Subject: [FFML] [fanfic][spam]That's Not What Happened Announcement
From: "ffml_use" <>
Date: 10/3/2001, 4:35 PM

you may have noticed that i haven't posted a new chapter of That's Not
What Happened in a few weeks.  This is due to school but the bad news is
that i wouln't be posting the next chapter for a few more weeks still.
This time it's not because of school but rather of a new fic i'm working
on.  The first few scenes are with my prereaders and the whole prologue
should be ready in about a 2 weeks.  In case you're curious the new fic
is based on the SM/Ranma i posted a few weeks ago.  I think i managed to
work out all the kinks for that idea but only my readers may know for
sure.  I have decided to take the route suggested by T.H. Tiger for the
new fic so it sould be pretty light hearted.  So stay tuned.
P.S. to all my critics out there i say this: if this isn't original i
don't know what is.

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