Subject: [FFML] [Kingdom Hearts/CCS/Lots][Dark] Unsung 2.1 - "Refugees"
From: "Steven Scott" <>
Date: 5/25/2005, 2:33 PM

 There were a few theories about where Traverse Town came from.

 The simplest one was that it simply appeared, born of raw
potentia, like all other worlds do.  But that left a lot of questions
unexplained.  Like...

 Why wasn't it self-sufficient?  Every other world that conformed
to normal physics was isolated but capable of supporting any life on it,
yet Traverse depended on imports for all its food.  There was nowhere on
it for crops to grow and it seemingly had no natural flora or fauna at

 Where did the water come from?  The only natural resource the
town had in abundance was water, which welled up from underground
tunnels without explanation.  It seemed to come from small cracks in the
rock, but nobody had been able to probe the currents back to their
original source.

 And about heat?  There was no sun in Traverse Town - no day,
only night.  The world seemed to heat itself from within instead.  Some
people speculated that the town's electricity was generated using this
geothermic source, but nobody could get to the power plant any more.
The Heartless had taken it over.

 And so an unconfirmed theory took hold - that Traverse Town was
an artificially generated world, created by some race that had
frequently traveled across the void, as a way point for travelers.  Its
large ports and even its name supported the concept.

 But regardless of what the original purpose of the town was, its
current one was to draw in every misfit who'd lost their world and house
them.  Something about Traverse Town seemed to attract those who had
fallen into the void, and while it was impossible to guess how many
appeared on other worlds, a lot of unfortunate people found themselves
waking up in a Traverse Town back alley.

There were a lot of such misfits.

And also a resistance faction that was unique among all the worlds.

  Unsung Heroes Part 2.1 - Refugees

 There were four problems.

1) It was an unfamiliar bed.  The sheets and pillow weren't quite as
smooth as she was accustomed to, and the mattress was harder.

2) They were unfamiliar clothes.  Not her pajamas at all.  They would
normally be quite comfortable but were too tight and heavy for sleeping

3) She had slept dreamlessly, but her last waking moments had been a

4) She couldn't hear Kero-chan snoring.

 Kinomoto Sakura opened her eyes with a start, and saw only the
brown side of a wooden set of drawers.  An electric lamp sat on top of
the drawers, shedding a faint light over her.  She looked around a
little and saw a bed on the other side of the drawers - this one was
unoccupied though, and the sheets were carefully tidied.  It sat below a
window that opened into a starry sky and allowed some snatches of street
sounds to filter in - words of conversation, sometimes in Japanese and
sometimes in English; clatters, the crash of someone dropping something
and it shattering, and the hubbub that followed.

 She was afraid, but not because of any direct threat.  It was
more for her friends.  The last thing she remembered...  the last
moments she remembered were of her friends - Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan and
Yue-san - trapped inside typhoons of water, drowning...  and her, too
weak to save them.

 She'd tried to use the Firey card.  Firey's flames might have
been enough to get rid of the water, but the card had refused to
respond.  Then, before Sakura could work out what was wrong with Firey,
whatever was attacking them had surrounded her with monsters - little
midnight-black figures with antennae and claws.  She'd tried to get rid
of them, but her first hunch - the Shadow card - was as ineffective as
Firey, and after trying several other cards she'd been forced to back
away from them, defeated.  If she'd had time to think she might have
figured out the problem, but she didn't.

 She couldn't run and leave her friends to die, but without the
magic of the Clow Cards she was just a weak ten year old girl.  She
didn't stand a chance against the monsters, and only her natural
athleticism saved her from getting hurt.

 The last thing she remembered was a boy stepping out of the
shadows.  He'd had long robes and a large hat, and carried a staff,
which he had pointed at her.  There had been a dark flash and she'd
fallen unconscious...  and now she was here.

 Wherever here was.

 Sakura sat up, running her fingers though her short brown hair
and holding her palm against her aching head.  She wasn't suprised to
find herself still dressed in the battle costume Tomoyo had made her - a
pale blue dress with a very widely flared, almost tutu-like skirt that
was now very crumpled.  The front of the skirt was open, and she wore a
pair of white shorts under the skirt.  She didn't have the hat or boots

 She swung her legs out of the bed and sat on it, taking time to
look around the room again.  This could be someone's bedroom, but there
didn't seem to be many personal touches.  The walls were bare plaster
and the floor bare boards, apart from a rug next to each bed and a piece
of paper pinned above the other bed.  It was a pencil sketch of a man's
face, and the words "MISSING - Tenkawa Akito" were written on it in both
Japanese and English.  There was also the word "FOUND," written in red

 Her hat was on top of the drawers, next to the lamp, and she
took it and put it on.  There was also a wardrobe in the far-left corner
of the room, and an open door sat directly ahead of her - It opened into
a more brightly-lit corridor, and Sakura watched as a boy walked past
the door.  He glanced in to look at her, and then stopped and stared for
a brief moment.

