Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfic][Ranma] Relentless - Epilogue One
From: Snapdragon
Date: 5/15/2005, 10:21 PM

Ranma felt the pressure wave a moment before the punch
connected, and jerked away from the blow. He heard the shift of
Ryouga's shoe, crunching the gritty dirt slightly as he
Planted {planted}his weight, and knew the Lost Boy was about to follow
up with a kick. Ranma took a hop back to get a little distance.

The punch whistled of Ranma's head as he ducked and shattered
the cement of the wall. Great irregular chunks spiraled in
every direction along with clouds of dust. Ranma had guessed
that would happen - the smell of the cinderblocks had told him
how dry they were, so he had been confident they would put off
a lot of powdery dust when they were hit hard enough {.}The momentary
smoke screen gave Ranma a perfect opportunity - he wasn't affected
by the blinding debris, after all.

"I can take it," Nabiki insisted. "Really, I'm enjoying it.
Just takes a lot out of me, that's all."

That part was perfectly engineered to point us in the exact wrong direction.
My hat to you.

Akane grimaced. She thought that was in pretty poor taste.
"He's not in any condition to be chasing down someone like
Happosai. You should know that..."

I find it bizarre that she might say that after that thought. I a little 
anger might
not be unwelcome here.

He flipped up a few skirts as he bounced through a crowd of
girls waiting at a crosswalk, surveying the panties with a
connoisseur's {?}eye, then sped on down the street.

Having read many stories, I find myself faced with a dilemma with this word.
Being french, my inner self tells me that the right word is 'connaisseur',
meaning 'one who knows' mostly in specific art forms. However, the sheer
number of times I have seen this word in use point towards the fact that it
might be part of the English language. Correct if not so.

"I mean," she continued, "that I will be looking over these
children now. They a {are} sort of family now... important to the
future of my people. If you escalate the feud with the Tendous
or the Saotomes now, it will become quite ugly. The
consequences will be bad for all of us... including you."

All around, a fitting epilogue to the great saga that has been Relentless.
great work all around.

Are you sure, though, that only another epilogue is needed ? There
seems to be more 'loose ends' than the single remaining chapter could

Dying for something is better than living for nothing 

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