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getting back into the swing of C+C:

Yes, and you still haven't told me if you liked my take on Ai and crew...
which if you're up to here, I know you've read now.  (Unless I somehow
missed your C&C of Chapter five... anythings possible)

"You never did tell me why you were angry with me earlier."


 he said by way
of greeting.  Zhu Shu opened one eye to look at him for a moment before
closing it and sighing.

"Zhu Shu say.  Ranma not listen."

Ranma: Like I said, you didn't say why.

Maybe not in so many words, but she's expecting Ranma to pick it up... sad
case of overestimating him.

Zhu Shu fly.  Knew liked her when she in all Zhu Shu's thoughts.  Wake
morning and think of her, last thought at night of her.

Mousse: Why, that's exactly the way I feel about Shampoo.

Zhu Shu: Okay, maybe what Zhu Shu feel is obsession, not love.

Mousse; Hey!

There are differences, but yes, love can be very obsessive, and many other
things.  Mu Si is obsessed with ownership, and has shown repeatedly he
doesn't give a damn about Shan's feelings for him.  She has never expressed
anything but contempt for his chasing her, and occasional flashes of
lingering friendship.  Put plainly, Mu Si is a stalker.  Unfortunately, so
are the canon Ryouga, Kuno, Kodachi, Shan Pu and Ukyo.  They are one sided
relationships with the one side deluding themselves into thinking their
obsessive feelings are returned.  In the real world, tragedy is far more
likely than comedy from this state.

Love, on the other hand, can express those same traits of obsessivness, but
it will always take into consideration the wants and feelings and desires of
the one obsessed about.  Without that one vital difference, It's not love...
no matter how many times you may say "I love you."

Trust me... I learned the difference the hard way.

  What you do almost worst insult can give.  Like someone say Ranma poor
martial artist.  Remember cheerleader?  Zhu Shu say not pretty, she go
beserk.  Only way Zhu Shu make madder, if had commented that Zhu Shu
bigger breast."

but only one. The other was smaller

And Zhu Shu does have sporadic occasions when she gets plurals correct....

"Make mess.  Is why Zhu Shu have work so hard to fix."

And usually has way too easy a time of it.

Humm.  I suppose I could drag it out another fifteen chapters, but the
biggest problem Ranma and Akane had was never listening to the other.  That,
and the whole feeling of being forced together.  Per canon, it's obvious
that Ranma really is attracted to Akane, and vice versa, but their egos,
resistance to being "forced", and lack of communication keep them from ever
expressing, or indeed, even realizing that they do.

Now, I will admit that the series was based almost solely on this fact, but
in real life, such conditions will rarely prevail for longer than a few
months, and less if there is a neutral go between.  Having been such a go
between far too often, and with a fairly high success ratio, getting such
couples to realize they're not taking the others' posistion into account is
the first step... and the biggest.

Once you can get them to consider the others' side, and understand the
others' actions, then a lot of the anger and emnity due to the
misunderstandings will leave.  That isn't to say that new actions won't
trigger it again, but it gives a much leveler feild to start the
relationship over from.  And from there, love really doesn't take that long,
usually creeping in without anyone ever being the wiser, until there's the
moment of insight when you realize you've been in love for a while without
knowing it.

And no, it doesn't always work.  However, I have to get them somewhere
before Shan Pu shows up, and that can be delayed only so long.  And of the
two, even though Akane is more mercurial, she's also the more likely of the
two to admit she loves Ranma... and per canon, her jealousy over Kodachi
makes it more than appearant that she, at the very least, has come to
consider Ranma "hers", which is why the whole Kodachi thing is a catalyst
later on.

"Always two sides of story."

But sometimes only one matters.

See above.  Akane, just as much as Ranma, has to see the other side.

"Yeah.  How'd you know to taunt Kaede that way?"

Zhu Shu smiled.  "She wear much make up.  Was easy to see vain."

Or just overuses make up.

So you tell me, oh Creator of the girl in question.  Which is it?

She looked down at the okonomiyaki she had made, with the little skull
with x's for eyes and gave a grim smile....

nice touch

Straight from the manga, I believe.

Nabiki shrugged.  "She doesn't.  She gets paid whether you buy or not."

Upscale places would work on comission, though.

Yes, but this is the Japanese equivalent of JCPenneys

interesting work. Lots of small typos, but overall okay.

DB Sommer

Thanks  Glad you could spare me some time for what I know is a hectic
workload, it's very appreciated.

Also, for everyone at large.  I will be revising in very small ways the
first two books, cleaning up typos, and correcting the layout of the dojo.
Look for them in a few months on Florestica.



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