 He looked about her age but was obviously western.  His hair was
blond, swept back and faintly spiked, and he had a green t-shirt and
black shorts.

 "Yeh, eru'oy ekawa!" he said, but Sakura didn't understand him.
It sounded like English, and she didn't know much of that.  He stepped
into the room, and said something else.  "Driew emutsoc.  Era uoy a

 She didn't know what to say, and just stumbled out the first
English word she thought of.  "Ah...  yes?"

 He seemed to like that.  "LOOC!" he yelled, and then he
vanished, appearing just as suddenly at the side of her bed.  "Enoemos
esle edam ti!  Evah uoy nees yna fo eht Selbidercni?" he asked
enthusiastically, speaking far too quickly for Sakura to try to apply
any of the English she knew.

 [Stop, stop!] she said in Japanese.  [Hoeee...  I don't know
what you're saying!]  He looked at her blankly, and she tried to say
"Me, English..." and then shook her head and waved her hands laterally.

 "Ho." he said, and he clearly started to think to himself,
mumbling "tahw saw ti?"  Eventually he remembered something, and
carefully said [wait] to her in awkward, heavily accented Japanese.  The
boy then disappeared once again, startling Sakura once more, and she
heard shouting coming from downstairs.

 He reappeared at the doorway a moment later, pointing at her and
shouting down the corridor about something.  A girl's voice answered
him, and then the girl herself walked though the door frame and stopped

 She looked like she was in her early teens, thirteen or so.  Her
hair was pink and tied up into a pair of odangos that were covered in
pink cloth.  She wore jeans and a pale-blue hooded sweatshirt with a
picture of a frog on the front.

 [Hey, you're awake now,] she said, relieved.  [We were starting
to get worried.]  Sakura recognized a slight Hong Kong accent in her
speech, though she seemed to be European.  [How do you feel?  Are you

 Sakura checked herself.  [No.  I think I'm okay.]  She looked
around, and nervously continued, [where am I?]

 [You're in Traverse Town,] said another girl's voice.  A girl
with extremely pale blue hair came into the room.  She was maybe
slightly older than Sakura, her hair was tied up into a pair of loose
bunches, and she wore a light gray dress.  This made her look almost
ghostly when combined with her pale skin and severe expression, and the
look she gave Sakura was enough for her to start feeling inferior.
[Specifically, you're in my room,] the girl continued.

 Pink-hair shot Blue-hair a dirty look, which was returned with
interest.  [The room belongs to both of you now,] Pink-hair said.
[What's your name?]

 [Kinomoto Sakura.]

 This got a pleased nod from pink-hair.  [I'm Anita.  Anita King.
This is Hoshino Ruri,] she said, indicating toward the ghostly girl, and
then she pointed at the boy.  [That's Dash Parr.]

 "Tahw?  Tahw era uoy gniyas tuoba em?"  Dash said.  "Emoc no!
Ksa reh!"
 [Is something wrong?]  Sakura asked.
 [He wants to know if you've seen the Incredibles,] Anita
replied, a little annoyed at Dash's interruption.  [His family.]

 Sakura looked at Dash's hopeful expression, and it hurt her a
little to say [no.  Sorry, but I've never heard of them,] especially
when she saw his face fall after the first word.  [Are they missing?]
she asked, somewhat concerned.

 [Yes,] Anita replied, and Sakura thought she saw a piteous look
on the girl's face, though Sakura couldn't figure out if Anita's pity
was for Sakura, Dash, or Anita herself.  It was followed by a second or
two's silence, and Anita's expression scared Sakura.

 [Where's Tomoyo-chan?  And Kero-chan, and Yue-san?]  Sakura
asked, hoping the answer would quash her fears.  [Did they make it out
of the water okay?]

 There was another awkward silence, where everyone present made a
point of both not looking at Sakura and not looking at each other.  Dash
took the opportunity to slink away.

