Subject: [FFML] ranma collection
From: ryuuji grey
Date: 11/18/2005, 1:04 AM

I would like if possible for anyone to send me any fanfics they have in the fallowing themes, preferably in textbook format (.txt)
  If you have a direct WORKING, link that would also be acceptable
  Gender (this can be anything as simple as ranma questioning his gender, accepting the curse, being locked in the cursed form, etc, basicaly no mater what ranma chooses, the conflict should be about gender.)
  ranma stands up to his/her parents(mother)
  I am collecting these types of fanfics to take with me on my nintendo DS,
  I will also try to put up a website making ranma fanfics with these themes easy to find,
  I understand that in normal sircumstance you should contact authors seperatly. however, since i am looking to make the most complete archive possible I am requesting so that it is done quick and i dont burn out on it.
  I realize that rakhal's website has a themes list however i feel this is inadiquate and undescriptive, and dosent help the reader find what s/hes looking for.
  Thankyou for your help if you offer any, i will look forward to posting my own works on this mailing list provided this goes well ^_^

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