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Act III, All You Need is Hate
Chapter 4

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[Last chapter: After defeating Swarm, Iron Rose headed to her new
acquisition, only to discover the Man Beast and his Ani-Men already
there. After a brief fight, Iron Rose was defeated as Man Beast began
his insidious scheme]


��judging from what Humbug said, and if those Host Club losers are

any indication

this Man Beast guy is up to no good. Apparently he�s some
animal rights loon that�s calling for likeminded nutjobs to rise up and

like-minded (but nutjobs is fine)

cause trouble.�

Finished delivering his speech, Captain Japan surveyed the table which
held all of the Avengers, save the absent Iron Rose. The diverse group
of heroes seemed to listening intently, although who knew if the Hulk
was following the conversation, or was just staring at the captain as
though he was still trying to figure out if he should smash him for
reminding him of some nearly forgotten enemy.

Giant Man, at his normal height despite the over-sized chair that had
been offered to him (and was very uncomfortable because of it), cleared
his throat to gain the other�s attention. �I�ve noticed a rise in acts
of violence lately, many of them against research facilities, farms, and
other places that animals are kept.�

Hawkeye nodded. �Seems like every night there�s another story on the
news about that rash of animal rights violence. I was planning on
bringing it up, but it looks like you took the words out of my mouth,
Cap.� While another might have sounded irritated at being headed off in
that way, Hawkeye�s reaction was to smile warmly at the man in question,
warm enough to make Captain Japan uneasy and Daredevil glad he wasn�t
the target of the archer�s romantic interest.

�So what should we do to the varlets?� Thor asked, stood imperiously

Thor is currently seated, isn't she?

before the group, looking like she wanted to smash something.

Wasp answered, �Obviously we hunt down this Man Beast person, since from
his name it�s obvious he�s some sort of super-villain, and beat him up.
And we also beat up anyone who�s following his orders.� She sounded like
she was even more eager than Thor.

Giant Man stared at Wasp. His voice was full of hope as he suggested,
�Or talk him into giving himself up to the proper authorities.�

�Like against the Serpent Society?� Wasp asked a bit testily at the
perceived attempt to ruin her fun.

That definitely caught the Hulk�s interest. �Hulk doesn�t like snakes.
If there are snakes, Hulk will smash.�

Wasp flew over and landed on the green goliath�s shoulder. �See? The
Hulk agrees with me.� She kissed him on the cheek, making the Hulk blush
and Giant Man come close to openly crying.

�Anyway,� Captain Japan interrupted, retaking control of the
conversation, �we�re in agreement that, for a change, we�ll try and stop

I don't know if that comma should be after "that" or not.

this guy before he launches some kind of scheme to take control of the
country or something. Right?�

It was at that moment the Avenger�s faithful butler (nee ninja) Sasuke,
burst into the room, shouting, �Master Avengers! Master Avengers! Turn
on the television. There�s something I think you should see.�

Captain Japan touched a button. A small section at the center of the
table retracted. From within the table arose a thick metal column with
several view-screens, each pointed in a different direction that allowed
everyone surrounding the table to watch the same thing without having to
move from their seat.

It took the hero a second to set it to the channel Sasuke indicated. The
view-screens flickered to life, showing the visage of anchorwoman Akemi
Shutaro outside a business building located in the heart of Tokyo.

��saying that the animal rights group known as the Animal Liberation
Front has seized control of the headquarters of Kobayashi
Pharmaceuticals, which had recently been purchased by Kunou Enterprises.
Witnesses say an armed force of masked people, led by some sort of men
and one woman dressed as various animals, stormed the building and
seized control of it, taking everyone inside hostage. The Avenger, Iron
Rose, attempted to stop the takeover, but was herself defeated in
spectacular fashion. We have no word yet on whether Kodachi Kunou, the
owner and president of Kunou Enterprises, is among the hostages, though
the presence of her bodyguard raises the question. Kunou Enterprises has
refused to comment on the situation. I--.�

Akemi held a hand to her earpiece. After a few moments, she said, �I�ve
just been informed that the leader of the ALF has released a video,
apparently some prerecording, listing his demands. We will show it to
you in its entirety right now.�

The screen shifted, a logo of Channel 4 appearing in the lower corner.
In front of an ostentatious podium was Man Beast, dressed in a formal
business suit that was a stark contrast to the animal head poking out of
the top.