 [Please...  hoeee.]  Sakura said, now very worried.  [You have
to tell me...]

 [We don't know,] Anita interrupted.  [Sorry, but when we found
you, it was just you lying in an alleyway, around the back of the hotel.
There wasn't anyone else.]

 [What?]  Sakura sat forward.  [But, they must be somewhere!
Someone must have seen them!]

 She jumped off the bed and approached the other two girls.
[Tomoyo...  she's my best friend, she's really pretty and kind and she
has long black hair and it was tied back into a braided ponytail today
and she probably has her video camera still with her.]

 Sakura turned to Ruri.  [And Kero-chan, he's a big lion with
wings some of the time but most of the time he looks like a flying
stuffed toy...  and Yue, he's tall and handsome and he has big wings,
but most of the time he's...] she trailed off and coughed, as her throat
got sore.  She hadn't realized how loudly she'd been talking.

 Both Anita and Ruri were watching her with sympathetic but sad
expressions.  Anita bowed her head a little and shook it.  [Sorry.
Nobody like that's turned up here.]

 [But you don't understand!]  Sakura started to yell.  [They
might be hurt...  or even dead!]

 [We do understand,] Ruri replied.
 [And we're sorry,] Anita solemnly added.  She placed her hand on
Sakura's shoulder, and as Sakura looked at it Anita and Ruri's
implication struck her.

 [No...]  Sakura felt her stomach knot and she had a sudden loss
of equilibrium, stumbling backwards and out of Anita's grip.  She almost
fell backwards into the wall but ended up slumping against it instead.
She slid her back down the wall and squatted against it, covering her
watering eyes with her hands.  [No...  they couldn't!]

 Then a sob shook her body, as she knew they could.  Or at least
Tomoyo could have.  Kero-chan and Yue-san were magical and probably
couldn't actually drown, but Tomoyo-chan...

 [Oh no.]  Sakura shook, mumbling [Tomoyo-chan...] to herself.
[Oh no no /no no/] she whimpered.  Another sob wracked her body and for
a moment she felt all the air leave her lungs, and her guts heave.  The
world outside her skin was a bleary blur, but she could hear the other
two saying something in English - one seemed concerned, one seemed to be
criticizing the other, and Sakura heard a Japanese word - [idiot.]

 She tried to take a breath but instead felt her last meal coming
back.  Sakura clamped her hands over her mouth and tried to hold down
the bile, and as she did so Anita took one of Sakura's shoulders and
quickly helped the overwhelmed girl through to the bathroom, to get her
head over a toilet.

Sakura spent the next couple minutes with her head down, and was
eventually herded over to a sink which she just leaned against, burying
her head in her arms and crying.  She certainly didn't feel any better
for throwing up, and the certainty that Tomoyo was gone was the most
terrible pain she'd ever felt.

 There was a *chink* from somewhere near her head, and she looked
up to see Anita had placed a glass of water next to the sink.  [Sorry,]
Anita began, [I messed up there...  I'm supposed to let JD handle the
explanations, she knows how to be nicer about it.]

 Sakura just wordlessly turned away and rested her head on her
forearms again, screwing up her eyes and letting out a small sob.

 [Look, I didn't mean what you think I meant.]  Anita put her
hands on Sakura's shoulders and craned her neck around to look down at
her face.  [It sounded like I said they were dead, but I messed up...
they could be alive.]

 This was like flipping a light switch - Sakura's teary eyes
opened and she looked up at Anita.  [Hoe?  She's...  Tomoyo-chan's not

 [Well...  she might not be,] Anita carefully said, but Sakura's
face lit up into a hopeful smile.  Tomoyo was alive!  She had to be!
 [You should come downstairs when you're ready,] Anita continued.
[JD'll explain it better than I could.  Here, wash your mouth out and
rinse your face and you'll feel a lot better.]

 Sakura obliged and allowed Anita to lead her out of the
bathroom, along the corridor and down a flight of stairs.  The stairwell
opened into a common-room.  It wasn't very big, but there was room for a
long table, a smaller one and enough chairs.  Sakura couldn't help but
notice that most of the furniture was kid-sized.  Ruri and Dash were
seated at one of the tables - they were playing some kind of card game,
and judging by his expression Dash seemed to be losing.  There was also
a small kitchen at one end of the room, with counters low enough for
even Sakura to reach and a small electric cooker.

