Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfic -- link and explanation only][Naruto] Training for the Job
From: "The Eternal Lost Lurker" <>
Date: 1/3/2006, 2:46 AM
To: "David A. Tatum" <>, <>
CC: <>

Eh, don't be petty about the spelling errors -- like I said, it's a
one-draft fic.

...if you don't want people to be "petty" about spelling errors, don't
freakin' post on the Internet. :P

 Doesn't even get run through a spell checker.  (I've heard
people call me 'lazy' for that, but I usually don't run a spell check on
something anyway until it's finished, and the fic ain't finished yet.  The
fact I was producing literally a roughly 5,000 word chapter a day at the
time (for about a month), in addition to my real job, didn't seem to
the person calling me 'lazy.').

It takes all of 10 seconds to run a spellcheck before posting a draft, and
all of 10 *minutes* to actually physically proofread your work before
dumping it into the vast sea of data.

Make whatever excuses you want for yourself, but as a writer, failure to
proofread *IS* laziness.

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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