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Never saw this series, but since it's from Lurk:

Wow, high praise. ^^;;

you be strong yet gentle, ferocious and yet meek, calm but able
to give rise to great power in time of need--OH, FOR THE SPIRITS' SAKES,

% Heh. Nice break in the flow


"Sorry, Gran-Gran!" Hakoda grinned weakly, darting from his wife's side
attend to the noisy toddler in the corner. Shaking her head, Kanna
her attention to the sleeping pallet, where her daughter lay, slick with
sweat and flushed with fever, straining as she fought to expel the new
>from within her.

% Expel. Such an interesting verb for bringing life into the world. :)

Remind me to pontificate on the finer points of the Labor Cannon sometime...

Fifteen agonising

% agonizing (I think)

For the last goddamn time, people, USING BRITISH SPELLING IS NOT A FUCKING
CRIME. -_-#

The younger woman stood, and crossed to face her mother. She placed her
hands on her shoulders and looked at her seriously. "Promise me, Mother.
Promise me that you will see my daughter do what I could never do."

Kanna blinked at the determined gaze of her daughter. "Yes, yes, of

% Hmm. Not being familiar with the series, I'm probably missing the
poignency of this

At the start of the series, Katara is the only waterbender in her tribe,
which isn't how things are supposed to be.

Thanks for reviewing. ^_^ Now go watch Avatar!

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