Subject: [FFML] Re: [Teaser/Spamfic][AMS/??] Coming...uh...never.
From: Zorknot
Date: 5/14/2005, 2:47 PM
To: David Andersson <>, ffml <>

--- David Andersson <> wrote:
LOL! Excellent spamfic! Well done. I think Keiichi
could use a whack in the noggin as much as

Why? He's an almost ridiculously nice and
fellow, as Belldandy is quick to attest.

In Paranoia Agent Depressed people get whacked in the
head and then they feel better. I like Keiichi well
enough, but every now and then you just want him to
snap out of it. 

I agree that it was fun but why such a mad-on for
anyone really mentally broken down and depressed? It
seems better to focus hatred on pure evil instead of
the people who need psychiatric care. 

Again if you watch PA, the bat to the head is actually
beneficial to the victims. It gets them out of
whatever funk they're in (although they often just get
into a different funk) and allows them to get on with
their lives.  

In any case, I guess I just received another
motivation to finally bother to watch Paranoia

Yes watch it. It's an excellent way to clear blocked
synapses. Almost as effective in imploding cerebrums
as FLCL.

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