 A woman in a wheelchair sat in front of the cooker, frying some
eggs.  She had her back to Sakura, but she could see that the woman's
hair was long and black.  Then the woman turned her head to look at
Sakura, and she saw a Japanese face with a warm, welcoming smile.  The
woman was in her early twenties and would be quite attractive, but she
seemed weathered for her age - in particular, she had an obvious scar
below her left ear.

 [Hey, you're up,] she said, before signaling to Anita.  ['nita,
take over.]  The pink-haired girl ran over to take over frying the eggs,
and the woman turned her wheelchair to face Sakura.  The little girl
could see the woman was wearing a heavy sweater over a shirt, and a
blanket covered her lower half - which didn't seem to have knees in the
appropriate place.

 [How are you feeling?  I suppose you don't have much of an
appetite right now, do you?]

 Sakura shook her head nervously.  [Not really,] she said.

 [That's okay,] the woman replied.  [You can eat when you're
ready.  My name's Jane.]

 [I'm Sakura,] the girl replied, before bowing a little.  [Please
treat me kindly.]

 [Good to meet you,] Jane replied.

 [Okay, I think that's it,] Anita said, scooping up the eggs with
a wooden spatula.  "Ruri!  Dash!  Hcnul si ydaer!"  Dash threw down his
cards and was at the table a split second later, waiting for Anita to
set down the plates.  Ruri just put her cards down and walked over more

 [Come on,] Jane said to Sakura, [we'll talk over here.]  She
started to wheel herself over to a smaller table, and Sakura followed

 [Aren't you going to have any lunch Jane?]  Anita called.

 [I'll talk to Sakura first,] Jane replied.

 [Hoe?]  Sakura looked at both of them, and then her gaze shot to
the window.  A dark, gloomy street lay outside it.  [What do you mean,
lunch?  It's dark outside.]

 The others followed her gaze, and Sakura thought she heard
someone sigh.  [You'll get used to that,] Ruri soon said from the table.

 [Used to it?]  Sakura looked at the the others.  [What do you
mean?  It's always this dark outside?  Are we underground?]

 Jane grimaced and awkwardly adjusted her position in her
wheelchair.  [I suppose this is a good place to begin...] she said, and
with that she started to tell Sakura all about Traverse Town - the tiny
world with no sun, no moon and no daytime.  The place where increasing
numbers of those who got lost in the Void - people like Sakura - were
materializing.  Jane mentioned that this was because the Town was placed
at the "space-time coordinates of least resistance" but with the
assurance that this meant as much to herself as it did to Sakura - ie
nothing.  A caveat that made Ruri smirk.

 Sakura was in the Second District Orphanage.  It had once been
student accommodation for a boarding school in the third district, but
the school was no longer open.  So now the kids who were washed up on
Traverse Town's many shores were placed here.  There were six kids here
now - Anita, Ruri, Dash, Sakura herself and two others.

 This all proved a lot for Sakura to take in.  [So I'm on another
world?  But...  how did I get here?  How do I get home?]

 Jane sighed, and and turned away from Sakura for a moment, and
the girl noticed that the room had quietened considerably.  Even Dash
had stopped eating.  Then Jane looked back at Sakura, and said [well,
first you need to tell me what happened.  Can you tell me what you were
doing when you were attacked?]

 That turned out to be a long story.  In order to clearly explain
what she had been doing in Penguin Park late at night, Sakura found
herself telling these relative strangers things she'd never told anyone
else, except for Tomoyo.  How she'd accidentally released the Clow Cards
and been charged by Keroberos - the cards' guardian - to capture them
all again before something terrible happened.  She told them about
Tomoyo-chan - her costumer, cheerleader and cinematographer - and
Shaoran, her rival and friend.  She brought up her father and her
brother Touya too, and also mentioned Yukito, though she didn't say much
about him because the way she blushed was embarrassing.  Eventually she
described how she'd been surrounded by the strange black creatures while
her friends slowly drowned.  She hadn't been able to do anything about
them, and then that boy had hit her with a spell...  and now she was

 Jane gave this some thought.

 [It sounds like he was saving you,] she soon said, and Sakura
nodded.  On reflection it seemed a lot like that.  [If that's the case,]
Jane continued, [there's a good chance he will have saved your friends
too.  You might not need to worry about them - though they are missing.
It's better than dead.]

 [But why did he send me here?  Why isn't Tomoyo-chan here?  Why
didn't he keep us on our world?]  Sakura asked.

 [How old are you, Sakura?]  Jane just asked, seemingly ignoring
the question.

