Subject: [FFML] Re: [hopefully garbage-less C&C][Avenging Side Story] Armored Schems (and Stranger Things)
From: "DB Sommer" <>
Date: 5/10/2005, 12:32 AM
CC: "Chester Castaneda" <>, <>

Bert Miller wrote:

It's a variation of the issue of What If? where the
FF didn't have powers and still defeated the likes of
the Mole Man.

...which was in turn a blatant take-off on the late-
fifties/early-sixties DC series "Challengers of the
Unknown", which very much emphasized brains over brawn.

Yeah, and probably one reason when they did the Marvel/DC Amalgams they did 
the Challengers of the Fantastic mix. I almost used that name, since it 
would have been appropriate, but I decided varying it would be better.

I was going to ask, D.B., if you were planning to add
the original Challs to the list of Dr. Doom's
adversaries, but I suppose you're not mixing D.C.
series into this one.

No way. There's more than enough Marvel material to work with (just look at 
the number of people referenced between Avenging and Defending). Heck, I 
even threw in throw-away references to Omega the Unknown's cast of bottom 
feeders, like the Wrench and El Gato. I might be working on the next chapter 
after an Azumanga fic. The opening bit is proving a bit vexing since Kang 
pops back up and I have to lay ground work for one of the longer term issues 
that is supposed to crop up. It's hard to say when I'll get to it, since 
time has been fleeting of late. So much I want to do, so little time to do 
it in. :(

DB Sommer

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