Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfic][Ranma] Relentless - Chapter 17
From: Thunderstruck
Date: 5/2/2005, 8:20 PM
To: The Eternal Lost Lurker

train.  The creature's body seemed to disappear in the surging
pillar of light.  The attack ripped stone and shattered
support columns, blowing a huge furrow along the length of the
arena, collapsing a huge section of wall in an avalanche of
pulverized rock.

Baconball Z!


The rubble where it had been buried shifted.  A huge chunk of
boulder tumbled aside, and three points of crimson light
burned forth from the darkness.  The Reikoku came forth once
again, ready to fight, ready to hunt, ready to kill.

Now they must stand and glare at each other for seventeen episodes!


You're not the only one who was reminded of Dragonball in
this chapter. It actually hadn't occurred to me, but now it's
quite amusing to me. Perhaps the Reikoku should reveal it was
wearing 200 kilogram robes to hold back its power? 

COMING SOON:  The last showdown...

And waiting for it ever so anxiously!


I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. In the next chapter, I've
got to top Ryouga's fight scene without breaking the absurdity
barrier. Here's to hoping that I can pull it off...

Grayson Towler

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