 [Ten years old...  why?]

 [Ten...]  Jane just sighed, and leaned forward in her
wheelchair, taking both of Sakura's hands.  She held them gently and
looked into Sakura's eyes.

 [Sakura, I'm going to have to ask you to be very, very strong.]

 And she reluctantly told Kinomoto Sakura about the Heartless.

 At first the children had been kept in the dark about what the
Heartless did.  They were told that their parents and friends were
coming to get them, that someday they could go home, and they held on to
this spark of hope.
 But the kids were more perceptive than people thought.  They
eventually noticed that the adults around them did not believe the lie,
and the world is much darker after extinguishing a shining light than it
would have been if the light were never there.  This lie caused one
disaster and one tragedy.
 So when Jane was allowed to take over looking after the
orphanage she decided to give the truth to those old enough to
understand it - preferably on the day they arrived.  She felt it would
be less cruel in the long run to tell them what happened, and then to
give them unconditional love and support - that they could start to make
a new home, new friends and new hope.

 And now Sakura knew the truth - that the disaster she had
escaped from was not confined to Penguin Park, or even Tomoeda.  That
the whole of her world was gone, and that it was likely that all her
family, all her friends, her teachers and everyone she'd ever met was
dead.  Jane's approach was less cruel in the long term, but in the short
term it was horrifically devastating, and Sakura found herself
overwhelmed with tears.

 [But I got all the cards!]  Sakura said, gasping the words out
between sniffs.  [Why couldn't I do something...  why wouldn't they help
me?] she said, whimpering.  [I could have done something!]

 [Don't say that, Sakura,] Jane said.  [It's not your fault at
all.  There would soon have been thousands of Heartless arriving all
around you.  You couldn't have fought them all.  Somebody saved you
without even a word, because he recognized how dangerous they were.]

 [But there has to be something we can do!]  Sakura cried.

 [All we can do is slow them down, where we can.  There is
someone out there, somewhere, who can stop them...  but we haven't found
him or her yet.]

 Sakura sat there for a while, her hands balled up into fists and
lying on her lap.  She felt like her heart had been dug out and squeezed
dry - it had been horrible enough when she had thought Tomoyo, Kero and
Yue might be dead, but being told they were the *only* likely survivors
was incomparably worse.  Her father, her brother, all her friends...
she didn't know what to do.  She didn't know how to feel.  She teetered
in a delicate balance, caught between despair and anger, and didn't know
whether she should finally collapse in tears again, or just run for the
door and never look back, or rip up the Firey card in a fit of rage for
refusing to respond when Sakura needed her the most.  Just that thought
horrified Sakura, and she despaired that she'd been pushed far enough to
even contemplate that.

 [Sakura,] Jane said, leaning forward, [I know it hurts.  I

 [How?]  Sakura found a new target for her anger.  [How can you
understand?  If you understood, you wouldn't have told me this!  How can
you calmly sit there, and tell me this, and say you understand?]

 Jane seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then Ruri spoke up
from behind Sakura.

 [She's had a lot of practice,] Ruri said, and Sakura turned to
see a grim expression on the pale girl's face.  Anita leant against the
nearby table and looked distant.

 [She was the one who told us this when we arrived here.
It's...]  Anita paused for a moment, [it's better that she did.]

 Sakura's gaze passed over Dash.  He looked bored, like he didn't
understand what was being said, but he seemed to get the gist and also
looked miserable.  Sakura remembered what Anita had said about his
family, and looked back at the other two.

 [You...  the same thing happened to you?] she asked, and both
Anita and Ruri nodded.

 [It's happened to nearly everyone on this world,] Jane added.
[You're not alone.]

 Sakura tried to find that comforting, but it wasn't, really.

 She requested some time alone, to gather her thoughts, and
retreated to the bedroom where she'd woken up earlier.  Away from the
others, this all seemed so unreal - nothing she'd been told could
possibly be real - her whole world had not ended...  it was impossible!

 But the strange ceiling and wooden drawers by the bed were
enough to remind her that she was here in this dark world - nowhere near
home.  She ended up sitting on the bed, arms wrapped around her knees,
staring out of the window at the dark sky, thinking but trying not to
think too much.  Too much thought just brought the tears back.  The
stars twinkled in the sky - they were unfamiliar constellations but
still pretty, and calming.  The roller coaster Sakura's emotions had
been on was slowing now, after the loops and corkscrews Anita and Jane
had put it though, and it was settling into a melancholic trundle.

