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The Reikoku didn't give her the chance to reach it.  It
withdrew the tube of an arm that had launched the water attack
and extended another appendage - a rubbery mass that split
into a host of writhing tentacles.  The whip-like protrusions
extended toward Ryouga-chan in a storm of thrashing fury, too
fast for her to dodge.  They coiled around her throat, her
wrists, her ankles, her waist - digging into her flesh with
thorn-like barbs where they touched.


Then, she heard Ukyou's voice.


Everyone pretty much called that one. I'm ashamed to say I didn't actually
call it--I thought she really had died initially. Glad she didn't, though.

Ryouga-chan saw the despair in her heart with new eyes, seeing
it for what it truly was for the first time.  The misery and
depression that she had lugged through her days and lonely
nights was only a shadow, a shadow cast by the light of
something greater.  The only reason her despair could be so
deep was that her capacity for love was so very, very great.
It was that love that she found now in herself, a burning sun
inside her that she had only glimpsed before, but which now
dazzled her with its infinite radiance.

Oh God, Ryouga's about to go Magical Girl on us.

Ukyou heard Ryouga-chan cry out her name, and suddenly there
was light, so intense that she could barely see what was going
on.  Fiery golden radiance roared forth from Ryouga-chan's
outstretched hands, searing away the sinewy tentacles that
held her pinned.  The column of blinding energy slammed into
the Reikoku, lancing through the thing's robes and blasting it
away from Ryouga-chan with the force of a runaway freight
train.  The creature's body seemed to disappear in the surging
pillar of light.  The attack ripped stone and shattered
support columns, blowing a huge furrow along the length of the
arena, collapsing a huge section of wall in an avalanche of
pulverized rock.

Baconball Z!

The rubble where it had been buried shifted.  A huge chunk of
boulder tumbled aside, and three points of crimson light
burned forth from the darkness.  The Reikoku came forth once
again, ready to fight, ready to hunt, ready to kill.

Now they must stand and glare at each other for seventeen episodes!

COMING SOON:  The last showdown...

And waiting for it ever so anxiously!

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