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StudioPC wrote:

Usagi's chair came down and she came to her feet. "Yes, my liege!"  
she said, saluting. "The warriors of Nan-Jahar stand ready. The  
barbarian hordes of Al-Amherac shall die on the plains of Nagahla  
under the hooves of our horses! We will slaughter them like pigs,  
loot their houses and amuse ourselves with their women! For the glory  
of Nan-Jahar!"

The president nodded, deciding that he probably shouldn't think about  
that too hard. "Er, thank you, Miss Tsukino, but I was wondering  
about your homeroom's plans for the Spring Festival."

% Usagi: We're going for a Conan, thing.

"Right, Mammy-chan. Anyways, pretending you're straight for a moment,  
what would you prefer? Ami no cleavage? Or . . ." She pulled down the  
collar of Ami's school blouse. "Ami cleavage?"

% Heh. She's the friend from Hell, all right.

Mamoru's mouth opened and closed a few times as he stared at her.  
"Wha--what do you mean, 'pretending that I'm straight'?"

"Well, look at you. Gray pants, black turtleneck with a green suit  

% Mamaru: I was raised by two homosexuals, all right. I have fashion 
sense. But I am *not* gay.

cape the other night?"

"Something about how it makes you a low-rent Batman, but that's  
beside the point."

"It is the point. Sailor Moon is a mental case and Tsukino is . . ."  
he trailed off as he realized the same term could apply to Tsukino as  
well. "No," he said at last, shaking his head. "I don't see it."

% Heh. Amusing. Nice character interactions in this thing.

He returned the bow. "Makato James Wantanbe. M.J. to my friends.  
Pleased to meet you."

% Heh. Now will he say 'Say, guess what, Tigress, you hit the jackpot'

Ami consulted her notes. "Water tanks, raw cadmium, refined metals,  
something called V I twenty-eight from the university, and a compound  
referred to as A D M 

Adamantium? Oooo boy, they've got problems. Even if it's Adamantium 
Steel/alloy they've got problems.

four twenty-three from Stark Enterprises Japan.  
There's also several computer thefts, and a prison break in New York,  
a man named Elliot Franklin,

% Ah ha. The 'black' Bruce Banner, eh?

a physicist. Some message boards are  
also talking about aim and hydra,

AIM and Hydra

* * *

Betty Banner had the most amazing mouth. Bruce Banner knew this  
because she was currently seated astride him  as he reclined in the  
furo and using that mouth right where his neck met his shoulder.

% I see this is current Betty,and not the 60's version.

"It's metal with surprising conductivity, especially with sound and  
rare enough to make Gold look like copper," Fury explained. "At the  
time, King T'Challa, newly crowned, sold off five pounds of it and  
made himself rich. Used it to send himself and others to schools  
around the world and they came home and turned their nation into a  
fortress. Wakanda is sitting on an estimated four billion tons of  
Vibranium and they don't like outsiders."

% They don't like the Cult of the White Gorilla either, and they're 

"Motherfucking piss ball damn it all to hell," Flash swore as she  
started after him only to be stopped by Ami's hand on her wrist.  
"Sonuva bitch, Ami, what is it? He knows! He's a threat to us!"

"He's not a danger," Ami said. "He won't tell."

"What makes you so sure?" Flash demanded.

% He wouldn't have told you to your face he knows your identities if he 
were going to do something about it.

Flash crossed her arms and glowered at anyone who came near them.

Usagi spent the trip chatting with a fat kid with bad skin and even  
worse hair. Their conversation apparently revolved around analyzing  
an ecchi hentai series on an artistic level and searching for meaning  
and content.

"Porn is an art form too," was Usagi's response when Flash gave her  
look as they left the train in Shinjuku. "What? You can't masturbate  
and find inspiration at the same time?"

% Hahahaha! That's a beautiful line.

Flash opened and shut her  
mouth several times and Usagi sighed. "Flash, you need to get laid."

"That's what got me into this mess!" Flash snarled.

% Yes, yes it was.

Usagi shrugged. "Monthly appointments at the best hair salon in  
Tokyo. They wash, dry and pile about five tons of hair care products  
in it. I keep it in the 'meatballs' because its the only way I can  
wear it without tripping on it, the sheer weight giving me a  
headache, or pulling me off balance. I haven't cut it since the night  
my Mom died at Okinawa." She held up her hand, palm up and then  
tipped it, as though pouring something. "She came up with the style;  
thought it looked cute. I kept wearing it like this in her memory, at  
least at first, now . . ." she shrugged. "It confers on me my powers  
of fabulousness."

% heh. Nice way to do that. In many ways, Usagi steals the show with the 
best lines.

"Why would I be nervous, Strange?" Fury asked, "all I'm doing is  
leading my troops on a possible suicide mission 

Bah. he did that for over a hunders issues during WWII with his Howling 

* * *

Then, when the ship was only half an hour from the dock, the radio  
crackled to life. "Colonel, this is Decoy, the ducks are at the lake.  

Decoy was the code name given to three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who,  
disguised as the Senshi and Spiderwoman would confront the youma when  
they attacked somewhere in Tokyo.

% Good plan. Hadn't thought of that

"And your being here with all these soldiers?" Magnetite said through  
gritted teeth as she realized that it was all falling apart."

stray quote

"You fool. You idiot." With each word came agony too great to  
describe. Beryl collapsed to the floor of her throne room, smoke  
rising from her skin as Metallia berated her, flaying her with pain  
as she spoke.

"Not only has your grand scheme for dealing with Sailor Moon been  
broken, but the Sorcerer Supreme is aware of us! How much more clumsy  
can you possibly be?"

Beryl: A great deal if I'm being tortured. But if I'm not, I might be 
able to kill them.

* * * *
Fairly standard for another dimension," Strange said. "Nicholas, we  
have a problem. The portal will close unless I am here to maintain  

% A good way of keeping the hideously powerful Dr. out of the fray

% Very, very nice. Sorry I didn't get back to you on this earlier. Will 
try to do more soon.

DB Sommer

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