Subject: [FFML] Re: [info][ranma] A panda's dream
Date: 1/19/2006, 6:50 AM
To: ryuuji grey ,

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From: ryuuji grey <>
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 4:45 pm
Subject: [FFML] [info][ranma] A panda's dream

 I am searching for the fallowing fanfic: A panda's dream
 this fanfiction from penultimate ranma fanfiction index, A 
pandas dream, lists broken links to the mini FFML archive
 the author haxchan ( email has sent back an 
automatic response from's mail daemon that the address 
is inactive 
 google searches for this story has proven fruitless. offering 
PRFI as the only source, 
 In addition the time machine does not produce a undamaged link.

If you want to aquire these four(4) chapters of  "A Panda's Dream" , I have them on file and I would be willing to send them to you. Note though, it is a 'lime'  or 'lemon-scented if you wish.

      Nakajima, Aya  ^__^
      Dobrey, Michael  ;P
      She is a friend, dis-likes men for the most part (recently one in specific) but I proposed anyway. And she.....  (You'll have to wait for the answer)  ;P

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