He said in a pleasant, though firm voice, �Greeting, citizens of Japan.
My name, not one of my choosing, I assure you, is Man Beast. Let me
begin by offering my apologies for what is undoubtedly an interruption
in your daily newscast. I am afraid that forces beyond my control have
forced me to take extreme measures, for which I am deeply sorry. I have
seized control of the Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals building as a protest
against the deplorable, barbaric, slaughter of poor, innocent animals
whose only crime was to not be born human; a crime that I myself have
suffered from. The steps we have taken today are a protest against this
sort of cruel, inhumane treatment. However, let me assure you our
intention is not to harm anyone, and so long as we are left alone, no
one will be hurt. Aside from the obvious steps of freeing these animals
held hostage in this building, where they were awaiting prolonged,
torturous deaths, this is to serve as a statement against future acts
involving this sort of uncivilized behavior. Our intention is to harm no
one, however any attempt to retake the building before we are ready to
give it up will result in a battle, one in which I cannot guarantee the
safety of all involved. There are a number of concerns I wish for the
government to discuss, while we of the ALF continue to retain control of
this building as a message of the seriousness of our desires to open a
dialogue whereby everyone might arrive to a satisfactory conclusion.�

As the telecast continued with Man Beast issuing his requests, Captain
Japan looked at everyone seated at the table. �Well, so much for that idea.�


It took only several moments for the Avengers to load themselves into
their quinjet, Captain Japan grumbling the whole time about bad guys
didn�t know anything about timing. 

who didn't

As they did so, a figure emerged from
its hiding place and followed them. It flitted between the few shadows
offered in the small flight hanger with a preternatural ability, one so
impressive that it allowed no one to see it, or sense it, in Daredevil�s

Slitted pupils watched intently as the boarding ramp folded up. While it
wanted to jump on then, it could not risk it. Preoccupied as the
Avengers were, there was too much a chance of detection, and its
presence could not be revealed just yet. While it could have remained in
Avengers mansion �their security was pitiful, as was the bumbling
would-be ninja that served as their butler� this might be a golden
opportunity to complete its mission, especially if the Avengers began to
lose in their upcoming conflict.

A smiled revealed inhumanly sharp teeth at the idea of things being so easy.

Instead of trying to sneak in the back, it bounded up to the landing
gear, then hid inside. It would be a tight fit, and likely to be very
cold as the quinjet traveled at incredibly fast speeds, but it could
endure a little wind and cold to achieve its goal.


In the main research lab of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, Man Beast stood
before a large bank of computer terminals, appearing as though he owned
the world. Flanking him were his most important feline minion, Tabur,

Doesn't he only have one feline minion?

and his most important human one Shinjiro Hikami. Rounding out the
quartet was Overrider, sitting at the main computer terminal.

Man Beast watched her with rapt attention. Overrider�s hand was
literally inside the screen, words and numbers flashing by at a rate so
quickly even Man Beast�s highly evolved intellect couldn�t follow. That
and her hand was in the way. Overrider didn�t seem concerned in the
slightest as she continued to sit nearly motionless, data scrolling past
in a blur.

�Well?� Man Beast asked her impatiently.

Overrider turned her head slightly. The solid fishbowl-shaped helmet,
with only one-way red-covered eye slits, made it impossible to tell her
emotions. Her voice reverberated slightly within her helmet. �Culture
1201 is here, and according to the test data, it works exactly as we
were informed. But it�s stored in their most secured bio-hazard vault.
They have it covered by as many protective programs as they could find,
to the point of paranoia. It�ll take me a while to get through all of
their protection systems before I can get the entry codes to their
vault. They really didn�t want to risk this thing getting out.�

�We could try a brute force approach,� Cat Man suggested.

