Subject: [FFML] Re: [OMG] Drunkard's Walk V, Chapter 2
From: "Christopher Angel" <>
Date: 1/17/2006, 10:37 PM
To: "Chester Castaneda" <>, <>


Over the past ten days or so, both of us have taken stabs at addressing
your comments to us and the FFML regarding chapter 2 of Drunkard's Walk

We'll be honest, we found many of your remarks needlessly mean-spirited
and willfully ignorant of the subject matter you were making comments on.
We felt that you showed repeatedly your unwillingness to become familiar 
with the materials that preceded DW5, specifically Drunkard's Walk II 
and Oh! My Brother!.  With that in mind, we've decided to decline from 
making a point-by-point response, and merely say the following:

First, we would like to thank you for the portions of C&C that addressed
issues of grammar and style.  While we did not agree with you on most
counts, some of them were indeed useful.

Second, we ask that you take the effort to enjoy the works of ours that
Drunkard's Walk V is built on before commenting again on our story.


Christopher Angel and Bob Schroeck

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