Subject: [FFML] [C&C][fanfic][Ranma] Relentless - Epilogue One
From: Michael A Chase
Date: 5/15/2005, 7:33 PM

Suggested changes: {before : after}

On 05/15/2005 08:32 AM, Thunderstruck said:

The punch whistled {of : past} Ranma's head as he ducked and shattered 
the cement of the wall. Great irregular chunks spiraled in 
every direction along with clouds of dust. Ranma had guessed
that would happen - the smell of the cinderblocks had told him
how dry they were, so he had been confident they would put off
a lot of powdery dust when they were hit hard enough The momentary
smoke screen gave Ranma a perfect opportunity - he wasn't affected 
by the blinding debris, after all.

Will Ranma learn about what Akane did to Happousai?

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