Subject: [FFML] [INFO] [CON] Fanime Fanfic UnPanel
From: JosephPalmer
Date: 5/21/2005, 12:15 PM
CC: Joseph Palmer <>


Dates: May 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th
Location: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose California



The Panel has an open Bulletin Board thread at the Fanime website:

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I got an email from Reikun - yes the panel is on, but the schedule is
not yet set. That's right, 7 days before the con and the panel schedule
has not been published.

Fanime Fanfiction UnPanel

We're going to try something new this year because...

   (a) the notice came a bit late...
   (b) I didn't think I had been given the okay to solicit panelists
   (c) because I've been to several sessions at a conference presented
       in this format
   (d) I've really wanted to try this format at Fanime,

... the Fanfiction Panel will take place in the UnPanel* format tested
and proven at BloggerCon.

An Unpanel is where everyone is the panel, and the chair (That's me)
will act as discussion leader. I'll be there to provide snacks, get
things started, and keep things rolling, blow the whistle from time
to time, and clean up the mess at the end, but otherwise this will
be a free-ranging discussion, much like it was last year.

Any topic related to anime fanfiction will be fair game, and everyone
is encouraged to participate by asking questions, answering questions,
and generaly having a good time.

I have a handfull of topics ready to prime the pump, and after that
the panel (you) will be in charge of suggesting the topics. Just in
case I'll also bring a jar filled with topic ideas
 -- beware the jar ^_^.

Authors may bring copies of their stories to give away -- people end
standing in line a lot at cons, and what better way to spend your time
than reading a good fic?

I hope no one will be too upset by the UnPanel format change, for myself,
my favorite part of the panels has always been the questions and answers,
so that's pretty much what this panel will become.

See you soon,



* P.S. The idea for the UnPanel format comes from BloggerCON, see:
for a description of the origin of this format.

      | At a recent conference Doc Searls got so frustrated        |
      | with the panel-audience format that he thought it          |
      | would make sense to switch the audience and the panel      |
      | and let the panel listen while the former audience talked. |

I attended BloggerCON at the Stanford Law School last November,
the format worked well, but in some of the sessions the discussion
leaders took first crack at every question. At an UnPanel, questions
go to everyone in the room, and it is okay to ask a follow-up question
of anyone's answer in the room.

The other issue I had with BloggerCON was that microphones were used,
and the discussion leaders would point to someone then the whole room
would wait and wait while the mic got to them. This resulted in a lot
of dead time. This seemed to have the effect of making the questions
longer. We won't have mics, and you will not be asked to give your
name, so I think the Fanfiction UnPanel session will bounce arround
the room more freely.



The Panel has an open Bulletin Board thread at the fanime website:

Please comment there, or send me email directly at


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