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Date: 5/13/2005, 2:53 AM
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Twenty-two year old Nekomi Tech student Morisato Keiichi sighed heavily as
he trudged down the sidewalk. He had a meager handful of yen to last the
week--and it was only Tuesday; he'd blown most of the week's pay on tickets
to an exclusive museum exhibit, hoping to attract the attention of the
popular campus queen Mishima Sayoko, only to have her laugh in his face--in
public--when he asked her to go with him; a series of mishaps involving a
sudden gust of wind, a slippery step in a stairwell, and a weed-eater had
just destroyed two of his important textbooks, and his motorbike had broken
down--and wouldn't you know, the motor club sempais had just used the last
spare of the part needed to repair it.

Thunder rumbled overhead. Keiichi sighed. Naturally, he wasn't carrying an
umbrella. He hurriedly placed his backpack over his head in a vain attempt
to ward off the oncoming deluge, shrugged deeper into his jacket (which
already swallowed his scrawny, small frame), and quickened his pace.

So lost in the depths of his own misery was he, that he failed to register
the commotion some distance behind him.

Or the fact that shouts of surprise and pain and odd sounds of random
violence were drawing ever nearer.

"I just wish," he sighed, "that for once, things would go my way. That my
luck wouldn't be so horrible. That I'd find a girl who doesn't treat me like
she just scraped me off her shoe. That...that...."


"...that hurt..." Keiichi's nose was introduced brutally to the pavement as
a painful lump began to swell on the back of his head. Ignoring the pain and
the flashing stars swimming in his vision, he forced himself to look up, and
caught sight of a...

He blinked through the pain, wondering if perhaps the concussion was making
him see things.

A tall, foreign girl with long, brown hair tied back in a ponytail whizzed
down the sidewalk on brightly coloured inline skates, twirling, pirouetting,
and laughing merrily, hair trailing in the breeze, seemingly unmindful of
the people scrambling to avoid the aluminum baseball bat she swung lazily in
her right hand.

As the mysterious skater girl disappeared over the horizon and the rain
began to fall on his abused, unprotected head, Keiichi had one last, fuzzy
thought before succumbing to unconsciousness:

"That crazy chick hit me with a BAT..."

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