nice Guy at this point wouldn't be out of order, even if Naruto fails to 

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