Subject: [FFML] [DConan] [UNTITLED] Prologue/teaser: Another Fateful Night
From: "The Eternal Lost Lurker" <>
Date: 5/17/2005, 4:32 PM
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I almost decided against posting this to the FFML. But then, I figured, what
the hell.

This is just something I wrote to get it out of my system. I don't even have
a title for it. C&C are of course welcome.


In haste, anger, or fear, we often do irrational things...things that make
no sense in retrospect, but at the time, seem perfectly logical and

That was how the second most surreal night of my life began.

My name? Well...right now, I'm not sure of that myself...

* * * * * * * * *

"...reknowned genius detective who is still in high school, often hailed as
the savior of the Japanese police, has reluctantly been declared dead by
officials today. Missing for eight months..."


In the shadow of an awning, he pulled a cigarette from a case, clenching it
between teeth which gleamed in the darkness.

"That punk, huh?"

Cold eyes scanned the streets as a match sparked to life, rising to ignite
the tobacco.

"Che...he wasn't that tough."

Taking a deep puff, he glanced toward the door of the building opposite,
exhaling a cloud of smoke into the chill night air.

"Dammit...what's taking that idiot so long?"

* * * * * * * * *

"To recap tonight's top story, Japanese police have officially ended their
search for the missing detective, Shinichi Kudo. The famous high school
detective has been declared dead. Arrangements--"

"That's horrible!" a girl exclaimed from the sidewalk as they passed the
store. "Ran...I'm sorry..."

The tall, brown-haired girl smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. "Sonoko,
don't worry about it. I know he isn't dead. I just know it!"

"But the police--"

"Sonoko," Ran said, her smile tightening, "I know because my heart tells
me...and because a dead man can't call on the telephone..."

* * * * * * * * *

Cold, murderous eyes widened.

* * * * * * * * *

"Eh? Really? He calls...?"

"Mm. Once or twice a week. He doesn't want me to worry." Ran snorted. "As
if. As if I'd..."

A soft red light in the darkness ahead caught her attention. The two girls
watched as a cigarette butt drifted to the sidewalk, the tobacco still
emitting a bright, cherry glow.

"HEY! There's laws against littering, you know!" Ran shouted, stepping
forward to confront the culprit lurking in the shadows. "Come out of there
or I'll..."

A click silenced her. It was a click of the type not normally heard in
Japan...but an unmistakable one nevertheless.

She looked into a pair of the most cold, ruthless eyes she had ever seen,
and froze.

"Now, what is this you were saying about...Shinichi Kudo?" the tall,
black-clad man asked. The gun muzzle with the silencer pointed squarely at
her forehead chilled Ran almost as much as the man's eyes...

* * * * * * * * *

A small boy wandered down the dimly lit street, idly bouncing a soccer ball
between his knee and head. Ran was out late shopping with Sonoko, and
Kogoro, well...

Not that the idiot was useful for much of anything but a puppet, anyway.

Still, between Ran's absence and his current statural handicap, that left
one truth which could not be ignored:

Conan Edogawa was viciously hungry.

So, he'd grabbed his pocket change and left the detective agency, feeling
the need for a little fresh air, some good food, and some exercise--which is
why he'd opted to bring his soccer ball along, as well as his power
sneakers--after all, it never hurt to be prepared.

On this night, his being prepared would change everything...

* * * * * * * * *

"Sh-shinichi?" Ran gulped nervously.

"Yeah. You said he calls you. You must know where he is."

"I--no! I don't know! I ask but he'll never tell me! He just says he's on a
difficult case..."

"Yeah, I'll bet he is." The cold-eyed man smiled. It wasn't a kind smile at

"Wh-what do you want with Shinichi?" Ran summoned the courage to ask.

"I don't see how that's any of your business."

Ran's fear of the man's gun--and his murderous eyes--kept her temper in chec
k. "Wh-what're you--are you going to kill me?"

The man with the gun raised an eyebrow. "Well now, that all depends."


"On how useful you are to me," the man replied. His grin widened. With his
free hand, he placed another cigarette in his mouth. "You see, I might need
bait to lure Kudo out of hiding..."

He lit a match, holding it perilously close to Ran's nose...

* * * * * * * * *

The bright flash of fire in the shadows caught Conan's interest. He took a
step closer to the street, peering across... the unmistakable visage of the man whose cold, murderous eyes haunted
his nightmares...and the girl whose beautiful face filled his days and
nights with longing and pain.

His eyes widened. Panic gripped his heart.

*GIN! And...he has RAN!*

Scowling, Conan bent down and adjusted the sneakers, then carefully took aim
with the soccer ball.

*God, please do NOT let me miss...*

* * * * * * * * *

The cold-eyed man suddenly let out a yelp of pain as something collided with
his gun hand, hard and fast. The gun clattered to the pavement, and Ran
wasted no time kicking it as far away as she could.

The black-clad gunman clenched his hand in pain, cigarette falling from his
mouth. He looked at the wall--and the soccer ball embedded halfway in its
brick surface. His eyes widened. He turned...


The voice... "Who's there?"

Ran and Sonoko both turned to face the source of that voice, across the
street. The flash of a streetlight reflected brilliantly off of a pair of
lenses. Dark brown hair, just visible in the dim lights, ruffled in the
night breeze. The diminuitive figure stepped forward...


As the young boy entered the light, his eyes became visible.

The rage in them brought even the ruthless killer known as Gin short.

"What the--what's with this kid?!"

"Gin," the boy repeated, his voice grim and tight. "I finally have you. It
ends tonight."

"Wh-what're you talking about, kid?" Gin replied, regaining a bit of his
cockiness. "I've never seen you before in my life!"