 There had to be something she could do.  Some way she could
help.  She had all the Clow Cards - there had to be a card she could
use.  She reached into one of the internal pockets Tomoyo's skillful
needle had stitched into her dress, only to find...

 Nothing.  An empty pocket.  Zero cards.


 Sakura quickly patted her other pockets, and then searched the
rest of her dress, and her rollercoaster jumped the tracks.


 Only a moment passed before Sakura burst into the common room.
[They're gone!  My cards are gone!]

 "Yeh, stah'w ehs gniklat tuoba won?"  Dash asked.

 [Your cards?]  Anita asked, before her face lit up.  [Oh!  Those
magic cards?]

 [Were they stolen?]  Ruri asked.

 [Nobody in Traverse Town would steal from a new arrival,] Jane
said, shaking her head.

 [But they must be somewhere!]  Sakura yelled.  [I can't lose
them too!  Not after everything that's happened!]

 [Sorry,] Jane replied, [we'll help you look for them, but you
didn't have them when you arrived here.]

 Sakura's shoulders slumped, and she almost fell into a chair.
Those cards had been her friends too...  and they represented a year's
work, the greatest, scariest, most exciting period of Sakura's life - an
adventure she had shared with Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan...  her family and
all her friends.  They were gone, and with them went that year, and all
her power.  Now she felt as if her soul was squeezed dry...  she had

 But she felt something resting against her shoulder blades.  She
reached into her dress and pulled the object out - her key still hung on
its chain, the key that she transformed into her staff.  It was small
and the key section itself was gold, while the handle was decorated with
a gold five-sided star inside a pink circle.

 She morosely dangled the key in front of her face, and quietly
murmured, [well, at least I still have this.]

 It took a little while for her to notice how quiet the room was.

 Sakura looked up.  Jane was staring at her.  Anita was too, her
mouth hanging open.  Ruri wore an expression of quiet shock.  The only
one not goggling at her was Dash, who was sulking as he hadn't
understood the conversation, and hadn't seen the key yet.

 Sakura looked around at the others.  [What?  What is it?]

 [Can...]  Jane's throat seemed to croak as she started to wheel
herself forward, [can I see that, Sakura?]

 [Uh...  OK,] Sakura replied, quite confused.  She held the key
up, and Jane extended a trembling finger, slowly moving it forward to
prod at the key.  Her eyes widened as it grew near, and then she jabbed
the finger forward.  The digit touched the gold, and Jane quickly shrank
back and slammed a hand over her mouth, as if suppressing a yelp.

 "Ho ym dog..."  Anita quietly said.  "Eht yek...  st'i eht

 Dash looked up as she said "yek," saw it, and all hell broke

 End part 2-1 - Refugees

Well, thanks for reading. C&C and reviews are always appreciated, 
especially since this part was something of a grind. This is exactly the 
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Character info

Kinomoto Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura): The genki star of Cardcaptor Sakura
is a potential "force of nature" if she has her cards.  So she doesn't
here.  No doubt she can find some alternate channels for her energy...
she does have a lot of magical power after all.

Dash Parr (The Incredibles): Youngest child of a superhero family, Dash
has the power of super-speed - which is of questionable value against
the Heartless.

Anita King (Read or Die: The TV): As the eldest of the children at the
orphanage, Anita is Jane's lieutenant.  Apparantly originally from the
UK, but has lived in Hong Kong and Japan for the last few years.

Hoshino Ruri (Nadesico): A genetically engineered, technologically
enhanced, specially educated genius.  Ruri is not usually arrogant or
malicious, but she is always needlessly (or even offensively) direct and
frank to those around her.

Jane: The wheelchair-bound matron of the Second District Orphanage.
Very good at organizing and looking after her charges, in spite of her

Alternate title for this part: "Sakura and the Consistently Bad News."

The character info is quite limited to begin with, I'm only giving the
info that was important for this part.  It'll be updated as the story
continues and more details about them are revealed.

The next part will be 2.2 - The Circus in the Second District

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All characters, names and concepts related to Martian Successor
Nadesico are the creation/property of Kia Asamiya, XEBEC and ADV.
All characters, names and concepts related to Kingdom Hearts are the
creation/property of SquareEnix and Disney.
Jane doesn't belong to me, but I'm afraid I can't say who she does
belong to as it would be a spoiler.  (a minor one, but still) She will
be properly disclaimed in later chapters.

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