Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfiction][TM/RT]No Need for Protoculture, chapter 20
From: Andrew Wilson
Date: 2/16/2004, 11:48 PM
To: Roehl Sybing
CC: ffml <>

Gotta tell you, this chapter lacked whatever it was in the way of being
captivating that kept me reading the first nineteen.  I mean, it's
well-written as usual - minor glitches here and there, but oh well.
Anyways, I've read it twice and I don't know what it is or why it is, but I
could've seen Tenchi's number coming up (his Beta being taken out) even if
you put it in a lotto machine with a hundred other ping pong balls.

Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that.  If you have any suggestions about the 
tone I'd love to hear them. (I'm not promising I'll use them, but 
suggestions are always welcome)

Also, this:

Note: the Beta Veritech's armament might be a bit different from what
some Robotech fans are accustomed to.  In this case, I deferred to the
judgement of one Stan Bundy, and his revisions to Robotech Mecha for the
RPG.  His site is located at

This is, by my very unofficial count, the second or third time you've gone
off the reservation on facts in this fic.  The first I shrug off, because
everyone's allowed one, the second one becomes suspect.

Well, this is a point of contention that I think I should set to rest 
once and for all.

There isn't, really, a consistent tech bible for Robotech.  The size of 
the SDF-1 is one glaring inconsistency (fitting a city of 75,000 people 
inside a starship that is reported to be 1.2 kilometers long?).  The 
most consistent source I have is Palladium's RPG.

But that is also imperfect source.  As such, I do have to go outside 
'cannon' to make the setting look more like a serious science fiction story.

Right, now that the laughter has died down...

That is one of the things I have been trying to do in this story.  Not 
just blend Tenchi Muyo and Robotech, but shape that blending into a 
serious space opera.

But hey, I said it was well-written, so I wasn't completely turned off by
twenty.  Keep writing.  Don't let me get you down too much.

I appreciate the comments.  I hope that the next story arc (Sentinels) 
will be closer to the tone you enjoyed.  Just one more chapter in the 
Macross arc!

Andrew Wilson

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