Subject: [FFML] Re: Query about a Fanfic
From: "LaShawn" <>
Date: 11/17/2005, 5:27 PM

Ah, Eduardo, I can definitely give you a no on the first two questions. As
for quick insight on what it's about...hmmm....

As for quick insight on what it's about...hmmm....

First of all, it's not the Ranma you know. If you really want a little
insight on the story, I would suggest you read the fics he wrote before this
"Cast a Long Shadow". You'll understand better why Ranma is what he is.
Don't expect Akane and the others to show up. Don't look for silly antics.
This is a Ranma adrift in a world unfamiliar to him.

Second, this is not the Sailor Senshi you know. The world they occupy is a
lot darker, more sensual. I would say forget the anime Senshi...think of the
manga senshi instead, but I can't. These Senshi are far more...well...let's
say they are similar to, and utterly unlike the Senshi you know.

That said, the only thing I can say is to start reading it. Yes, it's dark,
and yes, the lime tags are real. There is a deep undercurrent of sensuality
through the entire story. But like his other stories, MacKinnon's a very
good storyteller and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Hope that helps!

LaShawn (who thinks I'll take my own advice and read the first two stories

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John Campbell wrote:
Eduardo Arancibia wrote:

Hi there guys, I know I don't write in here often
(more like never),  but I've been a member on this
list for many years (and mail accounts).

The thing is that I found this Ranma/SM fic named "On
a Clear Day You Can See Forever" by Mark MacKinnon,
and before I start reading it I'd like to know a few
things about it.

I've searched the web for a review but found none, so
I hope you can answer me some questions

I believe it's part 5 of "The Shadow Chronicles."  You can find a
synopsis on the Penultimate Ranma list  I never
read the series myself as by the description it looks to be a "Mary Sue"
fic with the Mary Sue being played by an uber-Ranma from another
universe named "Ranko."

I *have* read it, and I personally don't think it's very Mary Sue-ish
at all.  They're both Ranma, and they're both pretty much the same--
nothing really "uber" about Ranko (He gets hung with that name because
two Ranmas would be a bit confusing.  In "Clear Day" he's calling
himself Ranma) other than what Ranma can do--which is considerable,
I'll admit.

              Christopher Mattern

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"The ugly one, sir."
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