"Haven't you?" Conan smirked. "Oi, Ran! Don't just stand there!"

Ran blinked. "Eh?"


"Ah...hai!" Remembering herself, Ran suddenly launched a vicious assault on
the black-clad man. Gin, unprepared for this, fell victim to the first kick,
barely ducked the punch that would have taken his head off, and countered
with a sweep that sent the girl sprawling. Sonoko, meanwhile, had recovered
her wits and run to pick up the discarded gun.

Gin smirked as he pulled a dagger from his coat. "Alright, girl, that's
enough out of you..."

"NO!" Conan snatched up a helmet that was strapped to a motorscooter parked
nearby and kicked it, sending it flying straight into Gin's face. Blood
fountained from his nose as he staggered, the knife clattering into the
shadows. Conan strode grimly across the street and kicked him in the shin.
The amplified force of the kick caused his leg to buckle, and he went down
with a yell of pain.

Watching with detached horror and fascination, Ran began to wonder why the
noise had not attracted attention from the shops surrounding them.

"You little BASTARD!" Gin hissed, clutching at his nose. "What the hell's
your problem, kid?"

"You want to know what my problem is?" Conan asked, kneeling beside the
cold-eyed man. "Alright, I'll tell you. First, you were holding a gun on

He kicked Gin in the ribs. Only this time, he'd turned off his shoes'
enhanced abilities, so it was the normal kick of a second grader.

"Second, all the lives you and your organisation have ruined and destroyed."

OF YOU!" Another vicious kick, which caused something hard and metal to
clatter out of Gin's inner coat pocket. The object gleamed in the
streetlights, and Conan's smirk suddenly turned nasty.

"Oh? Is this what I think it is?" He picked up the case, opening it and
examining its contents.

"Conan-kun, what--?"

Conan ignored Ran, focusing his gaze on Gin. "APTX-4869."

Gin's eyes widened. "How the hell do you know about that?!"

"Oh, you don't remember? Let me refresh your memory. Eight months ago, near
the Tropical Land park. You used this. Do you remember who you used it on?"

Gin frowned. "That brat detective, Shinichi Kudo."

"WHAT?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO SHINICHI, YOU BASTARD?!" Ran yelled, leaning down
and grabbing Gin by the collar.

"RAN! Enough!" Conan barked. Stunned, Ran dropped the black-clad felon.

Conan removed a red and white capsule from the case. "Yes...this is the
poison you forced into that boy detective. The untested, untraceable poison
developed by Shiho Miyano. Or as you call her, Sherry."

"How does a little punk like you know all that?" Gin demanded.

Conan kicked him again. "Shut up!" He leaned down and forced the pill into
the criminal's mouth, then took the water flask from the capsule case and
poured a liberal amount in. Gin, eyes wide, tried to spit it out, but
pressure to his throat by the boy forced him to swallow.

" you know what you just did?!"

"Yes," Conan replied calmly. "I do. But you don't. But you *will*."

"CONAN-KUN! What are you doing?!" Ran shrieked.

Conan glanced up at her, and she was taken aback by the look in his eyes.
Haunted, angry, wrathful...those were not the eyes of a child...!

"AAAH! My bones...they're on fire...!"

"ANIKI!" a voice bellowed. Another figure in black rushed up. A gun was
drawn, targetted on Ran.

"DAMN! I forgot about Vodka!" Conan cursed.

"What the hell's going on here? Aniki!!"

"DROP IT!" Everyone except Gin turned to Sonoko, mildly surprised that the
vacuous teenager was holding Gin's discarded gun in a shaky grip, and
pointing it at Vodka. The thug seemed taken aback.

"Better do what she says. Besides, you've got other things to worry about,"
Conan smirked.

Vodka slowly laid his gun on the ground, then rushed over to his partner,
who was gasping and shaking on the ground, clutching at his chest and throat
in horror. "Aniki! What's--"

What happened next came as a surprise for three of the four onlookers. The
cold-eyed criminal suddenly began to collapse into his clothing, soon
disappearing completely within the folds of the black coat.

"He--he disappeared!" Ran shrieked.

"Not quite," Conan said, stepping forward. He pulled the lapel of the coat
back, and revealed a terrified eight-year-old with wide eyes and long,
straw-coloured hair.

"Aniki?!" Vodka gasped.

Gin looked down at his hands, which had fallen out of the black gloves he
wore. "Wha--what happened--?" He looked up at the bespectacled child...and
his eyes widened further. "You...don't tell me...!"

Conan removed his glasses. "*I'M* Shinichi Kudo, you piece of shit, and I'd
say justice has been served."


Vodka swept the diminished form of Gin up in his arms. "'ll
pay for this! I swear it!" He began to run. Sonoko tried to shoot him, but
missed. Conan, cursing, picked up the forgotten helmet, cranked up his

...but it was no use. Vodka had turned the corner, and when the three of
them finally caught up, a black Porsche was roaring away into the night.

"Dammit!" Conan growled, slamming his fist against a nearby wall. "I let
them get away! I'm so STUPID!"

A hand touched his shoulder, and he looked up. A pair of large, wet eyes
shone down at him from a tear-streaked, frightened face.


The young detective slumped. "Ah, shit..."

* * * * * * * * *

I'm fairly sure I'll be continuing this in the near future, as there's a lot
I can see with this. However, I also have alternate "Conan's secret gets
out" story ideas flying through my head, which may end up getting written
much as this one was. I dunno.

Obviously, I do not own Detective Conan. Gosho Aoyama, TMS, Funimation, and
a buttload of other people own Detective Conan. I'm just in it for the fun.

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