Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fanfic][Spamfic] Obscure Crossover Theater 1
From: StudioPC
Date: 11/3/2005, 1:41 PM
To: DB Sommer

On Nov 3, 2005, at 8:18 AM, DB Sommer wrote:

Time is limited of late, but I have enough time for this:

StudioPC wrote:

Obscure Crossover Theater; Plunging the depths of fandom so you don't
have to, and besides, we're bored.

As good of a reason as any. My knowledge of obscure anime is  
limited to
a degree.

Episode 1

* * * *

For the most part, the American was like all the others that passed
through the customs station. Tall, brown hair and blue eyes.

'More gaijin scum,' the customs official thought as he asked the
questions and examined the papers. 'Stupid foreigners running around
polluting Japan.'

Custom's Official: Not at all like we Japanese, who give a hoot, and
don't pollute.

Oh Japan is perfect, no crime, no worries, and so pretty and  
unpolluted. All the anime says so. *Cough* Believe it or not, there's  
people who actually believe this.

However, the Gaijin did have some interesting
jewelry. A pair of rings, one on each hand, made of metal with a
strange sheen. They appeared to be a matched set, the tops made with
designs that could interlock together.

Hmm. One of the Wondertwins? :)

I hadn't thought about them, actually. *Snicker* It's a thought.

To stave off boredom and keep in shape, the Sailor Senshi had taken
up crime-fighting.

Now this is a motive I can deal with when fighting.

I can see Minako coming up with the idea.

He was an American, she judged. Tall, with brown hair and blue eyes
and an easy smile. Jupiter wasn't as prejudiced as her friends
against gaijin, but neither did she regard them with any fondness.

Since they, you know, didn't remind her of her boyfriend.

I thought that was Minako who said that and then DiC swapped things  
around when they made the Dub.

"Oh," he said, rubbing his face with one hand. "I just didn't want to
be one more ugly American, you know?

Yes, because one should expect foreign tourists to speak the native
tongue. And if they can't, then by god I don't want them spending  
money on my soil.

I know some people who think like this, actually. In any country  
outside your own, you should be able to at least make yourself  
understood in the native language.

Author's note: Way back in the 60's or 70's, there was a short lived
animated series starring The Thing. In the series, Ben Grimm was an
"Aw shucks" sort of teenager who had been given a pair of rings
created by a local scientist. When he slammed his fists together and
spoke the words, he turned into The Thing.

% Son of a gun. I never saw that one. I saw the original FF animated
series with a burning human torch instead of the later version with
H.E.R.B.I.E (At least the comic version of HERB was really the evil  
Sun). Saw all of the early Thor, Cap, Iron Man, and even Sub Mariner
series that retold their real early adventures. Hell, I remember the
Thing being on a Saturday morning version of the Flintstones, but I
didn't know there was a Thing solo show.

I feel... so inadequate now. :)

It ran from 1979 to 1980 and lasted about 10 episodes, I understand.  
I saw some episodes once during some retro show. Might even have been  
Boomerang. The internet has only two pages that I've found that even  
mention it, and then only more or less in passing.

With such a fascinating and well developed premise, it's hard to see
why the show didn't last longer. *Cough*

I guess it wasn't 'Smurftastic' enough.


Heh. Actually, I was thinking about it, and if I was to give The  
Thing another show, I would have him with a group of friends. Ben  
would be the only one who had powers, but Reed, the local nerd would  
be tall, skinny, very flexible, Sue would be shy, and quiet, pretty  
much unnoticible and have a crush on Reed, Johnny would be the local  
troublemaker, and Ben would be Ben.

Naturally, Reed would be fuzting around with something and whatever  
happens gives Ben his powers.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon was the creation of Noako Takeuchi, The Thing
by Stan Lee.

And Jack "King' Kirby (I'm pretty sure he got co-credit for it)

Well, that was pretty much the definition of a spamfic. And the series
was obscure. Congrats.

Thanks. I was thinking of doing a full fic with the idea, but I  
couldn't really come up with a plot beyond some general ideas so I  
made it a spamfic instead.

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