�It�s a �safe room�,� Overrider said. �If its integrity is compromised
in any way, special stand-alone incinerators inside the room will
superheat it to a thousand degrees, destroying everything inside.
Getting the access codes is the only way to safely remove Culture 1201.�

�Someone must know what the code is,� Tabur insisted.

Overrider said, �When we set off the security systems when we stormed
this place, the code was automatically randomized. No one can get inside
until a new set of codes are created tomorrow and someone with
authorization can read them.�

�How long?� Man Beast asked in a near snarl.

�A half hour. Two at the most, then Culture 1201 will be yours,�
Overrider said.

�And then justice will finally be mete out.� Man Beast appeared ready to


jump out of his fur in anticipation.

�I already know about Darwinism,� Shinjiro said, then immediately
regretted the words. If Man Beast wanted to explain evolution to him in
excruciating detail, it would be best to listen. As long as the
half-crazed animal was talking to Shinjiro, it meant he wasn�t trying to
exterminate Shinjiro, and the human race along with him. Besides, maybe
there was something he could say to get his leader to refocus on the
true nature of the cause. He was probably just getting caught up in the
moment. Power corrupting and all that.

Man Beast shook his head. �Not this sort of Darwinism. Oh no. Mind you,
Darwin had the right idea, if not the correct version of the true
�origin of man.� The High Evolutionary discovered it, and it took time
for even him to absorb the full repercussions of the truth.� Man Beast
turned away and began speaking, waving his arms as though giving a
lecture to an invisible class of students.

�There is a race of enigmatic beings, thousands of feet tall and each
encased in its own unique armor, called the Celestials. 

Or Evangelions.  The records are a little foggy on that point.

They go around
from life bearing planet to life bearing planet, since that is what they
do. They visited Earth a million years ago and examined the �highest�
life form: your ancestors. They decided to experiment on this �highest�
life form on a genetic level and see what would happen.

�They created three unique types of beings from that first common
ancestor. One was a now extinct race called the Eternals. 

If they are really extinct, they didn't exactly live up to their billing.

Another, also
extinct race, was called the Youma. However, the third race was
different. Unlike the other two, it managed to flourish, eventually
covering the planet and becoming the dominant life form.


Now Man Beast began to take on a frenetic, almost maddened tone. �The

I'd suggest you delete "almost maddened"

Giant Man smiled. �Actually that sounds��

�--Like whatever master scheme you have is only going to take an hour to
do,� Captain Japan finished. �You super-villain mastermind types always
try the same tricks, and they always fail. You�re just so predicable it


makes me wanna barf.�

Giant Man whirled on Captain Japan. �Now see here. We finally have a
chance to resolve things without��

Giant Man was at a loss. Things had started out so well. However, it had
all been an illusion, Man Beast lying about giving up, at least that was
what it seemed since he was so quick to confirm Captain Japan�s
accusation regarding him. Now Giant Man found himself embroiled in yet
another conflict. At least this time he could feel some satisfaction
since there were people�s lives on the line, including his teammates,
who weren�t faring all that well. Captain Japan was weaponless against
his foe. The Hulk had a giant monkey pounding on him, one that was
powerful enough to have an effect against even the emerald behemoth�s
thick hide. Dragonfly was starting to flitter up on her insect wings,
and Daredevil was at an obvious disadvantage against his more nimble,
and stronger foe.

Since he had lost sight of Wasp, and no one seemed to be attacking her,
Giant Man finally decided on helping the blind adventurer. He was about
to kick at Cat Man when a loud ear-piercing shriek caused the hairs on
the back of his neck to stand up. He turned toward the sound, only to
have a whirling dervish of feathers and claws rake at his eyes as Bird
Man attacked.

