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Apologies to DB-kun for stepping on his toes, but...

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

*Agasa-hakase hasn't been around much lately,* Edogawa Conan mused to
himself as he walked away from the old crackpot's house. Haibara had no idea
where he'd gotten off to; Agasa had suddenly become very mysterious.

This, Conan knew from experience, was usually bad news.

Suddenly, a familiar, battered old VW Beetle pulled up alongside him, its
muffler belching an ominous cloud of smoke. "Shinichi! Get in, quickly!"

Conan peered through the window at his elderly neighbor and friend.
"Agasa-hakase...what's wrong?" The inventor was noticeably out of sorts; he
seemed nervous, tense, and excited. He was sweating profusely, and his
labored breathing and furtive glances at his mirrors indicated he'd probably
broken several traffic laws getting here.

"I can't explain right now, but it's very important! Come on!"

Sighing, the teen detective turned grade-schooler hopped into the car; he
barely had his hand on the seatbelt when it lurched into motion once again,
muffler knocking as smoke belched out.

"Oi, you need to do something about that muffler," Conan muttered. "And slow
down, you're going to get us killed or arrested."

"Sorry," Agasa said, easing up slightly on the gas. Within minutes, the two
arrived... the elementary school. "What...? Hakase, I just *came* from here not
even an hour ago!"

"Yes, but you'd already left before I was finished, and I needed to find you
quickly. I need your help, Shinichi!"

Conan made a panicked shushing gesture. "Don't call me that in public!
Anyway, what's going on?"

Agasa mopped sweat from his brow with a handkerchief, then reached into the
pocket of his lab coat and pulled out what looked like a hurriedly
cobbled-together hybrid of a DVD remote and a celphone; the display screen,
antenna, and battery housing of the phone had been fused to the controls of
the remote. This, he handed to the confused Conan, who inspected it with a
slight frown.

"What's this for, Hakase?"

"It controls my latest invention," Agasa said. "This is the most important
thing I have ever invented, but I'm afraid of it falling into the wrong
hands. I'm getting on in years, and I'm not in the best of shape, and my
reflexes aren't what they once were...and they were never that great to
begin with. So, Shi--err--Conan, I want you to be its operator."

"Operator...? What are you--?"

Agasa shook his head. "You'll see in a moment. If it is truly operational,
if I have'll see." He smiled, rubbing his hands together in
anticipation. "Okay, Conan. I need you to press the Open button on the
remote twice."

Conan frowned, but did so. The ground began to tremble slightly. In the
middle of the field where he and his friends had played soccer just a few
hours earlier, a gaping hole began to slide open, wide enough for a small
building to fall through. The shrunken detective stared. "What the

Agasa nodded, smiling. "Now, press 'play'."

Casting him a dubious glance, Conan did so. The screen on the remote
suddenly lit up, and a display prompt appeared:

"LAUNCH? Yes/No"

"Now, highlight 'Yes' and press Enter."

"Hakase...what exactly am I launching? I'm not sure I want to..."

"It will be alright. Trust me."

"TRUST you?! You've got a big secret silo hidden under the elementary school
soccer field! You've been missing for months! You show up driving like a
madman, hand me some weird remote that's asking me to LAUNCH something...!"

"Shinichi. Have I ever done anything really dangerous? Have I ever built
anything that would hurt anybody?"

"Well...not intentionally, no..."

"Haven't my inventions saved your life several times over by now?"


"Then trust me. And launch...*it*."

Conan sighed, and keyed in the command. "Okay, launching..."

The ground rumbled again, nearly knocking the boy detective on his rump. A
roaring whine filled the air, and heat vapours began to shimmer over the
hole in the pitch.

And then...something began rising, slowly, from the hole.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Conan bellowed, scrambling to stay upright as the
glistening metal surface of a very...large...*thing* rose out of the hole.
"Hakase, is this a missile?"

"Not a missile, no..."

And as a bewildered Conan watched, a massive pair of...*eyes*?!...rose over
the rim of the silo, staring balefully at him; an elongated, needle-like
nose appeared beneath them, followed by a massive iron jaw.

And it continued to rise...

"Wh...what...what..." Conan stammered. Normally, he was able to deal with
unusual situations much more calmly than this, but whatever his crazy
inventor friend had come up with this time, it was far beyond his ability to
handle rationally.

And for five minutes, it continued to rise. Strangely, nobody seemed to
notice; there were no crowds or emergency crews, nobody running out from the
school to see what was going on. It was as if only Conan and Agasa-hakase
knew anything was amiss...

