Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma][Fanfic] Ten - Chapter 20
From: Michael A Chase
Date: 2/11/2004, 10:31 PM
To: R E

On 02/10/2004 03:07 AM, R E wrote:

-That last neural spike almost left you unconscious.  Your body is 
burning itself up.  The neural interfaces are {malfuntioning : 
malfunctioning}, but I cannot identify the source of the problem.
You must evacuate immediately and seek full system diagnostics.-

The rattling may have stopped, but she could still see them, looking 
down at her.  Ryujin's eyes could see them hovering menacingly above,
a dark cloud overhead.  Hidari.  Dozens of them, perched like crows
upon a small service gantry near the top of the elevator shaft.

"Yeah," she whispered.  "Stay behind me.  I'll take care of this."

Let the imprisoned lives go.

Yoiko pressed her back against her brother's, recoiling in horror as 
the horde of monsters mindlessly advanced, the stares of their empty 
eyes not leaving her even as the clones passed over the blood-soaked 
bodies of their fallen {bretheren : brethren}.  They no longer
charged as the first had done.  They now seemed aware of the
inevitable, content to walk as they closed inexorably upon her.

She had looked upon him not with hatred but with compassion, 
understanding and kindness.  She had treated his wounds and healed
his heart with her gentle words.  Even now, as his foul {bretheren : 
brethren} bore down upon him, she stood between him and them, a 
beautiful ivory goddess standing firm and tall against the darkness.

Ukyo did not resist as Seraph Wing co-opted her consciousness,
lowering its spatial sense over her mind like a veil.  The AI's
visualisation supplanted and {superceded : superseded} all of her own
senses, which were now little more than a distraction.  She felt
herself disconnect from the world around her and let out a sigh of
relief as the quiet, soothing tactical combat interface sank into
place around her.

The heat and humidity of the steam-filled corridor was gone along
with her nausea, replaced with the infinite clarity of her spatial
sense. The sounds, sights and smells disappeared, leaving her in
solitude. This was no hazy {recallection : recollection}, no
half-remembered fantasy.  This was real.  This was now.  There was no
place for confusing memories here - only absolute, perfect precision.
 Ukyo stared at her, eyes locked upon the dancing silk butterflies.
The pattern, the woman, they were both so familiar to her.  Dancing
at the edge of her memory, tantalisingly close to {recallection : 
recollection} but just beyond her reach.  She knew this woman.  She 
could feel it in every part of her being.  She knew in her heart
that, whoever she was, the woman was telling the truth.

A stark, painful realisation swept across her mind, a chilling
thought that sent cold sweatdrops rolling down the back of her neck.
She swallowed, unable to ignore a sudden, painful knot in her
{stonach : stomach}.  Her vision blurred as tears formed in her eyes
and she shook her head, unable to speak.

Ukyo stared in wonder at Nodoka's face.  There was a bizarre 
familiarity hidden within those features, a sense of {recallection : 
recollection} that went beyond a simple memory.  She -knew- this
woman, in a way that she did not understand.  To feel such devotion
and affection toward a person and not have the slightest inkling of
the source of those feelings was an intensely unsettling experience,
and yet in Nodoka's soothing presence such discomfort seemed utterly 

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