Subject: [FFML] [Ranma] [short funny fic] Where Is This?
From: "Cute Neko Hibiki" <>
Date: 1/18/2006, 2:17 AM
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Where Is This?


Cute Neko Hibiki

    Ranma was in the kitchen when Kasumi asked him to get the groceries from 
the truck.

    Ranma said he would, and grabbed his shoes putting them on quickly while 
just hopping around, then opened the door, stepped through, and reached 
behind him to close the door.

    Having his hand felt nothing, Ranma looked behind him, then in front of 
him, then all around him.

    He was in the middle of a forest.

    "What the hell?" muttered Ranma. "What's going on? Where is this?"

    Ranma looked up, and saw two moons.

    Ranma stood staring at them for awhile, then shook his head, and then 
proceeded to walk away.

    Ranma walked for awhile, then entered into a cave. In this cave was a 
door. Ranma opened it, went through, and reached behind him, to close it.

    Having felt nothing, he looked around and asked once again "Where is 

    He was standing by a lake.

    He looked up in the sky.

    He saw three moons.

    Ranma shook his head, and walked for awhile, then came to a door.

    Ranma shrugged, figured what the heck, and went through the door.

    Ranma looked around, and was in the middle of a mall.

    Ranma saw lots of people moving by.

    Ranma asked yet another time now "Where is this?"

    Ranma walked to a kiosk and read 'Pecanland Mall, Monroe, Louisianna'.

    Ranma blinked at that, walked in the mall, and went though the door to 

    Ranma found himself by the Tendo's truck.

    Ranma sighed unhappily, went through the front door, and found himself 
in the kitchen.

    Ranma sat down, and rubbed his feet. He took off his shoes. He looked at 
them and said "Hey, these aren't my shoes."

    The shoes said 'Magic Shoes Of Traveling.

    Ranma packaged the shoes away, shrugged, and went to bed.

The End

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