The first rake tore through part of Giant Man�s mask, drawing blood and
nearly claiming one of his large orbs. Giant Man threw his arms over his
face in an effort to ward off the attack from the avian member of the
group. He silently cursed the fact he couldn�t just grow higher, due to
the lower ceiling of the lobby, and out of reach of Bird Man. 

Out of reach?  He seems to be foggy on the concept of flying opponents.

feet was the most he could manage without knocking himself out against
the ceiling, and possibly crushing friend as well as foe.

Wasp winced as Giant Man tried to keep his eyes from being scratched
out. She wanted to save Tofu, of course, but he was going to have to
hold his own for a moment. The woman with the insect wings, like Wasp�s
own but larger, had returned to the air. Her hypnotic powers might have
made her the most dangerous, and the diminutive Avenger couldn�t allow
her to use them again. Mindful to stay behind the villainess, Wasp flew
up until she was nearly at point blank range. Since the Ani-Woman had
shrugged off a billy club to the head, Wasp was determined to unleash a
near full power sting at her. That should take care of Dragonfly, then
she could help Giant Man with his feathery problem.

Before Wasp could fire her blast, Dragonfly spun in a one hundred eighty
degree arc, lashing out with a fist. The blow had a built up a great
deal of velocity as it unerringly knocked Wasp out of the air and to the

Just as Cat Man was about to claw out Daredevil�s throat, a purple and
pink blur came out from behind a bench. It was as fast as he was, if not
faster, and on him before he could react. He felt fire come from his
back as a set of claws dug deep past his fur and into his flesh beneath.

Tabur spun and saw his foe. A cat girl, every bit of feline as himself.

every bit as feline

She was covered head to toe in purple fur with pink points and black
stripes across her body. She wore next to nothing, just a blue bikini
that covered a barely descent amount of flesh. He could see a belt of
what looked like sharpened fangs around her waist, above the bikini, and
a little cat head emblem that kept the front of the bikini together. He
had a thing for front tie bikini tops.

But as turned on as Cat Man was by the appearance of the seriously hot
female so similar to him, pain transformed that lust into rage. �Who the
hell are you?!�

�Nihao. Am Tigra, the Were Woman,� she purred, making a display of
licking the blood from her claws.

I see "Elektra" found a new sensei.

Frog Man continued bouncing around Captain Japan like a hyperactive
rubber ball. But the super-soldier serum had increased the hero�s
reflexes to peak human efficiency. That edge was sufficient to finally
anticipate Frog Man�s flight path, and enabled Captain Japan to be quick
enough to do something about it. �That�s enough of that!� he yelled as
he held an arm straight out at his side.

The huge arm caught Croaker in the gut, nearly cutting him in half with
how much velocity the Frog Man had. The villain barely enough strength
left to take two tiny bounces toward his other beaten comrades.

Man Beast was the only one still holding his own, his rage making him
powerful enough to fight Thor to a standstill. But then he took a
telling blow from a fist to his face, courtesy of the Asgardian.

With two feet in-between him in his foe, Man Beast was might as well

delete "was"

have been a mile away as far as Hawkeye was concerned. An arrow flew
threw the air, embedding itself in his fur and discharging a powerful
shot of electricity into him.

Captain Japan shouted, �Quick, Hulk, hold up the roof before the whole
ceiling comes down on our heads.�

The Hulk obeyed without protest, as though sensing the gravity of the
situation. He stood under the jagged remnants of the column. He grabbed
the column with his huge hands, using his own body to support the
sagging structure.

While not technically incorrect, that paragraph is fugly.

�Chalk it up to shoddy explosives,� Captain Japan said.

�I don�t know,� Daredevil grumbled, something not feeling right about
the way things had ended. He couldn�t put his finger on it, but
something felt out of place. It was a pity they hadn�t kept at least one
of the explosives, but he agreed that it had been too dangerous took
keep the sophisticated devises around when one could go off at any time.


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