Subject: [FFML] Re: [G.I. Joe -Ranma 1/2 Crossover][Crossing the Line]Chapter 2 Part 1 - Training Day
From: Dave Wong
Date: 5/28/2005, 9:28 PM

Disclaimer:  G.I. Joe (and Ranma 1/2) do not
belong to
me.  Only in my dreams....


	G.I. Joe is around five months before the events
G.I. Joe the Movie.  It has been a year and a half
ever since the episodes of Arise Serpentor Arise

Why not just drop the animation like the bad idea it
was, and pick a point
in the comic to start off from - especially since
you're going to be using
the comic's tone, and ideas that aren't compatible
with the TV-show (like
our new lady friend's relations? They cut that
entire bit about the
Arashikage history out of the TV-show, and putting
it back won't make any

Good idea, I'll use it when I make the corrections due
to C&C.

	Ranma 1/2 is three weeks after Ranma's battle

	The year is 1987

Thriller! Thriller time...

Yeah, too bad nowadays MJ is goin' downhill, big time.

[2] One guess on which TV show this is!

Gummi Bears! I've got the theme somewhere around

Was it that obvious? :D 

[4] His filecard says that he is indeed a

Someone, put itching powder in his suit please!

Ah, revenge on the, who shall it be?

[6] Stands for Heavy Artillery Vehicle Ordnance

Love the queer names they put on everything in that
toy lineup - I can't
think of all that many that weren't acronyms...

Yeah, they were kind of rare, weren't they?

[7] Can anyone familiar with the old Marvel G.I.
comics guess who this new lady will be?

Yes, seeing as she's the *only* female on the cast
with Japanese ancestry. 

Hey, you're right.  I forgot about that.  Oh well.  

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