Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fic] Relentless - Epilogue Two
From: Thunderstruck
Date: 5/30/2005, 1:29 PM
To: Ace

Ace wrote:

The okonomiyaki took off like 
a rocket, launching from the portable grill into the clear blue 
expanse of the Tokyo summer sky. 

_Thank_ you for not writing 'LEO'.


The pleasure was entirely mine.

His head 
snapped back under the impact, and he lashed out reflexively in 
retaliation, pounding his mother with a thunderous uppercut. 
Hibiki Yomiko tumbled through the air, slammed hard by the force 
of the blow, and smacked into the stone wall.

HOLY...! Finally, we discover where Ryoga learned to fight.

It's suggested that his father is also a fighter, though I think mom
is more enthusiastic about it.


I showed up a little late to the match, and he was gone.

And I caught a fish *thiiiiiis* big, too! 

Then again, being a Hibiki, 'a little late' probably equates 
to about a day in Yumiko's mind.

Yes, Hibikis have a different sense of these things.

The dark-haired man smiled. "Yes, I know. But it's true... they 
called him 'Human Map Hibiki,' due to his intimate knowledge of 
the countryside. 

Not 'Topographical Hibiki'?

"Cartographer King Hibiki?" "Hibiki the Triple-A Wonder?"
Probably had a lot of nicknames.

"The gift grows as the Hibiki ages," he said. "As the child 
grows into adulthood and passes through trials of fire, the 
Hibiki nature strengthens. But surely you have seen it in 
Ryouga. How often has he appeared at critical times, seemingly 
out of nowhere, to aid his friends?"

"Constantly," she admitted.

"More than he should, if he were truly lost," Ryouga's father 

'Each Hibiki hopes that the next Leap... will be the Leap home.'

 >snort!< Gotta be a fanfic in that somewhere.

"Your life as you know it would end," he told her gently. 
"You will find yourself on the road for long stretches, weeks 
and months at a time, with no way to predict when you will 

Its 2005, Hibiki-san. Cellphones could ease that burden a tad...

I'm not sure if it's 2005 for these guys, actually. I always pictured 
the Ranma
continuity set somewhere in the mid '90's.

Besides, the roaming charges for a Hibiki would be MURDER...

Ukyou and Ryouga lay together in the darkness, each lost in the
other's eyes, each found in each other's heart, bathed as one in
the silver light of the moon and stars.

Very good epilogue to sign off a wonderful story. If they were any 
arguments before that this wasn't one of the 'Great' fics, they're
moot, now.



Thank you! I am very grateful for your C&C...

Grayson Towler

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