Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma] Choices I: Planned Brotherhood Part I
Date: 11/29/2005, 7:40 PM

Quoting Tail Kinker <>:

The Choices series is a concept put together by myself and Composer

(, written with the idea of putting a new
spin on 
overused fanfic cliches.  The new spin is this:  Rather than
calamity it is befalling the character accidentally, against
will, or by simply leaping before they look, in these series, the 
characters so afflicted will *consider* the possibility, actually
try to 
think it through, before blindly diving in headfirst.

In the twins water scenario I've read before, Ranma does indeed
consider his options before using it.  But since he does not
consider the girl to be him as well, as far as he's concerned it's just 
creating a new person, a girl who might think she's him but really
isn't.  I found that pretty believable.  Just because you stop and
think doesn't mean that you think well.  

"Hold on, I just thoughta something."  Ranma frowned.  "Since the
curses combine, wouldn't this mean that a cursed person who  used
this  water would fission into their normal form and their cursed

"Very good, Ranma."

Un-hunh.  Why would he conclude that instead of concluding that he'd
now be a man who turned into two girls?  That's what I'd expect to
happen if you combined "turn into a girl" with "turn into twins".  You
turn into twin girls.  

"...And it was only as we walked into the house that  I  realized
that you might not be too happy with this."

Nodoka sighed.  "Have I seemed that terrible to you, dear?"

" was mostly what Pop had to say."

Yeah, sure, blame the fat man.  When it comes to matters of honour,
Nodoka IS terrible.  But fortunately in this case this is NOT a matter
of honour.  The vow to raise Ranma to be a manly man has already been
declared fulfilled.  The matter's closed.  

The issue I see with this story is: Having thought about what it would
be like to be condemned to permanent femininity in order to effectively 
create a uncursed version of himself...why does he go ahead and do it
instead of just settling for an unpleasant but tolerable status quo
that he's pretty much adapted to?  Based on what you've shown us, the
only answer I see is "Because otherwise there wouldn't be a story." 
That's pretty weak.  You've already ruled out the most likely line of
reasoning, "I'm really a boy so I won't be splitting myself into boy
and girl.  I'll just be creating a new person who is a girl as a
side-effect of curing myself."

Unless you tell us why Ranma is doing this either as an internal
monologue or by having him tell Akane, the whole gimmick of having him
think first before doing something stupid and cruel is wasted.  

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