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From: Mike L Nguyen
Date: 10/28/2001, 12:24 AM

Ranma 1/2 - Fantasy Beyond
by DJGeek


Ryouga was happy.

	He finally found a solution to all his problems
with Ranma.  It came in the form of a rod hat he 
bought from an old antique store.  The rod was a 
half-staff with a crystal orb attached to the head.
There was an engravement on the rod which had this
phrase: "Yeloem Ehl Portal".  Ryouga didn't 
understand what that meant, but he did understand
that the rod had a useful purpose to his own
interests.  He read the manual that came with the rod.
The manual was in Olde English, but being a well
language-educated boy like Ryouga, he could 
translate the manual.


Ye whom ever holds this rod of power,
Dost have power to sent,
The chosen one doth desire the most,
To be sent to The Time Of End.
Thus To do thy deed,
Must focus upon thy burden,
Chant the words, "Liebrem Verata Niktu",
And send them to thine own fate.


	IN other words, Ryouga could focus this rod 
on Ranma, chant the words, and send to the burning
depths of Hell.  It WAS a brilliant plan.  There
would be no more Ranma in his life, and Ranma would
finally face the pain that he had brought upon 

	"This is it Ranma.  Finally you will pay for the
crimes you committed against ME and Akane," promised

Then, he heard a whistling.  It was Ranma.


	Ranma was whistling, enjoying the peace he had
right now while delivering Kasumi's groceries.  He was
glad that for now, he had no fiancees to chase after
him, and no enemies him trying to kill him YET.  It 
was a beautiful day, the sky was clear, the air was 
good, and it was quiet.

	But then suddenly, he saw Ryouga, looking still 
mad as hell, but with a strange grin on his face.

	"Great, there's Ryouga. I hope he's not angry
about last time.  And why is there a grin on his 
face," thought Ranma.  He was worried when Akane
found out who P-chan really was.  In any rate, he was
expecting that Ryouga would soon come and try to kill
him.  But when he was deciding that when Ryouga arrived,
he was going to restrain him first, and then talk some 
sense into him.

Then by some dumb luck, he managed to spot Ryouga.

	"Uh, hey Ryouga!  What's up," greeted Ranma.

	Ryouga, knowing his expected reaction in the
encounter, charged at Ranma.  "Ranma, prepare to PAY
for your crimes!"

	"Hey man, you're just who I wanted to see," 
gladly responded Ranma as he dodged every blow Ryouga
tried to dish out.  "I want to talk to you."

	"THERE'S NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT," angrily grunted
Ryouga as he thrusted punch after punch in hopes of
making contact with his opponent.

	Then Ranma managed to leap out of the way.
"Ryouga, calm down man.  I have to talk to you about
yesterday.  It wasn't my fault," explained Ranma.  Too
bad words can't reach to a guy like Ryouga Hibiki.

	"That doesn't matter anyway!  You're finally
going to pay for all the pain you've cause to me and
Akane," yelled Ryouga.

	"what's the matter with you," replied Ranma.  
Ryouga was SO irritating when he could listen to reason.

	"Forget Ranma.  This time, you're not getting out
of this one," calmly said Ryouga with a tone of menace
in his voice.  He then pulled out and readied the rod
on his right hand.  "And this is the tool to finish my

	"Uh... Ryouga... WHAT are you going to do with 
that," asked Ranma.  What the heck was Ryouga doing? 
And why is he carrying that stick?

	"I'm going to send you to Hell Ranma.  Then you're
going to feel the pain I've felt ever since you made my
life Hell," smirked Ryouga.  He then pointed the rod at
Ranma, concentrating his hate upon the rod to Ranma.

	"What the hell," thought Ranma as he backed away
a bit.  He could see that the orb that was attached to
the rod was glowing, and then seemed to be charging.  
Then suddenly, he realized that he couldn't move his 
feet, no matter how he tried.



Then Ranma heard the words from Ryouga's lips.

"Liebrem Verata Niktu!"

And in a flash, he was gone.

	Finally, he gone," smiled Ryouga.


Six months later in Lotheria...


To be ranger is to know patience.

	To be ranger is to be attuned with the ways of 
nature.  To experience patience towards other things
even when situations become dire.  To be ranger is 
become vigil to anything, even nature itself because
although there is beauty in Nature, there is her wrath.
But also, to be ranger is to know the truth between
good and evil without prejudice based on emotion.

	Ranger Ranma held tight the pressure of the 
string of his bow, waiting for his target to be within
his line of fire.

	One of the things he learned as being a Ranger 
was the way of the bow, that know patience, endurance,
and skill was the key elements of the skill of fletchery.

	Ranma finally had the Orc's head dead on.  But he
also had to wait for the right time to strike.

"Come on... closer... closer..."

Finally.  The Orc was bunched up with his buddies.

Ranma let loose his arrow.


	As soon as the arrow struck the Orc, Ranma leaped
from the trees, Ranma then unsheathed his blade and 
sliced two more orcs.  When he landed, he did a 
somersault to manuever from the swings of the Orcs' axes
and flip-kicked the orc to the right.  As another orc
charged at him, he quickly crouched low and simultaneously
slashed low at the orc's gut, hearing his cry of pain.
Ranma then did a deadly sword dance that was so 
unpredictable for the orc to parry, and got rid of two
orcs that tried to gang rush him.  That left only one who
dropped his axe, knowing true defeat.  The orc then 
dropped to his knees, pleading mercy in rough orc language.

 "Fal'r kra!  Fal'r kra!," cried the orc.

	Ranma went up to the defeated orc, pointing his 
sword to the orcs throat.  "Never ever come back to 
Hiemsdale again.  If I see you again, then I will kill you,"
replied Ranma in orc langauge.  To be ranger was also to
know mercy.

	The orc, thankful for his enemy's mercy, fled from the 

	Looking at the past carnage, Ranma then began to ponder
on his memories on how he first came to this world.
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