Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma] [short funny fic] Where Is This?
From: "Lawrence Chu" <>
Date: 1/18/2006, 9:45 AM

"Now, let me get this straight. You have absolutely no idea how that
intruder managed to slip past every checkpoint and security measure and
countermeasure, pick up a very sensitive document that could spell the
 of my
party's majority rule for the next fifty years, and now, you have no 
idea where he

"Sir, we have reason to believe that that man was, in fact, a ninja."

"A ninja," the President repeated incredulously.

"Yes. The Japanese have been breeding ninja for centuries, specially
training them for a worldwide military takeover due to occur within the
next  fifteen
years, once the country has shaken off its pacifist ways."

"A ninja." The President wondered just how hard was the director hitting
sauce at night.

"Precisely, Sir."

Brilliant, but I'm suddenly thinking of CTU instead of CIA (must've been
this weekend's premiere):

Jack Bauer adjusted his binoculars as he continued observing the exterior
of the terrorists' facility.  Chloe already had the surveillance cameras
tapped; the terrorists apparently didn't realize that the building
contained an auxiliary power connection.  Beginners.  Baker's teams could
handle this without a sweat.

Baker whispered into his commset.  "Beginning infiltration--"


Jack muttered a small "dammit!" under his breath.  "Chloe, what was that?"

"I-It's Japanese, sir," came the response over the commset.

"I know what language it was, Chloe," Jack snapped, "but what WAS that?"

Chloe stared at the streaming feeds from her terminal.  "I-...I don't know
where he came from!  He just came into view on Camera Eight!"

"You didn't see him on any of the other cameras?"

"No, Jack, he just...appeared!"

"Hostile or civilian?"

The three of them listened in as a few voices in a non-Japanese foreign
language started chattering in an excited manner.  "Whatever he is, they
weren't expecting him."

Chloe observed feeds eight, fifteen, and three, as terrorist guards
appeared to surround him.  Suddenly, the kid dove to the ground and
touched it with his finger.



As excavation teams searched through the rubble, they found the corpses of
six hostiles and no civilians.  They did find a small black pig, which was
taken into custody but disappeared on the hour.

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