Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfic] [Naruto] Pride of Suna, Chapters 2-3
From: DB Sommer
Date: 12/12/2006, 7:12 PM
To: Legendary Legacy

Legendary Legacy wrote:

It took a little longer than I wanted to get this sent out, but here's 
chapters 2 and 3.

Missed the prologue, so forgive me.

The Pride of Suna
By Legendary Legacy
A Naruto Fanfiction

Standard Disclaimer still applies.

Chapter 1

"Did you hear? I heard my mom say that Uzumaki Naruto left the village last 

"Yeah, me too. He must've been really upset about failing again."

"Nah, I heard he tried to make off with the Hokage's secret scroll."

"Heh, for all the good it would 'a done a loser like him."

"Yeah, it's not like he was that good a ninja or anything. Still, I don't 
know why my parents seemed so happy about it..."

"You three pay attention!"

% Nice recap.

Naruto, you need to come back, he pleaded silently.

% Only if it is convienent to the plot.

As Iruka began reading off names, several of the students became lost in 
their own thoughts.
Hyuga Hinata hung her head sadly. Having watched Naruto for a long time now, 
she knew very well the sort of person he really was. It was true that he was 
a prankster and a trouble-maker, but she saw the hidden agenda behind his 
actions. If there was any reason why Naruto had left, it certainly hadn't 
been because he'd tried to steal something.

% Time to go hunt him down and make it an H+N fic. :)

When they turned to each other, both forced grins onto their 

"Lucky you," Choji said. "Being paired up with the prodigy should make 
things a lot easier for you."

Shikamaru sighed, noticing how Sakura was still giggling and staring 
starry-eyed at Sasuke, who kept his face turned toward the window. "I 
guarantee it ends up more trouble than it's worth."

"Hey bum," Yamanaka Ino muttered from the row in front of him. "You better 
keep that billboard-brow away from my Sasuke-kun. If I find out anything's 
going on with them, I'm holding you responsible, understand?"

Shikamaru just brushed her off before turning back to Choji. "Well, at least 
I wasn't on a team with her."

Choji laughed. "Yeah, I'll bet that wouldn't be much fun."

"And finally," Iruka's voice rang out again. "Team Ten will be Akimichi 
Choji...Yamanaka Ino-"

% heh

"You're thinking that perhaps the Kyubi has somehow taken control of 
Naruto?" Sarutobi finished for him. 

% Sarutobi: Nah, you wouldn't be alive if that was the case.

"But if he did go west, he could be halfway to Suna

% Since that is the title of the fic and everything

The young blonde was currently moving at twice the speed of a large 
tortoise, sweating profusely and constantly having to tell himself that the 
ramen stand he kept seeing on the horizon was nothing but a mirage. He had 
unzipped his orange coat and pulled it over his head, offering himself the 
slightest bit of shade, but not doing anything in the way of escaping the 
heat. His green goggles were pulled over his eyes to protect them from the 

% Ha. Those silly things actually came in handy.

"Yeah? what?" Naruto demanded. "It's not like...anybody is...gonna 
miss either of us."

% Kyubi: I'd miss me a lot, thank you.

She knew that Kankuro felt the same way about the lackluster parts that they 
played on missions. If it wasn't for the fact that they both needed to come 
along to calm Gaara from one of his...'mood swings', their younger brother 
could have done every single one of their missions to date by himself.
It was infuriating and depressing, not to mention quite damaging to the 
kunoichi's ego, to witness her youngest brother showing her up again and 

% Ought to tell him he can take a day off. Even psyho's like having 

"I angel," he whispered faintly, a small goofy grin appearing on 
his face.

Temari felt herself blush, then growled when Kankuro started laughing.

"Yeah, it's sunstroke alright. He's already delusional." 

% Heh. Nice line

"Hey you bastards! What the hell's going on here, huh?!" the boy shouted. He 
would have most likely been thrashing his bandaged arms and legs about in 
anger if they weren't strapped down to the sides of his bed. "If you're 
trying to get me to talk you're

% talk, you're

The blonde looked ready to start shouting again when her words seemed to 
catch up with him. "...Hospital?"
"That's right."

"'re not here to torture me?"

% Nurse: Only with the hospital food.

"No, sir," she assured him.

"Can I do it?" Kankuro asked before receiving a small kick to the shin from 

% Temari: I get to do it


Temari nodded in understanding, though inside she was growing even more 
curious about the boy before her. Something about him just seemed to...draw 
her interest, in a way. It was almost like there was something familiar 
about him, but she couldn't figure what it might have been.

% Temari: Maybe he had the same sense of humor Gaara did. No, that 
wasn't it.

"Who's the big sister around here?" she asked.

Kankuro crossed his arms and pouted. "You are," he mumbled.

Naruto was too preoccupied with celebrating that he never felt the 
approaching danger until it hit him right on top of the head, sending him 
crashing to the floor. Before he could regain his equilibrium, he felt 
himself pulled back to his feet by his hair and looking into the teal eyes 
of Temari.

"What'd you do that for?" he whined, rubbing the small bump forming on his 

% Naruto: Sakura does it to me all the time, but only because I come on 
to her, and I'd never come on to a trashy older girl like you.

"I'M NOT BLUSHING!" she shouted, unconsciously growing even redder.

"Whatever," the puppet master chuckled, leaving Temari silently fuming.

They walked on for a few more blocks, both praying to themselves that Gaara 
wouldn't be in a bad mood when they got there.

"By the way, Kankuro?"


"What exactly is the 'special meaning' behind that paint of yours?"

"...Shut up, Temari."

% Heh

End chapter 2

Hope you liked it.

% Amusing, but still way to early to judge where you're going with it. 
I'm a bit lukewarm now, but mostly because I never cared that much for 
the Sand.

DB Sommer


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