Subject: [FFML] [R1/2][Teaser] Water That Heals
From: "Shadow Dancer" <>
Date: 1/24/2006, 4:19 PM

        "I hate boys!"

It is the eulogy that defines her every day life. Every day, she repeats that, 
and every day, her heart grows ever colder.  Is it men that she wants, or 
something else?

        "Can we be friends?"

Words spoken softly to a girl in need. Was she speaking to the girl, or to the 

        "I'll drown him in the bathtub!"

Words of anger, words of fury. Why does she feel this way about someone that 
she walked in on? Was it not her fault for walking in on the person who was 
already bathing?

        "You're pretty good!"

Shadowed Edge Writing

        "I'll never marry that...boy!"

Water that heals
By Shadow Dancer

        A flash of a smile bestowed on a young red haired girl.

Coming soon to a fanfic near you

        A whisper to an ear, close enough to almost be a kiss, "Do you want to 
be friends?"



Wings of Hope:
God gave you wings,
And a voice to sing,
Although you don't know why;
Powers so fair,
Suddenly not there,
Find your own reason to fly...
(c) October 22, 1998, Liath Hidson

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