Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fanfic][Naruto] Suiren, Chapter 7: Contact...
From: David McMillan
Date: 12/1/2006, 3:38 PM
To: eimii

eimii wrote:
*Well, at least that explains why Haruno looks like she could chew >
rocks, but why is Ino getting all bent out of shape over this?* >
Shikamaru wondered agitatedly, ignoring Kiba's pleading eyes for the >
moment. *Even if it's true, it's not _that_ big a deal. Ino's not petty,
and Sakura's been her friend for a while... though maybe that's it. >
Maybe she's just upset that Sakura didn't tell her; dammit, why do girls
have to be insane?* 
Yeah, it's like they've all got split personalities or something! 

Shhhh! >_>;... <_<;...

	Well, all the ones in this fix are *going* to before too long, if 
things continue at this rate.  Who knew multiple-personality disorder 
was so contagious?
	<imagines Hinata with an Inner Anko/Sakura.>
	<begins grinning like an idiot>

That being said, Sakura's genjutsu does to some extent compensate for doujutsu enhanced senses, but not really by intentional design. Sakura, being self-taught, attacks the problem of 'concealment' in a totally ass-backwards fashion that would take a very long time to explain ^_^;...

	And somehow I'm sure this is going to be significant later.  :)

"That's not a very nice thing to say, Ino-chan," Sakura whined, a hurt
look on her face as she leaned over Ino's back. Resting her chin on the
injured girl's good shoulder, she loosely draped her arms around Ino's
stomach. When blonde froze, blue eyes wide with shock, Sakura's pouty >
expression turned mischievous, and she turned her head to give her rival
a playful lick on the cheek. 
OK, so that's an echo of Anko looking like Sakura in Ino's mind. 

That's an interesting guess...

	Darned if it doesn't seem as if Inner Sakura has taken on a heavy dose 
of Anko (she's really acting like a blend of the two), and then gotten 
into Ino.
	Inner Sakura:  "But, I've *always* been into Ino."  <sexy pout>

"Ne, Ino-chan, please don't be mad, okay?" Sakura prodded. When this >
provoked no response, she got a little closer. "Ino-chAAA!" Sputtering, >
Sakura danced away, but not in time to avoid a good dousing as Ino >
pressed her palm under the running tap in front of her. > > Spinning, the
blonde was only mildly surprised when she found that > Sakura had
vanished once more, but this time she was prepared. Looking > down, she
spotted a trail of wet footprints leading to the bathroom > door. She had
neither heard nor seen it open, but that was probably part > of whatever
illusion Sakura was using to hide from her. 
Footprints?  That's some powerful hallucinating. 


	Darn... what *was* that story where the illusion-caster explained that 
intelligent people were easier to fool, b/c their own imaginations 
automatically filled in details that they expected to be there...?

"Waaah! No!" Appearing out of nowhere, _another_ Sakura slid to a stop
in front of Ino, grabbing her feet. The new Sakura stared up at the >
blonde with huge, teary, beseeching green eyes. "Don't fight!" she >
pleaded, hugging Ino's legs tighter. 
Hey.  That's a new personality. 

	And unbearably cute, just like the "peeking over the stall door" one 
(whom I suspect of being the same persona fragment).

Perhaps; i have an explanation for this, really. But i think it'd be more fun to leave that explanation for later...

	Oh, go ahead, keep us in suspense -- you know that your readers all all 
closet masochists anyway....

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