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As she left, Max and Miriya Sterling entered.  "Reporting as {order :
Captain," Max supplied, as the pair came to attention and saluted.

     "But you forget the Protoculture!" Exedore exclaimed.  "The
great Matrix which was Zor's greatest accomplishment, which he hid
aboard this ship before sending it here. A power which allows things
like THIS!"  Exedore pointed to the main viewing screen, which then
displayed a video clip.  Alien glyphs of the Zentraedi language
appeared along the edges, identifying the source.  The image was
centered on a lone Super VT in {Batteliod : Battloid} mode.  As the clip
to play, the VT drew a sword from somewhere and landed briefly on a
rounded surface, making a slashing cut which pierced deeply into the
surface.  It then made a throwing motion and a golden streak flew
from its left arm and off screen, before the VT leapt away.  As it
did, the focus changed, revealing the curved surface to be the top of
a Zentraedi battlepod, and the miniature scale of the VT; such a
small scale that it could only be one person... Star Ranger.  "This
clip was taken from the battle recorders on one of our officer's
pods.  The officer in question had no idea of what had happened
to him.  I only discovered it upon later study of the recordings.
This sort of Micronization is only possible through the power of
Protoculture!" Exedore concluded in triumph.

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