Subject: [FFML] [FFML][Notice]Penultimate Ranma Awards
From: "Andrew Norris" <>
Date: 2/13/2004, 9:17 PM

After discussion with Rahkal and various others... the replacement for the
original Ranma fanfiction awards are being planned to commence!

Core staff members currently: Andrew Norris
(MageOhki/, Rakhal.  (One other is trying to be

Yes, both of us, and the third member will be completely ineligible for

What I would like PRIVATELY, is feedback from you guys.

First: Proposal for award format
Two awards in each category.  One panel award (tent. tile Author's Choice),
and one general vote award (tent. title Reader's choice)
5-6 categories (have a few ideas on this, though I'd like to hear what you
have to say)
For multi chapter fics, only one award per fic/award period.
Award periods: One monthly, one yearly

What else I would like, is from still active previous award winners, a
commitment to serve on the panel (during the month you're on the panel,
you're not eligible for any award... and yes, I'd try to time it for when
you're NOT going to release a chapter.)

Also I would appreciate if I could find a artistic person to help design the
award buttons, _and_ a competent person on the WebPages (various elements
would be needed, my goal is to keep as much of this new project _OFF_
Rakhal's back as additional work)

This email _was_ sent out AFTER a discussion with Rakhal.

If you wish to discuss this with me, I am on IRC, on server
port: 6667  ICQ: 4795429 MSN
Thank you all in avadance.
Andrew Norris
PRA staffer.

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