At last, it stopped, just above the rim of the silo. Conan stared up at it,
slack-jawed. From this vantage point, it nearly blocked out the sun. Easily
taller than the building that housed the Mouri Detective Agency, it had a
massive, stocky torso, huge arms ending in clenched fists, and bulky legs.
It hovered in the air, suspended by massive jet engines on its back, which
whined loudly and belched fumes.

There is only one truth, Conan mused ruefully to himself.

And the truth, at this particular moment, was that somehow, Agasa-hakase had
managed to build an honest-to-God *GIANT ROBOT*.

Agasa gazed up at it, beaming, tears streaming from his eyes. He removed his
glasses and wiped at them with a handkerchief, sniffling. "It works. It
truly works. I can't believe I've done it..." He smiled down at Conan. "And
now, Shinichi, I leave to you my greatest triumph of science. The power of
my ultimate creation is now in your hands. Use it wisely."

Conan STARED at him. "Are you nuts? What am I supposed to do with...with..."
He stared at it again, as if to convince himself it was really there. "Just
what the hell IS this thing, Hakase? What have you DONE?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Agasa asked, smirking. "It's a robot."

"Well, I can SEE *THAT!* But..."

"I have spent these last months constructing the machine I have dreamed of
and designed since I was a young man," Agasa continued. "I began designing
him when I was your has taken me over forty years to complete the
design schematics, and most of the last six months to actually construct the


"That's what I've called it on all my schematics. Of course, now that it's
become a reality, it needs a more impressive name. Something
grand...something bigger than big. Something like...." He paused, rubbing
his chin thoughtfully. "Gigantor."

Conan continued to stare at him. "It's official. You're insane."

"Insane? Perhaps. But the fact is, I have succeeded in creating the world's
first actual, working giant robot. Everything I have ever dreamed of...but
now that I've done it, I don't want to sell the designs. I don't want
Gigantor to fall into the wrong hands. That, Shinichi, is why I have chosen
to give *you*."


"Because you are the one person on this Earth I trust the most. And because
if anyone can find a use for him, it's you. You're always protecting
everyone around you...always fighting for right against wrong. I know this
is a long way from the kind of thing you usually do...solving murder cases
and mysteries is your thing, but..." He smiled in a fatherly sort of way.
"I'm confident that if a situation ever arises where the power of Gigantor
is needed, somehow, you will be there, and when that time comes, you will
know what to do."

Conan stared up at the robot hovering above the field, its cold mechanical
eyes staring down at him over its long, sharp nose.

"'s completely remote-controlled?" he asked.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

"It's no good...we can't find the bomb!"

"The building is about to collapse! Evacuate the area!"

"There's no time...! And it's about to fall right on that train!"

"IDIOTS! Why wasn't that train rerouted!"

"We don't know! It must be a switch system malfunction!"

Megure-keibu stared at the scene from outside of the cordon line, cursing
and rubbing his mustache. "Dammit...we've got to do SOMETHING!"

Conan slipped behind Ran, and dashed to the edge of the crowd, pressing
himself against a wall and doing his best to make himself look
inconspicuous. He reached into his pocket, pulled out the remote, and
rapidly keyed in several commands...

An explosion suddenly rocked the area, as the forty-story building the
bomber had targeted shattered halfway up, the top twenty stories splitting
and crumbling as the force of the explosion sent the building toppling like
a felled tree, right toward the train passing beneath it...

...and the crowd gasped in astonishment as a massive robot suddenly swooped
down from the sky with a whine of jet engines, catching the falling mass in
enormous metal hands and straining to hold it. The train cleared the track
below, and the robot slowly lowered the concrete and steel mass to the
ground, laying it in the clear area along the track.

"What the...?!"

"Is that a...ROBOT?!"

"Where the hell did THAT come from...?!"

"The train is saved! It doesn't look like anybody was hurt!"

"That robot just saved everyone!"

"Have you ever seen anything that strong?"

"Look! It's flying away!"

Conan smiled, closing and pocketing the remote, and slipped back into the
crowd to find Ran.

"Ne, Conan-kun, did you see that?! Was that...real...?"

Conan folded his arms behind his head. "It was pretty cool, ne,

*Gigantor, huh...? Yeah...I think we'll make a good team.*

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Don't hurt me!

Apply the necessary disclaimers...I'm too lazy to bother...

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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