Subject: [FFML] [CON][INFO] ACen Fanfic Dinner/Panel
From: Jeanne Hedge
Date: 5/9/2005, 5:45 PM


The Anime Central Fanfic Writer's Dinner is planned for Friday, May 13.

This is the annual gathering of any and all fanfic writers and their 
families, roommates,
friends, guests, significant others (whatever). As is the tradition, dinner 
will be at a local Denny's restaurant (1). If you'd like to join in, meet 
in the hotel main floor lobby (near the front doors) at 4:45 pm. Rides to 
the restaurant will be sorted out then (drivers are especially welcome)

There will also be a Fanfiction Panel at this year's Anime Central. This 
year's panelists, arriving from far and wide with an equally far and wide 
range of writing experience, include "Cat Who", Jeanne Hedge, Gary Kleppe, 
Pearson Mui, and Bert Van Vliet. See your program schedules for time and 

Hope to see you there!

(1) Denny's - because everybody *doesn't* like Chinese or Japanese or 
Italian or BBQ or Pizza or Sushi or.....


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