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Divided Attentions
A Love Hina fanfic
By Exar
Love Hina belongs to Ken Akamatsu, not me. I'm just
having a bit of fun with his characters.

Chapter One

Kitsune lounged on the couch, taking light sips from the
small sake bottle she held. It was a pleasant afternoon
in midsummer, and she and Naru had been enjoying it
together. They'd had lunch at a cafe in town, gone
shopping together, and now had returned home to drink.
Naru was sticking to Oolong tea, while Kitsune went
straight for her preferred fermented rice beverage.

Kitsune grinned. Naru had drank 3 teas already. That
was her usual buzz threshold. Time for girl talk!

"So, Naru, when are you going to give in to Keitaro?
He's crazy about you, and he's getting to be a better
catch every day. He's made it into Todai, has been acting
a lot less clumsy the last couple months since he had
that last growth spurt, and you can see how he is with
Sara. He's obviously going to be a good father."

Naru looked at her friend with a bemused expression. Two
tiny spots of redness adorned her cheeks, making her look
like she was blushing. She glanced at the ceiling as they
could hear Su and Sara gallop overhead, playing another of
their endless games.

"I don't know, Kitsune. I like the way Keitaro feels about
me, it's flattering, but I'm just not certain I want to be
tied down to him. I feel like there's something unfinished
that I have to resolve first. If I was sure I loved him, I
could admit it, but I'm just not sure. I don't even know
why I'm not. He's a perv from time to time, but you're
right. He's getting better."

"Unfinished business, Naru? You mean Seta?" Kitsune blushed
slightly, thinking of the man she still had a crush on.

"Maybe," said Naru. "I really liked him for a long time.
Maybe I haven't let go of that in my heart yet. I wonder
how I can move on. I don't want to be indecisive for the
rest of my life."

Kitsune chuckled. "It certainly wouldn't be fair to poor

Naru got a sad look on her face. "No, it wouldn't be. And
I know I want him to be happy. That much I know for sure."

Seta stood with his hand raised to knock on the door,
frozen in motion.

Little Naru liked him? She couldn't move on and date the
part-timer because of it? Incredible! 'I have to help
Keitaro out here, but how?'

Seta paced back and forth for a moment before slapping
his fist into his palm. 'Perfect! I'll invite her to
come along on my next dig and she'll get the chance
to see what I'm really like. She probably has just
been nursing a schoolgirl crush because I was older
and nice to her. Once she sees I'm a man like any other,
she'll have no problem moving on. I'm such a genius!'

With that resolved, he knocked on the door and called
for his daughter.

Keitaro stammered, "W-what do you mean, leaving?"

Naru smiled at him. "Seta is going on a dig down in
Okinawa and invited me to come along. I decided it would
be a nice way to spend the summer, so I'm going."

Keitaro looked downcast. "I was hoping we could find
time to do stuff together this summer. Will you even be
back in time to go to the beach with everyone?"

Naru blushed slightly and said, "No. But I'll only be away
for two months, Keitaro. I'll be back before school starts.
We'll have time then to hang out."

If anything, Keitaro looked more depressed at her assurances.
"Okay, Naru. I guess we'll hang out then. I hope you have a
good summer, then."

With that, he trudged up the stars to his room.

Keitaro sat at the dinner table, mechanically eating his food,
his only thought how lonely he was going to be with Naru gone.
He looked around the table at the other residents, Kitsune
cheering Naru on for getting to spend summer in such a nice
place, Shinobu, scurrying around making sure everyone was well
fed. Su and Sara were finishing up their food and he could see
by the gleam in their eye that they were plotting something.
Motoko was speaking with Seta, apparently discussing various
combat tactics and the strengths of various fighting styles.

He sighed to himself and thought, 'At least I'll have all my
friends here. And it's not that different from when I went to
America for six months. Naru waited for me then. I can wait for
her now.'

With that realization, much of his depression lifted, and he
was able to smile again and join in the dinner conversation.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Seta?"

"I'm doing my part-timer a favor, Haruka."

The two sat at a table in Haruka's tea shop. Haruka speared
Seta with a steely glare.

"Just how do you figure that. Taking his girlfriend away for
two months isn't normally a good thing."

Seta smirked, and said, "I know. But this is different."

He leaned forward confidentially, and told her, "I overheard
Naru and Kitsune talking. Apparently, Naru has had a crush on
me ever since I was her tutor years ago. Apparently she's
been nursing it so long, she's having a hard time moving on
it and accepting the real thing. So I figured if I took her
along and gave her a chance to see that what a hard guy I am
to get along with, she'd get over it and be able to date

Haruka exhaled fiercely, blowing smoke all over Seta.

"You are a moron, Noriyasu."

There was a moment of silence in the teahouse as Seta was
unwilling to contradict her.

"But your heart is in the right place here. I don't know
if this is a good idea, but anything that helps those
two get together and stop beating around the bush is
alright in my book."

Seta smiled at the cigarette smoking woman.

"I'm glad. Of course, I had another idea that could have
the same effect."

Haruka raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

Seta got a big grin on his face and said, "You could always
marry me, Haruka darling. If I was off the market, Naru
would no doubt have an easier time moving on. What do you
think about an Okinawan honeymoon?"

Haruka slapped him with a fan, snorting. "You expect me to
go on a dig for my honeymoon, Seta? You asshole. Forget it.
It's not going to happen."

"Sara's mother was okay with it. She seemed to enjoy herself."

Haruka's eyes flashed with anger.

"Oh, because my best friend enjoyed it means I will too,
huh? Guess what, I'm not her. Get the hell out of my
teahouse, Seta."

Keitaro drove Naru and Seta to the airport. Sara tagged
along to say goodbye to her dad. As they unloaded the
luggage, Seta pulled Keitaro aside.

"Now, part-timer, I'm sure that you are none too happy
about Naru going away for the summer, but I think when we
get back, she's going to have something to tell you that
will make you very happy."

Keitaro looked surprised, but pleased. 'You really think
so, Seta?"

His professor slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Yeah,
Keitaro. I really do."

Two Months Later:

Keitaro swept the sidewalk in front of the entrance of Hinata
House. Today was the day that Seta, and more importantly,
Naru would be getting home. He wanted the place looking its
best so that they would feel welcome and glad to be back.

He heard a shout from above him where Sara and Su were
hanging over the balcony.

"Poppa's back!"

Sara and Su leapt over the railing, bouncing off Keitaro's
shoulders before touching down. They charged across the lawn
and down the stairs. A few moments later, Keitaro saw Seta
and Naru come walking up the same stairs. Seta had Sara up
in a one-armed hug, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck
while Su danced excitedly around the three of them.

Keitaro's heart froze in his chest as he saw why Seta only
used one arm to hug his daughter. His other hand was firmly
grasping Naru's. Keitaro, desperate to know what was going
on, hoping he was misunderstanding, looked hard at Naru's
face. The faint expression of sadness there nearly killed him.

Seta set Sara down and rubbed his free hand against the back
of his neck.

"Heh. Sorry, part-timer. Things didn't work out quite as

To be continued.

For the first time when starting a story, I have the entire
thing planned out in synopsis form. I have 8 chapters planned,
with a likely lemon epilogue and ideas for a sequel. We'll see
how I hold up writing it in long form.

Please point out any glaring errors to me, and any and all
input is welcome.

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