Subject: [FFML] Re: Harry Potter and the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not (what if)
Date: 1/8/2006, 5:48 PM

Heheh... since we're making little what-ifs on this...
[Note: Some minor spoiler info from Goblet of Fire and The  Half-Blooded 
Prince. Read at your discretion.]
The greatest and most terrible wizard to ever live smiled that horrible  
serpentine smile as he casually pointed his wand at Harry. "You've caused me  much 
trouble in the past, Potter, but now I have the upper hand. No friends to  
come to your aid. No mentor to spare you the deathblow. Not even your wand--"  
Voldemort patted his side, where Harry's wand was neatly tucked into his robe  
belt. "--in hand to cause some... unexpected trickery and give you an escape.  
Alone, defenseless, and helpless as a mouse in a room of snakes."
Despite his conditions, Harry chose to stare back at the dark wizard.  
"You're wrong, on all accounts."
If Voldemort had eyebrows, they would have twitched up into a surprised  
expression. "Oh?"
"Yes. Even if I should die here, I will still live on. My friends will make  
sure of that."
He grinned nastily. "So you've taken it upon yourself to create your own  
horcrux... How sinister. I've always known how much you wish to become  me."
"You're only partly right. They are horcruxes... but not mine."
"They are part of a much older, greater entity, one that can grant the  
heart's desire if all are found." Harry's face hardened. "I will live on  should I 
die here, but you certainly won't."
"Heh... boisterous and brave until the bitter end, Potter. However, I must  
cut this short." Voldemort thrusted his wand directly at Harry.  "Goodbye, 
Potter... Avada Kedavra!"
Sickly greenish energy exploded from the wand's tip, rocketing towards  
Harry. The descendant of Slytherin himself expected to see the young wizard's  face 
scrunched up in fear as inevitable death came screaming for him.  However, 
Voldemort was taken aback when the very air around his intended  victim glowed a 
pale scarlet, erupting into flame. "What's this?!"
Harry almost casually swung his hand up in a short arc at the death ball,  
batting it away as though it were little more than a fly annoying.
Voldemort almost dropped his wand in undisguised shock. "I-Impossible! Your  
mother's charm has no more sway against me!"
"I should have used this power against you first, Voldemort..."
"Wh-what power could you--"
Harry looked up in the face of the malevolent wizard, glimpsing the fear  
that betrayed his eyes. "Something I learned from a blue bug recently. You've  
never seen before..." He slid his feet apart, his hands drawing from his sides.  
"...and will never see again."
He sneered, spitting hatred. "I'll see you dead first!  Avada--"
The dark wizard never had a chance to finish his spell; he was far too busy  
being flung into the air, hammered several time over, then fall to the ground, 
 only to feel something slam into the small of his back just before he made  
impact, several sharp and jagged pains flying through his now-battered and  
broken body. "Im... imposssssible...."
Harry tossed Voldemort to the ground without effort, and he tumbled into a  
heap like a rag doll. "Everything is possible... or have you not figured that  
out by now?" He picked up the dark wizard's wand, then his own, tucking  them 
both inside the pockets of his robe. Then he floated  upwards into the air. 
There, he held up his hands, and bluish energy  began collecting within them, 
rapidly building and expanding into a huge glowing  ball of light.
Voldemort tried to turn and look up, though his body refused to comply  past 
his shoulders. "Wha... what are you..."
"If there was even the slightest chance of redemption for you... but I know  
there is none in your heart. Goodbye, Tom. Say hello to Cedric Diggory and my  
godfather for me when you see them."
His eyes widened and Harry pitched forth the ball of energy and light,  
screaming, "Spirit Bomb!"
End What If...
Adrian  Moten

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