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From: Michael A Chase
Date: 2/1/2004, 5:28 PM

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 > Thanks James
 > "It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool!"{:
 > }-Haruhara Haruko

 >     "I figured {dad : Daddy} would try something like this
 > eventually," said Nabiki thinking about the events of the previous
 > night.
 > *****
 >     "This is my good friend{: ,} Genma Saotome." Said Soun introducing
 > the large man sitting at the table. The man was wearing a white gi and
 > a handkerchief on his head. "He has just returned from China with very
 > important business."

 >     "{We.what : We... what}?" said the {Elder : elder} Tendo turning
 > to Nabiki.

 >     "{Well ah. : Well, ah...}"

 >     {Ah yes. Why embarrass yourself in the privacy of your own home
 > when you can do so in front of everyone?} thought Nabiki. Both she and
 > her sister then stopped as they reached school grounds. "What
 > the{. : ...}"

 >     "He showed up at our door last night. Both he and {daddy : Daddy}
 > now want money to go to the US to find his son."

 >     Soun was taken {back : aback} by this. However, as he thought
 > about it, certain things started making sense. He had the same first
 > name and he did come from America. Still he had to reprimand the
 > upstart for the treatment of his fiancee, not to mention his cheating
 > with that {gajin : gaijin} floozy.
 >     Fortunately, before Soun could open his mouth and earn himself a
 > good beating, Genma suddenly jumped up. "Ranma you're here! Now you
 > can fulfill {you're : your} family obligation."

 >     "Really? And what about the {Daijkoku : Daikoko} clan?"
 >     "How'd you {kn.I : kn... I} mean what are you talking about?"

 >     "Okay, so I accidentally broke that dragon statue while I was
 > { : esca... er...} shopping," said Genma. It wasn't like
 > anything bad would happen because he broke a statue.

 >     "Boy it's time I thought you {a.BLARGH : a... BLARGH}!" Genma's
 > tirade was cut off by Ranma's foot going into his fat stomach.
 >     "Shut up and fight!" Yelled the boy as he started beating the shit
 > out of Genma.
 >     "Wait {a.ow.sto.OUF.How'd : a... ow... sto... OUF... How'd} you
 > get so {strong.OW.No : strong... OW... No} not
 > {the.AHHH : the... AHHH}!" Realizing that close combat wasn't working,
 > Genma jumped back. "Now I'll show you real martial arts mastery!"
 > Genma yelled as he threw a ki fireball at his one time son.

 >     Seeing that Genma wasn't getting up anytime soon Ranma turned and
 > bowed to the Tendo family. He then left the Tendo home. Nodoka started
 > to leave as {well, when : well.}
 >     Soun suddenly {spook up.
 >     "Nodoka, : spoke up, "Nodoka,} if Ranma is no longer Genma's son.
 > Then he won't want him staying at his house."
 >     "It is not his house to kick my son out of. It is my house; the
 > deed is still in my family's name. I've already talked to them, and
 > they have agreed to take me back. When he wakes up, tell Genma that I
 > am filing for a divorce." That said, Nodoka turned and left the
 > stunned Tendo {Patriarch : patriarch}.

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